Friday, April 15, 2016

Mid-April already?  Time is flying and Spring is here despite some frosts at night.  We've seen migrating Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and welcomed our first hummingbirds this week.

Thank goodness for premium channels, streaming, "on demand," and DVDs of vintage Bette Davis movies.  Those along with my books are an alternative to network television so rife with politics.  I did near that John Kasich is opposed to gay marriages but "would uphold the law."  And Ted Cruz thinks our "bathroom law" is perfectly reasonable.  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton apparently had a contentious debate with much shouting and finger pointing.  Amazing what you pick up on the banners when you try to watch the local weather reports.  I even changed my laptop's home page to avoid politics.

Lucy moves in her own private sphere, blessedly unaware of all the things going on in our world.  Everything moves in her world with perfect regularity.  I'm a bit jealous.

 In the evenings she snoozes with her pillows next to my husband's chair.

Surely they can see that I need a little blanket.
Mom knits them for babies but where is mine?

Today's quote comes from Franklin D. Roosevelt:

"If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace."  




Carolina Linthead said...

Kasich has consistently said that and upheld the SCOTUS ruling, yes. I am licensed to solemnize weddings in Ohio, should anyone want my services. I work cheap. It is fascinating how this happened. Two former students asked me if I would do the honors, and it was amazingly easy to get licensed. Basically, for $10 I got a license to marry stone to stone, so long as they were not same-sex stones. Now, I am free to marry any manner of stone to stone, and that makes me very happy! Bring on the rainbow stones :D

Ginnie said...

Ah, good old North Carolina ... I feel like we are going back to the year that I moved here, 1978. At one point we were catching up to the rest of the world ... but no longer.

Barbara Rogers said...

I recently heard the double whammy...keep a list of those who boycott NC in it's current state of "affairs."

KGMom said...

I am ready for a parliamentary system, and a 6 week MAXIMUM campaign season--a la Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

We gave up cable/satellite TV when we moved to the coast, and it really has made our lives much quieter and saner. We do have over-the-air TV and Netflix. That gives us plenty of stuff to watch. Of course our computers are connected all the time, and all that crazy news comes in at us, but it is at least quiet. Lucy's life is the best. She has love, companionship, food, good walks, and soft beds. Lucky girl!

Lowcarb team member said...

Well I love Lucy as she is laying there so peaceful.

I also think your last paragraph, which I've repeated below, is excellent and I will certainly be doing my best to achieve it.


All the best Jan

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks for the hummer warning. So far none here yet but I just went out to clean up my feeders for whenever.
I record everything now days so I fast forward past the political yelling. I know who I will vote for and doubt any "news" will make me change my mind.
That Ohio gov just may be the lesser of three evils on that side of the aisle. Hurry November. Ah to be a blissfully carefree dog.

KB said...

I watched that Dem debate, and I thought that they were creating chasms between them that might never be bridged. And we must unite in the end.

My husband and I kept saying to each other that they were acting as angry as the other side. But, at least no one talked about the size of their hands...

Ms. A said...

Lucy has the right idea!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Linthead - The more I learn about Kasich the more I realize he is not the moderate he portrays in the campaign. He demeans women and gays at every opportunity.

Ginnie - It will take years for NC to return to its progressive status.

Barbara - It's so hard to understand, isn't it?

Donna - I'm so with you on this one. The 2016 campaign started the day President Obama was elected.

Robin - That's exactly what my husband tells me all the time.

Janet - We must all look a bit crazy from your view over the pond.

Patti - Not much lesser. Kasich has crusaded against women's rights since he has been in office. Even his speeches talk about women "coming out of their kitchens" to vote for him. And he interrupted his campaign to sign a bill into law that cuts all funding for Planned Parenthood.

KB - I agree. Many of the Sanders supporters have said they will not vote for Hillary if she is the nominee. They are truly blind to the result of that decision.

Ms. A - Indeed she does.

Vicki Lane said...

We saw our first hummer yesterday. Yes, sometimes it would be nice to be a dog and not be concerned with politics. Eat, sleep, pee wherever . . .