Friday, July 25, 2008

Fridays are Golden

We recently got a new clock. (Actually it's an old French schoolhouse clock, but it's new to us.) We needed to move some things around to find a place for the clock. We moved one picture to the wall over the dog beds. In order to make room to take down the old picture and hang another one, my husband simply stacked both beds together for the time being. Of course, Lucy decided to try out the double-decker bed.

Two beds together can be better than one.
But Lucy, then why are you always getting into the same bed Ellie is using? Even when there is another bed right next to it?

Oh, I think she sometimes needs the companionship of a great dog.

This is the picture we moved. It was taken when Ellie was almost two-and-a-half and Lucy was four months old. (Yes, we had a professional photographer do a shoot of our girls. After all, we have portraits of both human children, don't we?)

This is the French schoolhouse clock we were fortunate enough to find.
Here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, free of stress and full of love.


abb said...

What wonderful pictures of your babies. Love the tennis balls in with them. When my Stella can't find her tennis ball, she goes and gets her golf ball. Which she drops down the stairs, goes and fetches and starts all over again for HOURS on end.

Just lovey doggies!

The Birdlady said...

I am just in love with those dogs!

Cicero Sings said...

Love the picture of the two dogs! They are such characters. I'd like a dog but D says not yet. Sigh.

The old clock is very nice too.

Ruth said...

I love the picture of the pair sharing a bed. Have a great weekend too!

Jayne said...

Your girls are just the prettiest things! Love your clock... what a find!

Kerri Farley said...

Oh I look forward to Fridays so I can catch up with what your doggies are doing! How cute that she tried the "double decker". And even cuter that they try to fit in the same bed together.

And I think it is fantastic that you got a professional to do their portrait!!

Naturegirl said...

The phot of the two dogs in bed together is just the sweetest! I see cats cuddling but never big dogs!
Great photo! smiling NG

Shelley said...

That professional photo of your dogs is wonderful!!

Dog_geek said...

Lovely dog pictures! Whenever I stack the dog beds to vacuum, one dog or another will immediately do the princess and the pea routine.

NCmountainwoman said...

tsannie - The girls are hardly ever seen without tennis balls. I don't know why we bother to have so many other toys.

Helen - Thanks

Cicero - I do think you need a dog. You seem to have the perfect place for one.

Ruth - It's always Lucy who wants to share the bed. I've never seen Ellie get into the bed Lucy is on.

Jayne - Thanks. We are very fond of old clocks.

Kerri - The photographer got some really lovely shots of the girls. The lighting is natural, with the November sun shining through the trees.

Naturegirl - Thanks for visiting. I've never known big dogs to cuddle like this either.

Shelley - Yes, he did a nice job. He got a great casual shot of the dogs running down the hillside with my husband.

Dog Geek - Thanks for dropping by.

Mary said...

A bed of Goldens and tennis balls. Priceless. I have a good friend in Delaware - lover of Goldens - who would love this post. Their late "Allie" was obsessed with tennis balls, too. I loved Allie. She died of old age a year after I arrived in NC. Of course, our friends have another tennis ball lover :o)

The portrait is great and the clock, too!