Saturday, August 23, 2008

Computer in Critical Condition

Alas, my computer got injured. It's not dead (yet), but not doing well at all. I took it in for repairs and it will have to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for a while.

The thing that really frosts me is that it got injured by downloading an updated version of a spyware program I PAY MONEY FOR!!! (Thank you very much Webroot.)

I must admit to playing a rather stupid role here myself. The "doctor" at the computer hospital asked me if I had a backup drive. Of course I have a portable external hard drive to back up my files. Doesn't everyone? So he said it wouldn't matter if they had to wipe the files. Um, well, I may have been a bit of a procrastinator. So please call me if file deletion will be involved. I may want you to backup some of them first. Gulp.

Do you think for one minute I moved my recipe files there? Or backed up my iPod music? Or my most important files I cannot afford to lose? OK, so all I actually transferred to the backup were the huge number of photographs that were slowing down the speed of my laptop. But I do have a backup hard drive and I had every good intention, blah, blah, blah. I assure you when my laptop has recovered and is home from the computer hospital, I will immediately back up those files.

So after four months or so of blogging, I will have to take a rest while my computer is down. I should be back up and running by mid-week, so check again on Wednesday. If the computer has to be sent for extensive rehab, I'll let you know.


KGMom said...

Sorry sorry sorry--nothing more frustrating than broken computer.
I have an external drive--and back up once a week, pretty faithfully.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh, oh ... computer withdrawal!!! Can you handle it?

Back up you say ... hmmmm ... guess I should do another one soon.

We have Apple machines ... Apples are worth the cost when it comes to viruses etc. D took a while to convince but now ... no looking back.

jan m said...

I feel your pain. My son spent two full days de-bugging our computer after we were hit by a virus last weekend.

LauraHinNJ said...

Sorry to hear this... tho I can sympathize! Ijust spilled coffe on my laptop - for at least the 3rd time - and it survived!

(silly, clumsy me.)

Unknown said...

Carolyn first of all thank you for recommending 'Songcatcher' What a wonderful movie Don and I finally had a chance to see last night.

Computer woes are no fun. We also have apple computers and I will not give them up. Back up? I finally bought an external drive and backed up all my work than my brother the computer software writer comes home and said you really need to back up the external onto DVD's. What if it goes then what will you do. So yesterday I bought DVD's to back it up. yikes I suppose you can never be to careful.

Jayne said...

Ugh Carolyn, I feel your pain. We all procrastinate about those things. I have to agree with cicero sings, our iMac has been a much more stable machine and fully worth the cost.

Kathi said...

Back up? Back-up? No, actually, I don't back up at all. Gulp! Perhaps I need one of those little flash drive thingies or a whole box of DVDs.

I hope your computer recovers quickly, and you are back and blogging soon.

~Kathi, who foresees a whole weekend of computer back-up work ahead

troutbirder said...

Yikes! What a bummer. Been there done that though. TWO lightening strikes with total wipeouts. Some people never learn (mostly me)

Shelley said...

Good luck! And thanks for sharing your story - I don't have an external drive but will be getting one tomorrow now!