Monday, July 1, 2019

Rest in Peace, Lucy

It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you that our dear sweet Lucy died yesterday.  As most of you know, she had been lame in one leg for quite a while.  Our veterinarian had told us six months or more ago that she suspected a brain tumor because of an atrophied muscle in her eye.  She advised us not to put her through the necessary tests to confirm and we agreed.

She adapted well to the lameness as we made a lot of changes in the house to facilitate her needs.  Yesterday morning she seemed fine.  She ate breakfast and did her usual business outside.  About 11:00, she tried to get up and simply could not.  She was quite anxious and seemed scared that she could not arise.  We used the lifter we have to help her at times but when we got her up she could not stand at all.  Her rear legs seemed paralyzed and her front legs weak and  trembling.  I called the animal hospital and told them we were bringing her in.

We got her in our SUV and she calmed down immediately.  She clearly did not have any pain since she did not whimper or moan as we lifted her into the car.  I rode in the backseat with her and she was calm on our drive to the emergency hospital about 45 minutes away.  Once there she was still calm which indicates she was not fully alert.  Typically she is very nervous at the veterinarian office.

They had Lucy on a stretcher and put us in a room together for a while, then took her to put in an IV and give her a pre-medication.  When she came back she was a bit groggy, but the instant she saw my husband and me, she raised her head, smiled at us and wagged her tail.  She did not make any attempt to get off the stretcher.  We loved on her for some time and in fact, she fell asleep before the veterinarian came in with the anesthetic.  It was a smooth and peaceful passing.  The staff could not have been nicer and when we left we noticed a sign beside a burning candle.  It said that someone was saying good-bye to a dear friend and asked that the waiting room be kept quiet as long as the candle was burning.

We are obviously so so sad but we are grateful for so many things.  Lucy had 12 and a half years of being a puppy and still ran zoomies when she turned 13.  She adapted well to the lame leg and still lived a happy life until the day she died, peacefully and in no pain.

She loved her big bed

She was totally devoted to my husband just as Ellie was devoted to me.  Both loved each of us, but Ellie felt like "my" dog and Lucy like my husband's.  After Ellie died Lucy was even more attached to my husband.

Nurse Lucy stayed by my husband's side while he recovered from surgery.

Ellie was a year old when Lucy came to live with us, so Lucy had never known a life without her until Ellie died.  She sought out my husband more and more after that and was never far from his side.

The two dogs were very close and they loved to run.  In open areas Ellie was by far faster.  So fast that it was difficult to get both of them in the frame.  But in the woods Lucy always won.  She could pivot and maneuver ever so much better.

Lucy and Ellie running free.  Ellie was loping along and Lucy was putting her all into it.

We had large dog beds all over the house, at least two in every room in which they were allowed.  Invariably they shared the same bed or even snoozed together on the floor.

Sleeping in the sun

Ellie was our first Golden Retriever and she was so great that we decided to get another.  They were one and two years old when we came here to the mountains and we had tons of fun hiking with them, watching them run with their fluffy hair blowing in the breeze, playing with them on the floor and simply loving them.

I prefer to believe in the Rainbow Bridge.  My belief won't change whether it actually exists or not, so why not believe that Lucy made her way yesterday and Ellie rejoiced to greet her.  They are running free and then resting side-by-side.

God speed dear sweet Lucy.  You gave us so much pleasure and you will always have a special place in our hearts.  We will toast you on your birthday Thursday when you would have been fourteen.

A quote from Dr. Seuss always gives me peace:
"Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened."


KGMom said...

Whether I should cry or not, I am. It is bitter sweet to say goodbye to such a dear friend. Your account is so heartfelt--and it resonates with some of our experiences.
Whether a matter of belief or not, Ellie and Lucy are running free together!
I saw a cartoon recently--it depicts a man showing up at the pearly gates, with St. Peter standing there--and running toward him is a dog.
St. Peter says to the new arrival--"so you're Bobby! Rex here has been going about you for years."
Yes, belief or no--our pets are waiting for us.

Arkansas Patti said...

My heart is hurting so for you and the tears are running. I was stunned at first then lost it at the candle. What a thoughtful measure by the vets office. We know this day will come when we pick out a cute puppy but it is still so-darn-hard. I always looked forward to my Friday visits with Lucy and of course with Ellie before. I love the image of them running freely together now. Those dogs had the best home full of love and they gave that love back in spades.
My heart goes out to you both.

Nance said...

This is sad news. Losing a beloved family member always is. Lucy knew every moment that she was well-loved and important to her family. There are children, sadly, who cannot make that claim. I hope your shared love can be a light in your grief. Take care.

Barbara Rogers said...

I am sobbing, so full of sadness that mimics every pet that died, and the kindness of vets who take the same approach to our loved ones' transitions. Thank you for sharing your dear one's story, which will be here not only for others, but perhaps sometime in the future you can read it again as well. May your love for Lucy be part of your lives forever. I know how very wonderful that is, the love and caring for her was so rich and sincere and you shared it with me here. The grief will eventually pass and the heartfelt love will surge each time you remember her.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Your words and photos of Ellie and Lucy made it easy for us to fall in love with your golden girls. It's heartbreaking to know that they are both gone now, but what rich and well-loved lives they had in your home and hearts. Yes, rest in peace, Lucy, and send our love to Ellie.

The Bug said...

That was such a beautiful tribute - tears here too. I like to believe that Lucy & Ellie are romping together just over that bridge too.

Kay G. said...

It is hard to say goodbye but I also believe in that rainbow bridge and both dogs are together now, I am sure of it. (And I am always right, ask my husband!)
Hope that last bit made you smile. Take care of yourself. God bless you.

KB said...

Tears here too. What a wonderful pair Lucy and Ellie were. Saying goodbye to such a precious dog is one of the hardest things in the world. You and your husband gave her the best life imaginable - she was so deeply loved, and had her beloved sister by her side for so many years.

I like the vision of Lucy and Ellie running free, young and healthy again at the Bridge. It makes me cry to visualize it... because your posts made me care so much about them over the years.

Take good care of yourself and your husband. This must be so very hard for you. Sending virtual hugs to you. I am so very sorry that dogs just don't live long enough.

Tara said...

That quote really says it all. Thank you for sharing your Golden Girls with us over the years. I really came to know them and adore them. That photo of them running -- omg, such Golden fun!

The vet was superb -- that candle and sign in the lobby just put me into tears instantly. You have indeed lost a very good and sweet friend, who brought you so much joy. They love us with all their hearts, and we, them. A wonderful journey together for as long as it lasts.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sweet, sweet Lucy. She was your ever constant friend and held your heart in hers. I'm crying all the way down here for you both. It's such a bittersweet part of life; if only they could live forever with us.
I'm pretty sure Lucy knew it was time to move on, no stressing, no worries. You did right by her.
Sending big hugs your way.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

So sorry to read this post about Lucy’s passing. There is little to say when a pet who was like family is gone. She and Ellie will be together always and in your hearts forever. What a nice touch of the burning candle at the vet clinic.

Vicki Lane said...

Running free, the two of them. Such well loved and memorable girls -- we will all treasure the memories.

troutbirder said...

It's always so hard. Our Baron left us in exactly the same manner...:( Dr. Seus said it best...)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thank you everyone. Each message brought cheer to my heart.

Unknown said...

Lucy, will be waiting for you on the other side.
Love you , Brother
Your Friend