Monday, April 18, 2016

Flaming Tree of Spring and Autumn

It occurs only at this time of year.  And for a short while.  But for a week in spring, when the sun rises above the mountains beyond, we can look out our deck and see a beautiful tree all aglow.  Not with fire, but with the sunlight illuminating this one small area.

Our back yard is wooded and slopes down to a creek below.  When we stand on our deck, we can look out at trees across the creek.  The tree prominent in the photographs is a Red Maple, often called a Swamp Maple.  (Acer rubrum)  It is one of the most common deciduous trees in the United States and is the State Tree of Rhode Island.  It is well known in colder states as one of the maples that can be tapped for sugar.

Our house is located near the highest elevation of the Red Maple's range.  It doesn't do well in elevations above 3,500 feet.  The Red Maple is so named because almost all parts of the tree are red to some extent.  It is one of the most brilliant autumn reds but the immature spring leaves are red as well.

The first sunlight hits the maple.

 The tree is about 40 feet tall.  We are at the same level because the hill we are built upon slopes down.
And the hill beyond the creek rises to where the tree stands.

 Gradually the sun illuminates more and more of the area around the tree.

 Soon the leaves will no longer be red.
And the sun will shine in a different direction.

But while we have this flaming tree we will enjoy it.  We need some rain, but I must admit I'm delighted to see the sun rising on this lovely tree each morning.  Weather predictions indicate we won't being seeing the sun rising for a couple of mornings.  And that's all right.  The woods are too dry.  And it's a dangerous time since the trees have not fully leafed and the dry leaves on the ground are exposed.

Hope your Monday starts well and continues throughout the week.


Barbara Rogers said...

It's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember ever seeing a maple like this one. What a beauty. How lucky that the morning sun hits it in spring and autumn. A perfect combination of light and color. Hope you get good rains there.

Arkansas Patti said...

I planted a supposedly red maple but it sure doesn't put on a show like that one. It must have been startling the first time you saw it.
We are supposed to get some rain today. Hope the rainy part reaches your area.

The Bug said...


Ms. A said...

Gorgeous! I'd like to send you some rain, we're swamped.

Lowcarb team member said...

Nature provides us with some wonderful colours ...
Hope you may get a little rain soon.

All the best Jan

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful! The trees are putting on quite a show here too.

troutbirder said...

What a gorgeous and unique sight....:)

KB said...

That is gorgeous! I love special things like your tree aflame that happen for only a short time each year. I am sure to enjoy them for that time!

We'll miss you during your break. I hope that you are doing something fun.

Ginnie said...

I just read your "taking a break" blog and just want to say ...have a restful time but please come back. I always love to see the photos of Lucy.

Lowcarb team member said...

Just want to say - enjoy your blogging break.

All the best Jan