Friday, April 6, 2012

Fridays are Golden

We got this perfect Easter card.  No, that is not one of our Golden Girls, but it surely is adorable.

This week we took the girls on a new trail in Pisgah National Forest.  The trail is very easy and located near downtown, making it a very popular one.  A multi-use trail, it follows part of the Davidson River and most of the trail work was done by various volunteer groups.  My husband belonged to one of the work crews and that crew did amazing things.  Like moving and building bridges!

This foot bridge was not sufficient for the new trail since it was not wide enough for biking.  So the crew actually moved the bridge to this location to join a different existing trail.

 Then they built this new bridge to replace the one they moved.  The cost of the bridge was several thousands of dollars less than it would have been had private contractors built it.  As you can see it is sturdy and attractive.  And done completely by volunteers led by an expert who was also a volunteer.

The girls just loved this trail.  It is wide and even.  But most of all they loved the fact that so many people would ask if they could pet them.  We always have our dogs at "sit-stay" when other people are coming our way.  We are aware that some people (hard as it is to believe) do not like dogs and some people are intimidated by them.  Some would prefer that dogs not be on their biking trail.  And some of the hikers (although it is a stretch to call this a hike) are elderly and some have small children.  The girls are perfectly content to sit and watch the people as they pass.

After a ride that passed the veterinarian's office and a hike in the forest the girls were pretty much spent for the early afternoon.

Here Ellie snoozes in the sun.

 And Lucy is never more than a dog's length away from my husband.

The quote for the week comes from sef-made wealthy motivational speaker Vivian Greene:

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

This weekend is very special to many people around the globe.  For Christians it marks the death and ressurection of Jesus.  For Jews it marks the beginning of Passover.

So whether you are celebrating Easter, or Passover, or simply if you love chocolate bunnies, Peeps and Cadbury Eggs:



The Bug said...

Mmmm - Cadbury eggs...

The trail looks great! And I'm glad that you have the girls sit - I'm one of those people who are intimidated by large dogs. Although if they're on a leash I'm a little less skittish.

Taradharma said...

plenty of great places for you to take the girls in your neck of the woods. looks like a lovely trail for all concerned.

yes, Happy Friday and have a good good weekend!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved seeing the new bridge and hearing how well mannered your girls are on the trail-but I knew they would be. There is nothing worse, for me, than having dogs off leash in open spaces-my old dogs were attacked several time because owners weren't watching their dogs.
Have a delightful weekend.

Karin said...

Normally I'm apprehensive when meeting large dogs, especially if they don't seem under the control of the owner. Yours, I would love to cuddle with! What a beautiful trail and to think all that volunteer work went into building those excellent bridges! Wow! May you have a deeply meaningful Easter week-end too!

Ms. A said...

They did a good job on the bridge!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Busy Bee Suz said...

wow...what a job this trail must have been. A bit thank you to all the volunteers who worked on this.
The card is super cute. Oh, I hate it when people add in *super* but it was needed in this instance.
Happy Easter to you, your other half, the Golden girls and your kiddos.

carolina nana said...

Glad you didn't have any damage from those storms. I hope this is not a sign of things to come this spring and summer !!!
Happy Easter

abb said...

To you too, my friend!

troutbirder said...

Lovely trail! We do the sit stay thing on trails too.

pembrokeshire lass said...

Hi, great to find you. I'll add myself to your members so I can find you again! YOur talk of the walks sounded so great and your dogs are beautiful.
I loved the mountain pictures too
thanks for sharing your day. Joan

pembrokeshire lass said... don't seem to have a followers place...or perhaps I missed it! i do hope I manage to find you again because I have so enjoyed the pictures and learning about the bridges etc. Joan

George said...

The work that volunteers do to maintain hiking trails is truly amazing.