Friday, October 28, 2016

We Love Lucy

Our house sits on top of a hill and the backyard slopes down to a little creek below.  It is a cool spot in summer and a fun place for Lucy to explore.  She especially likes it when the Autumn leaves have fallen.  She and Ellie use to chase each other around and around the laurel thicket there.

Like many areas of the mountains, our Autumn color was muted this year with many leaves turning a little yellow and then all brown.  Strong winds have made many trees bare already.

Lucy sniffs her way up the stone path

 Lucy at a forced sit and not at all happy about it.
You might make me sit but I'm not looking at the camera.
And I'm not going to smile.
Yes, we have chairs in the woods and tables and benches made from logs

 It's very dry here and our little creek is barely a trickle

Don't some of your trees have faces?

There seems to be a massive sense of unease throughout our country.  I do hope that will subside after the election.

Many people around our planet are troubled and in pain.  From Nature's wrath and the most evil of our fellow humans.  Bombs are deliberately aimed at schools and hospitals in war-torn areas.  So when we ask for peace, let's be sure to remember all of those who are suffering.

This week's quote is from Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek,
But a means by which we arrive at that goal” 


Always buy your favorite candy to give for Trick or Treat.  So if there is any left over you can eat candy with impunity.  No calories in leftover Halloween candy.  You heard it here first.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hee hee - I love the face on the tree!

Always nice to see Lucy out and about, the Autumn is just made for lovely walks among the leaves.

Hope your weekend is a peaceful one

All the best Jan

Busy Bee Suz said...

I need some faces for my trees ASAP! My girls (and I) would love to play in and around your 'crick'; it's delightful!
I love the quote and your halloween candy advice too! Have a great weekend.

KGMom said...

Our autumn colors have been as you describe--not the usual blaze of glory. I do so love autumn, so it's a disappointment.
Plus dry here to.
As for your Hallowe'en candy advice--this year we bought little packages of Cheddar Bunnies. So all those left over will go to our granddaughters who love them. Of course, we have to travel to San Diego, or to London to deliver them!

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks happy there in the fallen leaves, even if she does have to "sit" sometimes. I hope you get some rain there soon. This has been a very wet October for us here with 3X the amount of normal rainfall for October. Thank you for the Martin Luther King quote. I can't wait to be on the other side of this painful and anxiety-producing election.

Arkansas Patti said...

Love Lucy's obedient if grudging sit. This must be a fun time of year to be a dog.
Oh if this election were only over all ready. Forget water boarding, I'm pretty much ready to confess to anything from all this torture.

The Bug said...

I love the face tree :) I envy you your little creek oasis, although I admit that as a child I didn't appreciate the creek that ran behind our house. I've grown up now - I would love it!

Nance said...

NEO is having a spectacular Autumn; I wish I could send it to you! Our colours are intense and vibrant. The magentas and oranges are peak right now, and the goldens and bright yellows are just coming on. And in a burst of creativity, one bough of our sweet gum tree has deep purple leaves!

Thank goodness for some loveliness in the midst of all the rancor. Fingers crossed. And counting on NC.

KB said...

I love Lucy too! What a sweetie.

I voted today - and I'm mailing it tomorrow. I sure hope that everything is remains calm in our country despite the threats to our Democracy.

Thanks for that info about leftover Halloween Candy! I did hear it here first :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Jan - Thanks

Suz - We have several trees with faces. They make me smile.

Donna - Cheddar bunnies. What a great idea.

Robin - After the events of Friday I am even more disgusted with this election. It started far too soon and is so ugly and divisive.

Patti - I'm with you on this.

Bug - The creek is usually much fuller. With the lack of rain, we can hardly hear a trickle.

Nance - Fingers crossed here as well.

KB - We have to vote early in person and the lines are long. I hope that is a good sign.