Friday, May 13, 2011

Fridays are Golden

When Ellie runs she is a beauty in motion, her long silky hair flowing and a smile on her face.  She is our marathoner, not running terribly fast but paced to go the distance.  She pays little attention to Lucy sprinting back and forth.  She runs at her own speed, loving every minute of it.  Lucy runs more like a rabbit, with both front legs taking off, followed by both rear legs.  Ellie is more like a trotting horse, taking the distance at a gallop.

I love it when we first get out of the car!

That silly Lucy misses so much by zipping by everything.

Better speed up a little to see what Dad is doing.

I love running up and down steps.

But mostly, I just love being off leash and running wherever I want.

The month of May is flying away faster than our dogs can run.  The weather is crazy all over the country.  Here in our area of the NC mountains we are having temperatures much above normal with high humidity.  It's not much fun to be outside for very long.  Evenings bring thunderstorms, often with hail but the storms do not cool off the evening air.  It was an unheard of 72 degrees last night at 9:00 pm when I took the dogs out.

I leave you this Friday with a quote that is familiar to all of you.  We hear it, we know it, but this weekend let us all try to live it:

Attributed to Mark Twain:
Dance like nobody's watching,
Love like you've never been hurt,
Sing like nobody's listening
And live like it's heaven on earth.



Carolina Linthead said...

Yay! A blog! And I can comment! Sorry, been a weird two days. Ellie is so beautiful! And 72 at dusk? That's warm. We lived in Waynesville for two years without air conditioning, and only missed it a few weeks of the year.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I always think that this quote is the most beautiful four lines of words ever!
Your dogs always bring me such delight...some days I am like Lucy, and some days I am more like Ellie.
Have a wonderful weekend.

ps. Thank you for the wonderful comment/compliment on my recent post about my daughter(s). It means the world to me.

Karin said...

Oh, just thinking about how hot it still is late at night! Beautiful dogs - I bet they do love the freedom to run to their heart's content!

kks said...

beautiful pictures of the goldens! love the quote!

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the girls running and enjoying their freedom.
Thanks for the Mark Twain quote -- it's a favorite. Have a great weekend.

troutbirder said...

Its why I look for places where Baron can run free without that everpresent leash.
Love the Twin quote. My attitude exactly... :)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oh, she's a beauty! But then both your girls are ... because they're Goldens. I look so forward to your Friday posts so I can see/read about your beautiful girls.

Cicero Sings said...

Don't they just love being off lead! Mingus got to go off lead for just a little while for the first time - here in Vancouver- in a dog park when not to many people/dogs were around.

Ellie is so sensible.

Rudee said...

We went from sweater weather to deep summer all overnight. Then I blinked and it's sweater weather again. Wish the weather would make up its mind.

As usual, your Goldens are the best thing about Fridays--well, that and the fact the the weekend is finally here!

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful pictures! And one of my favorite quotes -- just how happy dogs live.

Melissa Weisbard said...

I love your dogs! They are so beautiful. I have two toy poodles of my own and they bring me a lot of joy. This week I'm dog-sitting for my mom and dad. He's a cute little maltese. Right now my dogs are treating him like a social outcast so he wants to sit on my all of the time. Hopefully, they will welcome him to the family soon.

Dawn Fine said...

Sweet pups running free! Thanks for sharing that quote..really beautiful!