Friday, June 9, 2017

We Love Lucy

It's June already.  We have immensely enjoyed the number of birds who are bringing their young to our feeders.  It's such fun watching the parents feeding the greedy little ones.  And even more fun when the parents stop the feeding and the young ones must find their own way to the feeders.  Often they make several awkward attempts before they are finally successful.  Soon enough most of the birds will have another brood and we can watch the whole process again.

Lucy is enjoying our weather.  It's cooler than normal with sunny mornings and rain most afternoons. We are fortunate to have several areas where she can run safely off leash. Like the rest of our household, Lucy refuses to acknowledge that she is getting old.  She runs like a puppy but then relaxes the rest of the day.

We have a wide swath of grass between the road and the woods.  Wide enough for a short jog.

Her face shows that she is not pleased with a recall.
We interrupt her fun periodically for no reason.

I'll do it but I don't like it.

We frequently hop in the car and take a short drive to a park or other grassy areas.  One of our favorites is the top of an earthen dam on one of our lakes.  Although she gets good exercise on trails, she really loves open areas where she can run full speed ahead.

Heading back to the car.

It has been quite an interesting week, hasn't it?  It seems that we are supposed to overlook all the failings of our President.  According to the Speaker of the House  we should take into account that the President "is new at this" and does not understand the protocols of the relationship between the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the White House.  Well, excuse me Mr. Ryan, most of us learned this relationship in grade school.  It's part of that "separation of powers" thing.

Several quotes once again:
"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way."

"To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice."

"I think I am almost too honest to be a politician."
Donald J. Trump



Anonymous said...

So good to see Lucy out running and enjoying her days. I am in a constant state of disbelief about what is actually happening in our country. I sure hope sanity prevails at some point.

Arkansas Patti said...

We do not want our president nor our surgeon to require on the job training when serving us. We'd like to think they mostly know what they are doing or are at least properly supervised. Laughing out loud at that last quote.
Loved the happy, tongue out look as she was trucking down the path.

Nance said...

It's wonderful to see an older pet still so energetic and healthy.

As to the rest--I remain daily astounded by the blind oblivion and ignorance of this individual's supporters. They are exactly the same as he is.

Ginnie said...

OMG ("I think I am almost too honest to be a politician." Donald J. Trump)

I have literally gotten to the point where nothing he says or does surprises me ... bewilders me, Yes, but no surprises. Remember when he said he could shoot someone and still retain his followers ???? He evidently knows them better than we do !

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is loving her summer romps in nature; good for her! She's young at heart. We've had daily rains that are lasting about at least 10 hours a day.....I hate to complain, but I accidentally do on occasion. Have a great weekend.

The Bug said...

Lucy is so pretty - I'm glad she still has her puppy moments. That last quote is HILARIOUS. Sigh.

joared said...

Gee, does that mean our President isn't qualified for the job? Nice that Lucy gets a good run in. Guess we all slo down with age.

KB said...

I love seeing Lucy run and defy all age expectations! She looks beautiful and happy. She's a lucky dog.

As for last week, I guess that we're supposed to blame all the bad behavior on the fact that 45 is "too honest" to be in politics.

Carolina Linthead said...

So much beauty; so much sadness. Sigh. But thank you for the beauty that is Lucy (and your heart), and thank you for reminding us that we must keep working. If the ship of state sinks, at least we can go down bailing water.

Lowcarb team member said...

Such lovely photo's of Lucy ...

All the best Jan