Friday, August 30, 2019

A Little Something for Doc

My oncologist is an avid trout fisherman.  In fact, that is one reason he moved his practice to western NC.  I decided I wanted to give him a little gift of appreciation so we commissioned a miniature fishing cabinet for him.  We couldn't be more pleased with the result.  One of our daughter's friends is a fly fisherman too and he gave us a lot of good ideas as did our fishing daughter.  (Thanks A and B).

The level of detail in this little cabinet is amazing.  To give you an idea of the detail, the cabinet itself is a mere six inches tall and four inches wide.  The little wooden fish signs on the left say, "Gone Fishing" and "Catch you Later."  The charts are in amazing detail and the top shelf contains reels of fly fishing line, a mounted fish, and a fishing hat.  The center shelf contains a creel and a lunch box as well as some maps and guides.  The bottom shelf contains another creel, a map and a brass rod holder.   On the right are two fly rods and reels and on the left is a rod container with another fly rod inside.  A vest, two nets, complete the exterior.  We also asked that the artist include a little doctor's bag.
[You may want to click on the photographs for added detail. For some reason the first picture does not enlarge.]

We are so please with this little set.

A side view shows the detail on the fishing rods and reels.  Note that there are tiny little fishing flies attached to the line.

Fishing books, magazines, a tool kit (complete with tiny little pliers, etc.), a tin with miniscule fishing flies are inside the drawer along with other items.

A closeup of the lunch pail shows a tiny cup and sandwich as well as a can of soda.

The fishing hat has flies hooked on it just like big ones do

And there are little medical instruments inside the doctor's bag.

We will be giving this little treasure to my doctor on my next visit in a couple of weeks.  I will go in before that visit for a blood draw.  So we will get the results of my cancer markers when we see the doctor.  We are hoping they are still the same, but we are also emotionally prepared if they have risen, indicating renewed cancer growth.

I have no idea what the future holds.  I can only say that I feel wonderful and I am blessed to be on the right side of the bell curve.  At my last visit, the chemo nurses wanted to know if I wanted to sound the gong they have there.  Many patients ring it when they are in remission.  I declined, fearing it just might be a jinx and I didn't want to tempt whatever gods may be who have brought me this far.  But I don't think they would mind some positive vibes you might think of sending into the wind if you are so inclined.  And I welcome prayers of all kinds from all faiths to all Deities.

Today's first quote is from author Isabel Allende:
"Everybody has losses - it's unavoidable in life.
But sharing our pain is very healing."

And from Hippocrates, the father of medicine:
"Healing is a matter of time,
But sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity."

And from the Buddha:
"The secret of health of both mind and body is
Not to mourn for the past,
Nor to worry about the future,
But to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."





KGMom said...

What an amazing gift.
As for your latest update--sending good thoughts your way.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich

Nance said...

What a charming and thoughtful gift! I'm in awe of the detail in such teeny form. The doctor will be fascinated and grateful for certain. It's fun and personal, and it shows such gratitude for his care.

I think your philosophy is a good one. You are making the most of your days, and you are happy and satisfied with your life as you've made it. Your granddaughter is such a light in your life! You've done everything you can.

And I think of you more often than you can know, sending you thoughts for all the best.

Barbara Rogers said...

Two part comment. Yes, I too will join others in sending positive energies of continued good health your way! And second, who is the artist who created such a lovely miniature for you? It's so well done!

Arkansas Patti said...

He will be blown away with that gift. My goodness the detail. Extremely well done.
You have my prayers and good vibes for fantastic results. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

That is truly an amazing gift. So detailed and beautiful. Wow. He's going to love it.
And yes, yes, yes in every way, I will send you all the good wishes and vibes I have to offer. All the best to you, my friend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are always in my prayers. Also sending good vibes and positive mojo your way.
I love the little cabinet gift. The details are just amazing. What a creative and patient artist!!

Vicki Lane said...

What a nice thing to do! The detail is amazing. And may all be well with your visit.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Your doctor will be speechless when he sees his gift. it is priceless.

I love the way that you say you will accept prayers and good wishes from all faiths, etc. I am not a church goer but relate so much to your trepidation and send good vibes and hope your way every day.

You always end your entries with wonderful quotes so I want to send this one to you. It is by Einstein and is the closest thing I've ever read that explains how I feel about a Higher Power. “Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion.”

The Bug said...

Oh I love that cabinet! Such a creative idea & thoughtful gift - the doctor will be thrilled. Of course you have my prayers!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a wonderful gift you have planned for your doctor. He is sure to like it, especially since fishing is one of his favorite pastimes.Heck, I liked it and I don't fish at all! Hope the upcoming visit goes well for you and all my good wishes and thoughts go out to you for continued good news! And those were some beautiful quotes.

KB said...

Such a thoughtful gift - I quite sure that he will LOVE it. It is a testament to your gratitude to him.

I will be sending up healing thoughts your way.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I do appreciate the good wishes.

Donna - Thank you for the inspiring quote.

Nance - Thank you so much. I appreciate the thoughts and kind words.

Barbara - I sent you the link.

Patti - Thank you. I will definitely let you know what's going on.

Robin - Thank you so much. I'm sure you went through soem of the same when Roger had his tests after remission.

Suz - Thanks. Yes, the detail is amazing. Even the little fishing magazines have stories about NC on the covers.

Vicki - Thanks

Ginnie - I love the quote and it's one I've never heard. Thank you.

Dana - Thanks. As a regular church-goer and singer, your prayers surely go far.

Beatrice - Thank you so much.

KB -I appreciate the healing thoughts. I'm also sending healing thoughts to your father.