Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sunshine and Flowers

Well, the sun rose over North Carolina yesterday morning despite the UNC loss in the NCAA Final.  What a game it was and it was a shame that one team had to lose.  And that the one team was UNC.  Basketball just doesn't get much better than that game.

And the sun is still shining brightly here.  But we are expecting a hard freeze which has more than a few people worried about their plants and trees.  No real threat to the fruit trees, thank goodness.  But some ornamental shrubs and bushes are at risk.  It won't be a killing freeze, but will be enough to darken and kill some new growth.

One of our camellias is in full bloom again.  Such lovely large blossoms.

 Unfortunately, all these lovely blossoms and buds will turn brown and fall to the ground with the expected freeze.  So I will put several branches in water to open and bloom inside.

I've mentioned before that we have planted only those plants that are appropriate for our garden zone.  But I made an exception for camellias.  We planted camellias because I really love them.  But we are at the edge of their growing zone so we know full well the blossoms will often succumb to a sudden cold snap.

I could cover the camellia with a couple of sheets.  But I do not lament the loss of the flowers.  After all, I knew all along that life here for camellias is risky.  But like many other things in life, camellias bring more than their beauty when in full flower mode.  The shrub itself is lovely.  And the promise of flowers is a bonus.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.  The 97th day of 2016, a year destined to feel longer than any other in recent memory.  Thank goodness for books, music, hobbies, and anything else that provides an option to the constant political rhetoric and talking heads on television.


Barbara Rogers said...

When I lived in Tallahassee, Camelias were also struck by frost sometimes, but were beautiful when in bloom!

presentpat said...

I've lived in western NC for almost seven years and have many Carolina friends. The Philadelphia area is my home and I have many Villanova friends as well. I wish they all could have gone home happy.

Anonymous said...

I never planted a Camellia, but we have one blooming in our yard right now; and we had one in Grass Valley up in the Sierra foothills. I remember that one blooming right when we had a really hard freeze. I photographed the flowers with icicles hanging from them. They are such beautiful, colorful flowers.

The Bug said...

It's your own fault that UNC lost - I took your advice & pulled for them. Sorry! It was QUITE a game - almost worth my heavy eyes the next day :)

Love the camellias - so pretty!

Nance said...

I am in mourning for all the tulip trees here. They had just started to show a bit of pink and we got hit with not only snow, but a hard freeze again. Sigh. All they have now is brown death.

Arkansas Patti said...

Yes they lost but my what a season and what a final game. Be proud. My Marlins lost their home opener last night but it was such a good game, I didn't feel badly. Besides we have 161 more to go.
Smart idea to bring in some cut flowers. Enjoy them while you can.

Carolina Linthead said...

UNC really hit their stride late in the season, and what a run! Unfortunately, so did their opponents. I hate the idea that in a final at that level one team is considered a loser. What winners they all were this year! What heart!

Ms. A said...

Beautiful Camellias! Sorry the freeze will take them, they look so lovely.

Tara said...

I, too, love camellias. Sacramento is awash with them. I planted one at my folks place and they love having the cut blooms in their house - particularly because dad is allergic to roses. Hope your pull through with Liitle damage.

Lowcarb team member said...

So lovely to see your camellias, a great favourite of mine too!
Spring in the UK is throwing it's usual array of sunshine and showers ... although some areas have experienced hail stones too I believe!
I went out earlier and some of the daffodils are now beginning to lose their blooms, but a very friendly robin sat on the post and almost waved me good bye as I went to the shops. Well no of course he didn't wave but he seemed a very friendly fellow!

Enjoy the rest of the week - they do seem to go so quickly.

All the best Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Barbara - Hardly a year goes by that the camellias don't get caught in a freeze while blooming.

PresentPat - Thanks for dropping by.

Robin - So glad someone left you a camellia

Bug - Dang. You should have told me you were a jinx.

Nance - It seems the warm days came too early so now we have to pay.

Patti - Oh, the Brewers also got stomped on opening day.

Linthead - I agree. There were not any losers in that game.

Ms. A - Yes, these lovely blooms are lost. But the tree will bloom again several more times.

Tara - The damage will be limited to the blossoms. Some other plants might lose some new growth.

Jan - don't you love it when the birds say hello?

Vicki Lane said...

That was quite a game. What an emotional roller coaster.

KB said...

What a game that was. I thought for sure that it was going into overtime. Such heartbreak for UNC but it is fun to see a smaller school win for a year.

Your camellias are gorgeous. I'm so glad that they've bloomed, and I hope the hard frost doesn't happen.