Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Color

I had a nice break entertaining family and friends.  Eating wonderful meals, taking multiple day trips and simply enjoying Spring in the mountains.

Folks flock to the mountains in Autumn to see the color.  Many of them do not appreciate that the unfolding Spring offers color of its own.  The dogwoods, mountain laurel, mountain magnolia, azalea and other flowering trees join the leafing trees to bring a  palette of color.  A special benefit of driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway  (BRP) through the western NC mountains is the change in elevation.  In some areas the trees are leafed out and the flowering trees no longer blooming.  In higher areas, the tree limbs are bare but the flowering trees are in full bloom.

At 4,000 feet, the green trees cover the top of Looking Glass Rock like a cap on a hazy day.

Further west, the BRP climbs higher. Some of the hardwoods are bare while others are leafing out in color.  Such a contrast to the greens at lower elevations.

Such lovely muted color near 6,000 feet.  I do love Spring in the mountains.

And what's a trip on the BRP without a stop for breakfast or lunch at the Pisgah Inn?  Yummy food and distant mountain views.

I turned my camera on the parking lot rather than the mountains.

We've had significant temperature changes during late April and so far in May.  Many associate the much cooler weather to "Blackberry Winter," the time when the blackberries are blooming.  Whatever the reason, we made multiple changes from air conditioner to heat in the past several weeks.  I finally decided the heat would not be turned on again and mandated heavier clothing and fireplaces in the early morning chill.

And we are still embarrassed that our beloved State is making onerous headlines by passing a law that denies civil rights and trying to disguise the action as wanting clarification of discrimination.  Seriously people?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts. Absolutely love seeing the spring colors there. That first photo of the mountains is truly stunning. Sure hope the warm spring temperatures stay and turn into a lovely beautiful summer.

Tara said...

No need to apologize for the ignorant who happen to abide in your beautiful state. I'm just saddened that they are being so stubborn, and the state is losing so much income.

Your mountain colors in spring are stupendous. It must fill you with joy to show it off to family and friends! Welcome back.

Lowcarb team member said...

Welcome back ...glad that you had a lovely break.
Love all the different colours in your photo's. May is indeed a glorious month.

All the best Jan

Ms. A said...

So much beauty I wish I could be part of.

Arkansas Patti said...

Good to see you back. I love Spring here in the lower level Ozarks also. The new growth on the trees makes the mountains seem to glow. I see some of that in that picture of Looking Glass Rock.

The Bug said...

Oh thanks for the lovely tour! I miss my mountains sometimes... The daughter of a friend is getting married in Burnsville in July - I might have to make a whirlwind trip down just for a mountain fix :)

Louvregirl said...

Enjoyed the top of Looking Glass Rock! Thanks! ;-)

Barbara Rogers said...

Who is Mountain Musings, wait, I used to read things on that blog! Welcome back to my screen! Lovely photos of the springtime. Glad to know the Pisgah Inn is serving again, something I look forward to. The politicians of NC are really living with their head in some hole or another, not achieving much on which to be proud. Really, workers can't be able to take employers to court over civil rights? It's so sad that the gender identification thing in the same law became so easily newsworthy, and lost us so much income.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - Thanks

Tara - I can't help but apologize that our State elected such buffoons. But a trip up the Parkway does fill us with joy.

Jan - thanks

Ms. A - I know you have a special love for the mountains here

Patti - Yes, the Ozarks are lovely in Spring as well

Bug - Yes, do make the trip. Burnsville is a lovely town.

Louvegirl - Nice to hear from you. thanks

Barbara - Yes, the Pisgah Inn is open. We usually have breakfast there but this time we stopped for lunch. Delicious. And fast.

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful pictures! I always find that having guests pulls me out of my comfortable rut and inspires me to visit more of our beautiful area. And then I think, why don't I do this more often?