Saturday, January 19, 2019

Late Lucy

Friday came and went and we had wi-fi problems.  Everything seems to be working now.  Too bad I didn't post yesterday because I might have mentioned the lovely sunshine we enjoyed.  The rains set in again this morning and it has been a gray and miserable day outside.  Good for reading and hanging around and not much else.

Our Lucy loves vegetables and fruits and my husband shares a few bites before he fixes his lunch every day.  Lucy knows that the yummy food comes before his lunch and there will never, ever be anything given from his plate.  The only time she gets food during our mealtime is when our granddaughter is visiting.  Lucy takes full advantage of it by positioning herself right below the high hair.  Just in case.

Here my husband is giving Lucy a few bites of carrot.  She must sit quietly until he decides to give it to her.

I often wonder what she is thinking while she waits.

Finally, she chomps on her carrot

She likes carrots, green beans, broccoli and will eat celery, although I don't think she really likes it.  Her favorite snacks by far are bits of apple, especially the tart ones.  She sits patiently until my husband says, "That's all."  Then she gets up and moves to a more comfortable place.

I have mentioned before the unexpected response our Violet had to the little cloth dolly we gave her.  That attachment continues.  She wants Dolly with her when she naps now and she sits with her in the early morning as she comes fully awake.  I love this photograph because she still looks so much like a baby.  That is deceiving.  She is far more toddler than baby now.

She surprised (and very much pleased) my son last week.  He picked up a super-hero towel.  Violet pointed to it and yelled, "Batman!"  And indeed, it was Batman.  Amazing what goes on in her little mind.

Today's quote is for our elected officials from local officials all the way to the White House.
Albert Schweitzer:

"The purpose of human life is to serve,
And to show compassion
And the will to help others."

In the continuing Federal Government shutdown, compassion and a will to help others seem lost on our officials.  It is heart-warming to see the public step up to help their unemployed friends and neighbors and even those whose identities they do not know.  To them we give a big 'THANK YOU'.



Barbara Rogers said...

Oh yes, she's a little person already! How adorable! And Lucy too, of course! Politicians are not very good people, somehow. I hope they get it all together soon.

Arkansas Patti said...

Our rain turned to snow on Saturday. About an inch but it is still pretty. Callie doesn't like it anymore than Lucy does. I need to remember trying veggies for Callie as a treat.
Violet is purely adorable hugging her Dolly.

Anonymous said...

It surprised me when I learned that canines like fruit and vegetables. I had no idea until we moved on to a piece of land that had a lovely little fruit orchard. One day I noticed the coyotes eating apples and pears out there, and one had climbed up on the lower branches to munch. It was quite a moment. Violet is absolutely ADORABLE with her favorite little dolly. What a grand photo.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What sweet photos of your girl waiting so patiently. And Violet is just so precious with Dolly! How sweet!

Our dogs love fruit, apples are a favorite with watermelon and cantaloupe are pretty popular too with bananas the least.

Have a good week - We hope the shutdown ends very soon too, but both sides are really dug in, aren't they?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy must be the most polite dog ever.
Little Violet is such a doll herself!!

Nance said...

Allow me to envy your rain a bit as I am surrounded by a foot of snow and sub-zero wind chills. Winter has finally come with sincerity to NEO.

What a lovely photo of Violet with her doll. Those are moments to cherish, truly.

The Bug said...

I'm with Lucy about celery - I will eat it, but I don't much enjoy it. Ha! Violet is such a doll...

Vicki Lane said...

Being able to say Batman is wonderful! And the picture is so sweet. I'm sure Lucy is thinking, "I'm a good dog; I'm a good dog." Our dogs would be thinking, "Hand over, already, you (expletive deleted."

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lucy certainly know what's good, but unlike her, I do like celery especially when coated with peanut butter! We got the snow and freezing rain followed by g=frigid temps over the weekend and continuing into the early part of this week. Rain is expected by the end of the week here. Violet looks very peaceful as does her cuddled doll.

KB said...

Lucy is such a lucky girl. Shyla loves fruit most of all too! I share a little bit whenever I eat fruit. And I am just like your husband. I never share from the table.

Violet is just so cute! I loved seeing her snuggle her doll, and I relished hearing that she could identify batman!!!!

Cheryl said...

Lucy is such a well behaved girl. Waiting patiently for her fruit and veggie treats.

What a beautiful image of Violet with her dolly. She does indeed look like a baby, a photograph to treasure. They soon grow.

Wonderful quote and very appropriate at this time.