Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swallows at Connemara

When we visited the Sandburg home, we were delighted to find swallows nesting in the goat barn. The volunteer said this is the first year they have nested there, which seemed very strange to me.

The nest looks unstable, sitting above and overlapping an electrical outlet. Full of little ones, it looks as if it might crumble at any minute. It shakes with their activity. The nest isn't nearly as neat and trim as the ones at our community cabana, but it appears to be holding up so far.

The resident cat is temporarily excluded from the barn. I don't think she likes it very much.

Yes, Laura Bush visited Connemara Monday afternoon. Here she is with some of the Junior Rangers. Senator Elizabeth Dole is on the left of the picture.
Picture downloaded from the White House Website.
[I'll bet they wouldn't be so happy had they known I didn't get my invitation.]


KGMom said...

Love those baby swallows.
Oh yes--keep the cat out. Much as I love cats, I fear their instincts are not good for baby birds.

Jayne said...

Awww... such sweet swallow beebies. :c) That nest does look rather precarious perched there, but I'll bet they are aware of just how much they can move up there.

Anonymous said...

What cute little guys. Mom seems to be rather busy these days.

Shelley said...

Wow - that nest does look precarious! Guess those swallows are risk takers!

NCmountainwoman said...

Donna - One of the Junior Rangers was assigned to the cat. She watched carefully and quickly grabbed the cat whenever a visitor accidentally let her in the gate.

Jayne - I agree, they don't seem to move around a great deal, and the mother doesn't sit on the nest to feed them. She sits on the electrical box.

Science guy - She really was. But she has come to ignore the humans in the barn as she goes about her duties.

Shelley - I was so afraid the nest would fall. It looked even worse in person.

Mary said...


I had a nsst of Barn Swallows in the summer of 06. Oh, Gosh - I miss them so much. Are you enjoying their loud chirping and pooping? LOL!

Lovely photos. Just perfect. I'm green with envy right now.


Kerri Farley said...

Fabulous shots of the babies!!