Friday, October 11, 2013

Fridays Are Golden

We are having perfect Autumn weather.  It rains a couple of inches per week, always at night.  Mornings and evenings are crisp with nice sunny days.

Good news for those who drive the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP).  A few establishments are open.  It began with the Pisgah Inn whose owners defied the shutdown.  Then police officers came and blocked the entrance.  The owner brought legal action and the Park Service indicated that he could remain open in exchange for dropping the legal action.  The Pisgah Inn, like several properties along the BRP is privately owned and managed, leasing the land from the National Park Service.  They do not employ government workers.  Following the opening of the Inn, several other businesses decided to open and were assured that the Park Service would not interfere.  So the wonderful Folk Art Center near Asheville is open again.  Obviously the Park-run campgrounds, visitor centers and facilities will remain closed.

I've mentioned before how much the Golden Girls love the cool weather of Autumn.  There are several places where we can allow them off lead and they run and run and run.

Deep in the forest, Ellie runs on the trail.

We have to make them stop periodically to rest.
Look at the sheer delight on Lucy's face.

And so they take off again.
(Sorry about the eyes.  It was a dense forest so the flash reflected in their eyes and I don't a have fancy photo-fixing program.)

Our quote this week is from George Eliot:

"Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

Write your Senators and Representatives again.  I'm not saying it's a canned response, but I have received four identical letters from Mark Meadows in response to four different emails I sent.  But that won't stop me.



The Bug said...

They do look thrilled! I wish I enjoyed running as much as they do :)

Tara said...

Yay for the Pisgah Inn owners! Boo to the police! What jerks.

I saw a funny post on Facebook today and drunk dialing random congressmen. I hear that the folks under the dome are getting quite shit-faced with the drink these days. What a cruel joke.

The girls look fabulous, as always!

Ms. A said...

I'd like some of your autumn weather, please!

kks said...

the run in the woods looks fabulous!!

KB said...

They sure do look delighted! It looks cool and beautiful.

Our state has stepped in with the funding to re-open Rocky Mountain National Park because the surrounding towns are hurting so badly the combination of the flood damage and the shut-down. I guess the Feds are allowing it because, as of today, the Park was apparently open!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

So glad to hear about the Pisgah Inn and how things are going on the Parkway.

I have written our representatives and Congressman and have received interesting answers. One actually sounded as if he wrote it himself on the subject and later I received a follow-up. The other was so obviously canned it could have been a response to any subject and I thought to myself, he doesn't care what I think.

I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your friends. An old dog appeared at our back door about three weeks ago, and try as we might, we have yet to figure out where she came from or who her owner was. She had been well fed and has nice manners, so someone must have cared about her along the way. Sadly we've concluded someone just dropped her off. She's very sweet and gentle, and our neighbor, a young single girl, has "adopted" her and really enjoys the companionship. As an old girl myself, I couldn't help but think how awful it must be to be discarded at this age. We're pleased because now we've become grandparents (meaning we can spoil her) and things have worked out for all concerned.

Arkansas Patti said...

I never thought about the owners of businesses that were on public lands. Didn't know they could do that. How nice that they reached a compromise.
Too bad Congress can't do that.

troutbirder said...

Sweet girls as always so eager for a romp. Our fall color here in Bluff Country may not be the best this year. I hope I'm wrong though....

Ginnie said...

I love the fact that the restaurant stood it's ground. I can't believe that the far right has caused so much damamge.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Sam - I'm afraid all my responses have been canned. Hooray for the saved dog.

Troutbirder - I don't think our leaves will be as colorful as usual either.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your girls enjoy the fall weather just like the rest of us. :) Such cutie pies.
Great news about the Pisgah inn; glad to hear they stood up for themselves.