Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nearby Attractions

So many attractions bring tourists to the NC mountains.  And those of us who live here take advantage of them as well.  One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Biltmore Estate.  I won't go into detail about the house and gardens, but you can find more information at this wiki link here.  Or the Biltmore home page here.  The estate is so grand that one must spend several days in order to appreciate the beauty.  We go often to the estate, and generally focus only on one aspect during each visit.  On a recent visit, the sculptures and gardens were our destination.  Here are a few pictures of our most recent visit.

She is so beautiful.  Too bad she never gets to turn around and enjoy the mountain view.

Another one of my favorites has a secret hiding behind her.

On the other side stands a sweet cherub.  The side of the house is in the background.

Under the trellis, always in the shade.

One of the many fountains...this one also under the trellis.

One of the three turtle fountains along the wall.

And this sweet cherub shining so white in the glaring sun.

The weather was perfect on the day of our visit.  The old saying rings true.  If God is not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina blue?  The estate is about 25 miles from our town, an easy drive for unbelievable beauty.  If you are ever in the Asheville area, please spend at least one day at the Biltmore Estate.

Alas, much of our Nation has not seen a Carolina blue sky in recent days.  More tornadoes have taken even more lives and made such a path of destruction we cannot comprehend even with the videos and photographs.  Our thoughts are with all of them.


Elora said...

I couldn't agree more! When I was with The Pampered Chef, I earned a small expenses-paid trip with a destination of my own choosing. Distance-wise, it needed to be close by. I chose The Biltmore Estate. What an incredible place! As you say, it would take a book to describe it! OTOH, it certainly focuses one's attention on The Very Wealthy and gives rise to other considerations along the lines of The Homeless....

Dawn Fine said...

Beautiful Estate indeed! I have been there once- not enough time to see it all.

Busy Bee Suz said...

We spent one afternoon at the Estate (and night at the Inn) IT is gorgeous and I would love to visit several days like you suggested.

So much sadness and devastation; again.

kks said...

Very interesting! What a summer home!? Beautiful pics....thanks for sharing...I want more!

George said...

We've already been to Biltmore several times this year and have barely scratched the surface of all the things to see and enjoy.

Vicki Lane said...

The greenhouses are wonderful. And the kitchen and servants' areas give you such a great look at what it took to run a place like that!

carolina nana said...

We are so blessed with so many treasures around here to go see.
I would agree about the Carolina blue sky !!!!
hope you have a blessed day and the storms aren't to bad where you live.

Appalachian Lady said...

I've only been to the Biltmore once but it's worth a return visit. I love the turtle water spout. Then, I really love turtles.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree, too! There is no bad time to go there... the tulips in springtime, the poinsettias in winter... and certainly the summer and fall are fabulous.

I find that place amazing! Gosford Park on a grander scale!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi, I just stopped in for a visit and to let you know we found the NC mountains beautiful on a recent trip to Bryson City, NC and the Great Smoky Mountains NP. Maybe on the next trip we will make it to the Biltmore. Drop in anytime to read about our NC trip.