Friday, April 22, 2011

Fridays are Golden

In the late afternoon the dogs have some special time.  After dinner we sit in the front yard and allow the dogs to "hang out" and ramble around without leashes.  They are not interested in playing but simply enjoy checking out the smells in the yard.

Lucy catches a scent on the breeze.

Meanwhile Ellie checks around the wildflowers.

Lucy smiles as if to say, "Isn't this great?"

Ellie climbs on a chair.  They are not allowed on any furniture inside the house, but the lawn furniture is fair game.  Too bad it's not all that comfortable for dogs.

Lucy tends to pick up things...acorns, pine cones, or even rocks.  "Lucy...drop it" is a common phrase.  Lucy does not quite understand.  She thinks "drop it" means "come over here and I'll dig in your mouth to see what you picked up."  Today the object of interest is too large to fit completely in her mouth.  It's a chunk from a rotting log.  She walks past without making eye contact, knowing full well she is not going to be able to keep it.

Um, Lucy.  I can see that.

She walks right past me, never giving me a glance.

OK, Lucy.  Hand it over.

April is just flying past.  We have schizophrenic weather with temperatures varying widely from one day to the next.  Yesterday's high was in the 70s with bright sunshine and a nice breeze.  A band of thunderstorms and dropping temperatures came though last night and today we won't get out of the 50s.  We haven't had "seasonal" temperatures at all this month.  It has been well above normal or well below normal.  We keep changing from short sleeves to long sleeves to sweatshirts during the day.

I won't be posting next week.  I'm going to visit a friend and I'll be too busy laughing and talking.  We'll be like two little girls at a sleep-over.  Of course we will have more grown-up drinks and snacks.

Whatever your plans for next week I hope they include having some fun.  Take time...even if it's only a little bit of time and do something that makes you happy.  Many of you will attend special church services and have a grand Easter Dinner.  If so, try to relax and enjoy the weekend.



How Sam Sees It said...

Cisco used to force us to barter for her rocks. She wouldn't drop it until we had offered her the appropriate amount of bones.

We hope you have a wonderful trip!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We haven't had seasonal weather here, either. And the fronts that bring in the cooler weather bring in major storms. Not a good spring so far. :-(

Our Golden also loves to get something in her mouth. She, too, thinks that if she doesn't make eye contact, we don't see her. ha!

Elora said...

And who would be crazy enough to say "dogs don't think??!!!" Lovely. Have a great weekend, NCMW.


Rudee said...

"Lucy...drop it" is a common phrase. Lucy does not quite understand. She thinks "drop it" means "come over here and I'll dig in your mouth to see what you picked up."

Best laugh of the morning!

The Bug said...

Have fun next week! I'll be here are work hoping I can stop wearing sweaters...

Dawn Fine said...

They are always adorable pups!
We have had weird weather a few days ago...chilly today.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your girls are so entertaining!
Have a beautiful Easter weekend and whoop it up with your girlfriend next week!!!

KGMom said...

Oh, I know that no eye contact action. Our goofy Ziva (half lab half border collie) gets something in her mouth, and then won't look at us. That is absolutely code for "I have something in my mouth that I shouldn't have."
So when I call her name, she pointedly looks away--who me? she asks.
Oh, I know it well!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love seeing your pups antics. Blessings to you this Easter.
Hugs, Noreen

carolina nana said...

Hope you have a wonderful,blessed Easter weekend

kks said...

i swear all goldens have the same do the same kind of things!
have a wonderful week, enjoy!

Cicero Sings said...

Your girls are so lovely. Dogs are so wonderful. I'm always and ever glad for my Mingus.

I've been freezing for days on our walks but today I dressed too warm!!! How can one day make such a difference? Our weather too, remains untrustworthy.

KB said...

What a wonderful routine, having that relaxed time with the golden girls in the evening.

I love Lucy's devilish look while carrying the piece of rotting log!!

Have fun next week at your sleepover!

abb said...

I just love your doggies!

D.K. Wall said...

The joke around here is that it takes 2 days to get an "average" day. Our spring weather is always so fun as it varies day to day.

And, Lucy, Kodiak salutes you. He is always trying to smuggle prizes out of the house. I love when he tries to walk past with his jowls all puffed out "hiding" his current prize. I call his name and he turns to look at me, cheeks puffed out well past his head, but his eyes just sparkling with innocence.

George said...

It's good to see that the girls enjoy rambling around the yard and garden, even if Lucy does pick up things she shouldn't. At least she looks guilty as she walks past you.
I hope you have a fun week with your friend.

sheri said...

I love your blog and your beautiful "goldens" I have one myself! I have added your blog to my list of blogs to follow - on my blog. Stop by sometime at:

Kathryn Magendie said...

Just love your sweet babies! Beautiful!

And have fun with your friend!

Shelley said...

Have a great visit w/ your friend! LOL at Lucy not making eye contact when she has a forbidden object in her mouth!

Vicki Lane said...

The subtle shades of brown, gold, and gray in the first photo are really stunning.

Have fun on your getaway!

troutbirder said...

Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

Lucy and Ellie are such fun, so very entertaining.

Have a wonderful time with your friend.....

Christmas-etc... said...

What beautiful dogs!!Lucy certainly is smiling! They look so happy and peaceful. You are so blessed to have one another!
Sadly, our second German Shepherd died last July 16... we of course miss him terribly. He lived inside with us and was part of the family... And he was allowed up on the sofa in my husband's study! But only on that furniture! And after my husband put his blanket on it!
Oh... but aren't dogs fabulous!
We now have a little cat that kind of choose us - who we love dearly now. God knew we needed him as as he needed us. He came to our door one day last October dragging his broken tail behind him, purring and asking for help...He helped to dry our tears over loosing our doggie...
Hope you have a wonderful week with your friend!
Come around for another visit soon!