Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Daughter the Fisherman

When we moved back to North Carolina, we laughed when people complained about the "bitter cold."  While we did bring our heavy dog-walking gear, we rarely wear more than a jacket.  Right now we are having cold weather by most standards.  It was 10 degrees this morning!

There is a big difference in how people in NC react to cold weather when compared to the reaction of the people who live in Wisconsin.  We lived there for twenty years and our daughter still lives in the Milwaukee area.  In Wisconsin, people simply bundle up and go about their work and play.

I must admit, however, that our daughter takes this to a different level.  She loves to fish.  Even in cold and snowy weather.  Last Saturday she and her fishing buddy braved the cold and snow to fish in Lake Michigan.  As you can see in the following photograph, not even the weather-immune Wisconsinites braved the cold and snow at the lakefront.  That is, except for my fishing daughter.

The photographs were taken by my daughter using her cell phone.  You may need to click to enlarge to see the snowflakes falling all around.

Shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee

Seems her persistence paid off.  She landed a very large Brown Trout.  She said it was pretty amazing.  One minute she was cold and miserable, almost ready to pack it in.  The next minute she landed her big trout and suddenly everything was fine once again.

She and her buddy are purely catch and release fishermen.  So there was little time for pictures.  She did persuade him to hold it for a moment before they released it.

Now that's a nice fish!

There will be fewer and fewer fishing days ahead.  The lakefront will freeze and the fish will go far too deep to catch.  No need to fish in the cold and snow if you know for certain the fish will not be biting.  As the inland lakes freeze over, the ice fishermen will pull their huts out and watch a small hole in the ice.  But they are a different breed from most fishermen.

You may note (and some make take offense) that I used the phrase fisherMAN rather than fisherWOMAN.  That's because I do not see the need for making every word we use gender neutral.  I resent the imlication that using the term "fellow man" is somehow demeaning to me as a woman.  But that is purely a personal prejudice of mine and I realize it is an important issue to others.

So whatever you call daughter knows how to fish and is willing to brave the elements in order to do so. rock!


The Bug said...

As a former North Carolinian, I don't think your daughter rocks - I think she's CRAZY. LOL. Give me the hearth any day. Of course I live in Ohio now & it's 10 degrees now & here I sit at work. I will NOT be fishing. Crazy. Heh.

P.S. ok ok so I'm a little impressed with your daughter's craziness :)

kks said...

that is a beauty! i love winter!

Rudee said...

I love your photo at the top. It looks so peaceful there!

Your daughter's persistence is impressive, especially so because she releases her catch. It looks so cold there!

Elora said...

COOOOOOOOL!!! (And I DO mean that!) I believe I would like to go with her and bring along my own fishing rod. That's one fine fish!! Offer congrats from me!
(panty-waist here in WV's unseasonable cold!) It's the cold fingers that get to you!


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in New Jersey, the winters were very cold. I never liked it. But it occurred to me years later, when I was living in Boulder, Co that having the right gear for the weather makes all the difference. I was never warm in my winter coat in NJ, but my down jacket and mittens kept me toasty in below zero temps. I wonder if the good folks of North Carolina just don't have the right gear for the weather.

Your daughter is quite a hearty soul! I love that she goes fishing in that weather. I bet she has some great cold-weather clothes.

Beautiful new header.

SouthernSass said...

That is a big fish! I don't think I would be brave enough to fish in that weather.

Jill said...

Beautiful trout!!! I am a NC girl and I LOVE the snow and cold weather of winter. Some of the most beautiful days are in winter. I think the problem for most is that they do not go outside. I would be bored stiff if I never ventured out. To all of the cabin dwellers; throw some clothes on and get outside and remember that hand warmers are your friend! Ha. Also it will warm up one day...that is the beauty of four seasons.

Taradharma said...

Gorgeous new header. Looking at the trout photo, I just fixated on the BARE hands! Your fishing daughter made me remember all those GK stories about ice fishing in Lake Woebegone. I confess, I don't 'get' catch and release fishing...especially in those conditions. Give me my fish fry!

NC is coming into focus for must mean a visit is in my nephew is a student at Warren Wilson in Asheville, I have an old high school friend who lives in Mt. Airy. I've been looking at the Biltmore estate web site and am dreaming of the spring flower show....and of course your wonderful posts.

Golden Samantha said...

Agreed on so many points you make!!! And I get it, having been raised in New England (about the cold)! Have been a fisherMAN (woman) all my life and would love to have gone fishing with your daughter - what a catch she made!!! That is some trout!
Sammie's and Avalon's Mom

KGMom said...

Wow--and the fish comes pre-iced.

I agree it is funny how people complain about whatever level of weather they are unaccustomed to.

LoieJ said...

I grew up in Milwaukee and my grandma's house, now belonging to my generation, is three stone's throw from the edge of the water, at a small town, but I've never even heard of anybody fishing in the lake in cold water, or even from the shore line, for that matter. Takes all kinds. OTOH, where I live now, fishing in the relative comfort of a heated fish house is common.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Daughter, the fisherman does indeed rock.
I can't imagine how cold that was....and it was just for catch and release? No dinner???
I'll say it again: She rocks!

Vicki Lane said...

Now that's a hardy fisherperson! (Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?) I admit to being a weather wimp but plead a Florida upbringing. This is just flat COLD right now.

KB said...

Your daughter is tough as nails! Wow! I think that she and I might have the same screw loose... even though I don't fish and she probably doesn't snow bike.

I always wondered why the word is "fisherman". It could just be "fisher". That would be analogous to "hunter". Just one of those things that I've wondered about...

Betsy Banks Adams said...

As a southern gal --all of my life---I love winter. BUT--I'm talking about 'our' winters down here.. I would not know what to do if I lived in Wisconsin...

The weather this week here has been bitter cold to me, as a southerner... But--it hasn't bothered me much. I just layer --and even layer more!!!!! In fact, George and I love to hike in winter. I actually prefer winter to the hot summers.

But---don't ask me to move to Wisconsin in winter!!!!

Congrats to your daughter... Quite a fisherMAN.

Karin said...

Love your header!! I have a dear friend who loves to fish - ice fishing on a lake near here. Good for your daughter - but I would be waiting for her to bring the fish fillet home to enjoy it for supper, lol! That is one great looking trout! You are so right about each one of us feeling the cold differently. 14F here and it feels warm - no gloves, no hat, jacket open!

Feel just like you about FISHERMAN!!

George said...

Your daughter is dedicated! That was a great catch.

Janet said...

Sooo fantastic!

I agree with you about the use of words too!

Your snow is gorgeous, we got a good bit here in the Triad too! I was SOOOO excited! We are headed to Asheville this weekend (25th anniversary) and they are calling for snow Sunday and Monday! Again, SOOO excited! We're going home (to see my parents) to Monterey, CA for Christmas so I'm thankful to get my snow fix before we leave!

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the photo of your daughter holding that fish in the snow. I was thinking frozen fish sticks!

Best to you always,


Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Hi Carolyn, I put a picture on my blog for you to see. It is a painting my mom did probably 20 years ago. It matches the photo on your sidebar. I couldn't think of any way to show you so I did a blog entry with just that picture, no words but two. Maybe not my best entry but I want you to see the photo.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Now that's a TROUT! Wow!

Kelly said...

...way to go your daughter! Cool story...and one fine fish!!

Jayne said...

I must confess it always amazes me to see people "up there" going on about their lives with FEET of snow around them. A few inches down here and we're incapacitated! But, fishing in that? Uh, not me. I admire her moxy and determination.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - You are so right. The folks around here don't know how to dress in layers.

Jill - While I don't care for the snow, I agree that you can't let it keep you indoors. Only sheets of ice will do that.

TaraDharma - I do hope an NC trip is in your future! We are only 25 miles from Asheville. Let me know when you are coming and perhaps we can meet for lunch.

Suz - There are so many warnings about the limit of Lake Michigan fish one should eat (mercury), that our daughter prefers to buy her fish from the market. However, when they find people who are fishing for food, they give their fish to them.

Nellie - Thanks for the painting on your blog. It is very much like the area where I took the photograph.

Ruth said...

Ice fishing is very popular here in the winter and is quite cozy if you stay in the hut. The term "fishers" is used commonly here, particularly by our ministry of natural resources.