Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lucy Hates Caps

I just love pictures of dogs wearing different caps.  But Lucy would have no part of wearing my newest cap.  She clearly hated it and while this is a terrible photograph, it was the longest the hat remained on her head.  She had already begun to shake it off.  The words on the blue cap read, "MAKE AMERICA NOT EMBARRASSING AGAIN.

I've never been one to wear hats since my childhood days of Easter finery.  However, one side effect of the chemotherapy I received was hair loss.  I decided not to purchase any wigs and I wear knit and crochet caps only if needed to keep my head warm, which is more often than  you might think.  And I wear a baseball cap when I am in the sun to prevent sunburn.  This is one of my favorite caps.  But as you can clearly see, Lucy doesn't like it one little bit.  So no more attempts will be made to photograph her in a cap.  BTW:  my hair is beginning to grow again and my head is fuzzy with soft down.  It looks rather strange and feels even stranger.  And wouldn't you know those six stiff old-lady chin hairs were not affected at all by the chemo?  God has quite a sense of humor, doesn't she?

I mentioned in my last post that I did not want this blog to be about cancer.  And I do not.  But I would be remiss if I did not share the news that a more specific scan (PET) showed three "hot spots" of remaining cancer.  Not good news, but certainly not the worst it could be.  The areas are very small and not amenable to resection by surgery.  So beginning Monday I will start on a new regimen with a drug recently approved for treating ovarian cancer.  Last month, in fact.  The drug does not cure the cancer but rather inhibits its growth.  So the spots are contained and cannot grow and spread.  The side effects are minimal and do not include the onerous side effects of many chemotherapy drugs.  So I will go to the infusion clinic every three weeks for an intravenous infusion of the new drug.  We will continue the drug until it is no longer doing its job.  If subsequent scans show any growth of the spots, the plan is to return to the traditional chemotherapy to eradicate the cancer.

So that's where we are, me and my cancer. I am feeling stronger and stronger the further away from chemotherapy I get.  Hopefully, I will soon return to getting out and finding more interesting things to post.

The quotes of the week come most appropriately from George Orwell:

Political designed to make lies sound truthful...,
And to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

And if you wonder why you keep reading the same comments from compassionate people over and over again, here is another of his prophetic quotes:

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.



The Bug said...

I'm sorry you still have hot spot, but the plan to contain them sounds good. LOVE the hat! And yes, we need to keep repeating sanity until maybe it becomes the norm again.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good to hear from you here again. Cap is great, and Lucy can skip wearing it after all, you probably fit it better! Keep up healing's a never ending job, but doable! Politics has ever been mad, and now is the worst ever.

KB said...

I love the cap!!!! I need one too. Neither my dogs will happily wear caps either - no matter how clever the saying on it is.

Thanks for sharing the news of your hot spots. I am glad that there's a new drug to use against them. I am so glad to read that you're feeling stronger. That must be a wonderful sensation.

Cheryl said...

Lucy is a sweet girl. Nella will not wear anything on her head :)

Thank you for sharing your journey.
My husband has had cancer twice but at this moment is cancer free.
Whilst I cannot know what you are going through emotionally and physically, I hope that I
have empathy.

I have always believed in the power of thought and prayer, you are on my list, alongside many others.

After a long hot spell in UK it rained yesterday...all day.
I went to the park with family and we played rounders as the drizzle fell.
It was the most beautiful of moments, and even better when our team won :)

Joared said...

Appreciate your sharing an update on your health status and hope you’ll feel comfortable keeping us informed with whatever your ups and downs. Obviously, I hope all will be going well for you. Your dog probably wasn’t in the mood to be modeling hats, I expect, no matter the message which I thought most pertinent.

Like your quotes, especially the one noting we’ve sunk to restating the obvious — hoping more and more people will finally get it.

Nance said...

I very much understand how you don't want Mountain Musings to turn into an illness column. I feel the same way about the Dept., but your community cares and is also a terrific support. It is, ultimately, about your needs and comfort.

I will be rooting for you, and I'm glad that your team is on top of new treatments. That's great.

As far as The Politics...know that I am on top of THAT, five days a week, making phone calls, writing emails, etc. They're getting sick of me all over DC, but I don't care. I'm sick of THEM.

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to a post here, and want to read all of your news about everything. I understand not wanting the blog to be an illness blog, but your loyal adoring fans worry and want to hear it all. We are part of your support network always and send you the best good wishes daily. Hope the new treatment does exactly what it is intended to do with minimal side effects.

Love your hat on Lucy. We should all wear that hat everyday. I so wish for a change in the coming midterms. Until then, we must all keep restating the obvious.

Thinking of you.

Arkansas Patti said...

Was so delighted to see Lucy's face in my reading list. I have missed you both and hope you will continue to give us updates as to your treatment. I am glad they have a new drug and hope it does its job. I have a friend who had a similar diagnosis 18 years ago and is still going strong. We have come a long way.
I love the hat but would be a bit afraid to wear it in my RED county.
Keep us in the loop, please.

Tara said...

Damn those chin hairs!!

When I had very short hair, I did indeed discover that my head got very cold. Hats and caps came in handy. Our dogs don't like caps either, or reindeer antlers and the like. Missed photo ops.

I hope this new med works as advertised. Crossing fingers, toes, legs, you name it. I beg of you, don't worry about your blog becoming a 'cancer blog.' It wont last, but while it is a part of your life, your story is yours to share and we are all hear to listen and support whatever stage you are in.

Glad to hear you're feeling stronger. That chemo is a bitch, isn't it? I haven't gone through it, but several dear friends have and I've had a front row seat to the whole process.

Be well, my friend, and thank you for your kind post on my blog yesterday! It helped me.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Bug - I'm afraid sanity will not return to normal in my lifetime. The damage is so far-reaching that I only hope it is repaired by the time our little granddaughter grows up.

Barbara - I agree. I have never seen politics this ugly and filled with so many lies in my life.

KB - I love the hat. Here is the address for the products: All proceeds go for helping refugees.

Cheryl - Thank you for the lovely thoughts. I do appreciate it.

Joared - I hope you are right.

Nance - Thanks. I also bombard my congressional representatives but I'm sure it does no good. When I do get a response it is "canned" and rarely addressed the concerns I raised. But still I persist.

Robin - Thanks a lot. I often think of Roger and how the two of you overcame it and it gives me hope.

Patti - I'm also in a bright red town and state. I must say, I wear the cap only in my own community which is thankfully blue in this sea of red.

Tara - Thank you so much for the encouraging words. They mean a lot.

Kay G. said...

Oh my goodness, I want that hat!
Take care of yourself!

Vicki Lane said...

Such a fine hat! May the new treatment do what's necessary and may the need for the hat (and the hat's statement) become only a memory.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It sounds as though your medical team is on top of everything; I hope the new drug helps to stop the growth. I laughed at your chin hair comment; those things are persistent! Sending prayers, good vibes, and positive mojo your way.

Lowcarb team member said...

Keep taking care of yourself.
My good wishes

All the best Jan