Friday, May 26, 2017

We Love Lucy

We had a bad experience with Lucy's regular groomer.  And that one was enough for us to seek a new person to care for our precious golden girl.  I visited several places and found the perfect one. Unfortunately, they had a long waiting list.  More importantly they did not groom dogs larger than fifty pounds so Lucy exceeded that by a bit.

Finally I found another perfect place, hidden behind some resale shops.  I had never visited any of those shops so I had no idea the perfect grooming place was in a building behind them.  We made an appointment and yesterday we took Lucy there.  They did a marvelous job and she came out so soft and silky and expertly trimmed.  Not only that, she seemed to have enjoyed herself.  Apparently the staff let her roam around freely since she gets along well with other dogs and with people.  They have specific appointments so they are ready to work on your dog when you bring her in.  And they call you when she is dry and brushed and ready to go.  We are delighted to have found this new place, especially since they will do day care for well behaved dogs like Lucy.

Here's the gorgeous golden girl, so soft and fluffy.
"That's nice, Mom.  But a cookie would be better."

She loves to relax in the sun with her pillows.  She arranges them herself with no special method. The smallest pillow is usually under her neck.

I think she likes having more of her hair trimmed off a bit.
We are all enjoying this morning's sunshine.

We have had a chilly week with lots of rain.  We did not turn the heat back on, but we did light the fireplace a couple of mornings.  This Memorial Day weekend appears on target to be perfect.  It's White Squirrel Festival all weekend so we will go downtown visit the local vendors and enjoy the crowds for a short period.

And we will keep in mind what this holiday represents.

A couple of quotes again this week.  The first is an American proverb.  (I think that means anonymous old saying.)
"Arrogance is a roadblock on the highway of wisdom."

The next is from George Eliot:
"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen just to hear him crow."

And the final one is from Roald Dahl:
"Having power is not nearly as important as what you choose to do with it."




Vicki Lane said...

She definitely looks as if she enjoys being well-groomed -- such a beauty!

Tara said...

she looks so lovely! I love them so, right after a good grooming. If only we could keep them that way, but it does not suit their wild ways, does it?

I like these quotes, and your reminder of what the 'holiday' means to us, and for all who have lost loved ones, and for all the fallen.

Have fun at the festival!

Anonymous said...

So good to know that you found such nice groomers for Lucy. She looks wonderful! Thank you for remembering what this holiday weekend is about. I often wish we didn't commercialize everything so much, so that the true meaning of the day could be acknowledged. Great quotes, as always.

KB said...

Lucy looks so soft and silky after her grooming. I'm thrilled that you found such a caring place to do it. And I love seeing her with her pillows :)

The last quote seems very appropriate these days. Just gaining power isn't the goal - doing good should be the goal.

Enjoy the festival (sorry that it's for a squirrel!)

Nance said...

It's such a concern, finding a Good Place to care for our pets. I'm glad that you were able to place your confidence restfully once again.

Ginnie said...

Lucy is a beauty and she carries it so well. She looks so similar to a friend's dog who is trained to visit hospital patients. The staff says that just having her roam around lifts the patients spirits.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aww, I just want to touch that fur. Finding a good groomer is almost worth making them a family member. My last one cost me $1200 as they tore Mighty's knee ligament. He walked in fine, walked out on 3 legs.
Love the quotes.

The Bug said...

Aw, she's so pretty! This morning at the nursing home, my dad read a poem his cousin wrote about his 7 uncles who fought in WWII. Very moving!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Just like with us, finding the right "hairdresser" is important, and I'm glad you have for your beautiful girl, who looks perfect! We've used the same groomer for about 10 years now, and we're totally devoted to her - She's considering retirement, and I cringe to think about it.