Friday, August 22, 2008

Fridays are Golden

Our Lucy is our watchdog. No, she doesn't guard anything. She simply loves to watch everything. She watches the birds at the feeders and bath, butterflies or insects on the deck, deer, chipmunks or anything else in the yard. She watches the road to see who might be walking by.

One thing she is particulary interested in watching is any bird that may be on the deck. When we hear a "thunk" on the window, Lucy is right there to see if a bird has fallen. She will then concentrate on watching the bird until it recovers and flies away. She will wag her tail in approval every time the bird moves its head or wing, or otherwise shows signs of improvement.

Yesterday I came into the great room to see Lucy staring at something on the deck.

She was focused on something just outside the door to the deck. I grabbed the camera, although it was so close to the door I expected to see an insect.

There sat a little hummingbird, staring up at Lucy while Lucy stared down at the bird. I moved to get a better angle, but the hummingbird had had enough of the stare-down and took off. Lucy looked at me as if to say, "I saved another one."

Then she lay down, confident that the matter was settled.

Aren't you proud of me? I am soooo good at this.

And so it's Friday again so soon. We still have lingering hope that Tropical Storm Fay will oblige us with some much needed rain. We had high hopes earlier, but that fickle Fay has not followed anyone's predicted path. If you are in Florida, inundated by rain, we are thinking of you and praying that you and your loved ones are safe from the flooding.

And no matter where you are or what you have to do, I hope this weekend is wonderful and lots of fun.

And THANKS SO MUCH, fishing guy for my first blogger award. I am honored.


Cicero Sings said...

I always like to read about your Golden Girls!

The Birdlady said...

That's a wonderful story and an amazing photo!

Jayne said...

What a sweet photo of her looking at the little hummer! Hope you all have a great weekend too Carolyn. :c)

Dog_geek said...

I'm glad the little hummer was okay - I always cringe if I hear that "thunk" by our sliding glass door.

Shelley said...

It was so sweet to see your dog looking so gently at your little hummer!!
(P.S. A lot of bird shops sell those window decals you can put on and easily peel off your windows - the birds see them and it helps prevent them from flying through and hitting the window. I had to put some up on our log cabin loft windows after I had 2 dead waxwings.)

KGMom said...

Good girl, Lucy.
She reminds me of an English setter we had. Wanda was a true WATCH dog--she would watch anything. Never barked, just watched. I had to laugh at her.
Love those golden girls--I think I might have mentioned that before.

troutbirder said...

What good girls you have. Goldens are so sweet and gentle. Baron says hi. Woof Woof


We had to add black cardboard images of hawk shadows to our windows all around our house when we first built it because the cardinals were constantly hitting the glass. Poor things, they just can't see that glass and we humans like to have it sparkly clean all the time which just makes it worse on them. Since adding the shadow cutouts to each window we have drastically cut down on the bird bonks. A small price to pay for saving our feathered friends.

....and they make great conversation pieces for visitors.........!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: What a wonderful capture of the little hummer. I've never seen one sitting like that and it's a great photo.