Friday, October 26, 2018

We Love Lucy

We moved with lightning speed from Autumn weather to down-right cold.  We are getting remnants of the recent tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.  So it is raining and dreary.  Temperatures will not get much above 40 today.  I am so not ready for cold weather.  On a positive note, we will almost certainly have some warmer days with sunshine.  Meanwhile, we will sit by the fire and read or knit.  And love on our dear Lucy.

Much like a child busy playing, Lucy pretends not to hear us call her the first, or second, or even third time we call to tell her it's time to go outside in the rain.  She hates it despite the towels we put in the dryer to have toasty warm for drying her off.

Even when the room is warm, she curls up into a ball when she comes back inside.

When we have the gas logs burning, her favorite place is near the warm hearth.

Early voting ends here in North Carolina on November 3rd.  If your state has early voting be sure to check the times and try to vote early.  If not, make certain you check your polling location for Election Day.  Many of them have changed locations and hours,  Make your voice count.  If you are turned away for any reason demand a provisional ballot.

Today's quotes are from my favorite philosopher,  Marcus Aurelius.  Reflect on the first when you are watching the "talking heads" on the 24/7 "news" channels.  And reflect on the second as you live your daily life.

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."

"Concentrate on what you have to do. Fix your eyes on it. Remind yourself that your task is to be a good human being; remind yourself what nature demands of people. Then do it, without hesitation, and speak the truth as you see it. But with kindness. With humility. Without hypocrisy."



The Bug said...

I totally agree with Lucy about the rain! This is why I'm at my desk reading blogs instead of taking a lunch break somewhere. Can't wait to be home in my jammies by our "fire."

Love the quotes! I will try to remember the part about kindness. Even though it's hard these days...

Tara said...

our transition to fall is going slowly. not enough cold snap to really turn the trees. i love the cooler temps (not here yet) and the season overall. My Lucy will require her little sweater in order to go for walks when it gets cold. Your Lucy has her magnificent fur. Great idea to warm the towels in the dryer in anticipation of a cold wet dog. I will try to remember to do that!

The second quote is especially meaningful for me. Got to put that into action. It seems to me that is the most sane way of getting through strife intact.

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

We're heading into late autumn here in a big way. Most of the trees on our street have lost their colorful leaves, and the low temps are in the 40s (and we even had 30s a week ago!). I understand Lucy's desire to be comfy right in front of the fire. Definitely good thinking! Wonderful quotes, as always. Take care and stay warm!

Barbara Rogers said...

Well, I share your weather, and groan at the damp cold. Give me dry cold, and without wind, and I'll be ok...though I miss having a fire. I remember when I moved to FL form TN, I actually had a fireplace in my mobile home, and used it a couple of times. What a waste. Now I'd love one again.

Vicki Lane said...

What great and appropriate quotes!

Through the rain and the mist I am beginning to see some fall color. Hoping for at least a few brilliant blue sky days with bright leaves.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a thoughtful idea to heat Lucy's towels. I'll have to remember that for Callie. Thanks about the provisional ballot. Shouldn't need one but who knows these days.

troutbirder said...

One of the greatest Romans of them all. Unfortunately we coming pretty close to the other end of the scale in our present "leadership"....:(

Cheryl said...

Dear Lucy, Nella is much the same. When the log fire burns, she will be found in her basket close by :) The weather has at last turned here. It was raining during the night, I could hear it beating against the window pane. I find that quite soothing and went back to sleep without much effort.

You always manage to find a quote that is so appropriate.

Nance said...

This week, Ohio's early voting becomes even more convenient, with polls staying open until 7PM.

Lots of cold rain and 40s here in NEO since Fall arrived. We are skipping only to the harshest part of seasons lately, it seems.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We will be voting here in Nashua, NH next week on Nov 6. Our weather has turned cooler and the leaves are still colorful, but rain and wind have shortened their stay. I'm with Lucy and a warm hearth is the perfect place to stretch out and be warmed. The last quite was a good one for a very troubled world.

Joared said...

I’m always troubled by early voting and don’t. Seems all too often when numbers are discussed prior to Election Day some possible voters don't bother cause the think their candidate has it in the bag. Wonder if that might have happened in 2016. Absentee ballot voting is different.

Lowcarb team member said...

It's turned chilly here in the UK, although we are getting some very nice sunshine too.
I'm sure rain will come soon …

I love the pictures of Lucy, she looks so comfortable near the fire.

All the best Jan

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

We are in such a troublesome time and that's why I love the sweetness of Lucy and am glad you post pictures of her.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone,

Bug - I also find it much harder to be kind to some people because of their political rhetoric.

Tara - Thanks. Yes, it turned rather cold much too quickly for my taste

Robin - I'm sure we will have some more warmer days ahead. Enjoy your walks.

Barbara - Yes, the dampness makes the cold so much worse.

Vicki - Yes, the color is not as glorious as usual, but we are enjoying what we get, especially if accompanied by blue sky.

Patti - Our Ellie was so very fond of the warm towels. Lucy? Not so much. She just wants to get back inside.

Troutbirder - Oh, I fear you are right. So I'll just read more Marcus Aurelius.

Cheryl - I also love to hear the rain at night.

Nance - I do believe the weather is changing all over the globe. Unfortunately, we know why and seem loathe to address it.

Beatrice - Our color has not been great and like you, we have lost a lot of leaves to wind and rain.

Jored - I'm glad we have early voting but I wish the results could not be posted until the close of all polls on Election Day. I would also outlaw the media polls if I could.

Jan - Glad you are having some good weather. My daughter's friend sent us some lovely pictures from his recent visit to Galway.

Ginnie - Yes, we are indeed in troubled times. And our animals and friends really do help us get though it.