Friday, October 11, 2019

Sunshine and Rain

Almost from the time she could walk, Violet has been fascinated by her shadow.  Whenever the day is sunny, she will spend some time making certain that the shadow follows her every command.

There you are again, shadow.

Now, hold out your arm.

I can make you smaller if I wish.

Much as she loves the sun and shadows, Violet also loves rainy days.  She is old enough to go out and play in the warm rain and stomp in the puddles.  Bright colors are necessary on rainy days.  So it's green and black Darth Vader outfit, pink and white Wellies and a multi-colored flowery raincoat.

Let's go!

She has a happy-go-lucky disposition most of the time but she takes her chores very seriously.  A recent self-imposed chore is to pick up every acorn under the big oak trees at a nearby park.  She picks them up one at a time and rapidly runs over and hands each one to her daddy.  Fortunately she is not a hoarder and never asks what happened to all the acorns she picked up.  The goal seems to be ridding the park of acorns, not collecting them.

Here's another one, Daddy.  Quick!  Take it so I can run and pick up another one I saw.

Today's first quote is from Russian novelist and philosopher Fyodor Dostoyevsky:
"The soul is healed by being with children."

And this from Khalil Gibran:
"Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry;
The philosophy which does not laugh;
And the greatness which does not bow before children.

And for Vicki and all other grandparents, a quote from Alex Haley:
"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents so.
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."

Our Jewish friends have just completed the holy day of Yom Kippur.  We hope the Book of Life, opened on Rosh Hashanna has determined a wonderful fate for them before it sealed once again at the close of Yom Kippur.




Vilhelm man said...

Have a nice day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

She is an inquisitive little lady and that's just wonderful. It's so fun watching them grow and learn.
I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but the time I spent with my paternal Grandparents was the most loving, carefree times of my childhood. I always knew I'd have fun and be safe, full attention, good food, and love. I can't wait to do that (or be that) one day.

The Bug said...

I love Violet's rainy day outfit! She's such a cutie!

Arkansas Patti said...

Such a work ethic Violet all ready has. I think that cutie sprinkles her own stat dust over her grandmother and us.

Nance said...

Kids who love to be busy are the most charming of all. What I wouldn't give for a teensy bit of her stamina right now!

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

You brought back such wonderful memories of my very young years and how I was fascinated by my shadow and all I could do with it. Violet has such a love of life and her pictures are a delight.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thank you for once again sharing these delightful photos of your granddaughter. We don't spend as much time with our grandchildren because of distance, but will be seeing all of them several times within the next few months and will treasure those visits as well. It's nice that Violet is clearing the park of the acorns, but the squirrels may b upset to find fewer to bury 😕

Vicki Lane said...

So serious and so adorable! And I love the stardust quote. I'll endeavor to keep my pockets full of it.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Violet is a precious ray of sunshine in any type of weather - Whatta cutie and I can't help but smile to see her photos and the world as she experiences it. What a blessing to your family she is!!

And I love the verses, such words of wisdom!

Take care and have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Violet is such a sweet child. She is growing up with so much love and it shows in every photo.

Tara said...

I find it so very comforting and healing to see and hear about dear Violet. I love the quotes you've posted here -- and yes, grand parents can sprinkle a little stardust. I love that role. I love watching and interacting with my grands. I have very fond memories of one grandmother in particular, who encouraged my creativity and imagination at every turn -- she was the biggest supporter in my young life. Thank you for your lovely post, and your big heart.

KB said...

Violet brings so many smiles to you and to all of us who read about her.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Images - thanks for dropping by

Suz - You will definitely be a five-star grandmother.

Bug - She is indeed a colorful little girl.

Patti - It is really sweet to see how determined she gets.

Nance - She definitely is a bundle of energy. Always busy.

Ginnie - I also had fun with my shadow but that was nothing compared to when I first found my echo. I still remember that day.

Beatrice - Her daddy scattered the acorns again before they left. Out of Violet's sight, of course.

Vicki - Yes, grammas must keep a pocketful of it.

Kim - Thanks. She has indeed brought a new dimension of joy.

Tara - We are blessed, aren't we?

KB - Thanks