Monday, July 29, 2013

What Do These Have in Common?

A city playground;

A public park;

A hiking trail in State or National Forests;

A crowded bar*;

A quiet restaurant*;

A public recreation area;

A summer festival;

A carnival or county/State fair;

A funeral procession;

A Fourth of July parade;

A protest rally;


What do all these places have in common?  They are some of the places you may legally carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina with the newly passed legislation from our General Assembly.  You may also bring a gun onto public school property or government parking lots, but you must store it in a locked car.

*Bar and restaurant owners can prohibit guns in their establishments with prominently displayed signs.

Schools may use armed volunteers as safety officers to patrol their schools.  There are no specifics for required training.

The new gun legislation is likely to be signed into law by our governor who so far has danced with the ones who bought brought him.

Our General Assembly has been hard at work this session, working late into the night with hastily called votes to ensure passage.  Voice votes in committees have been challenged but over-ruled by the chairs who refused to honor requests for a vote count.  Bills severely limiting women's health services are added to a motorcycle law.  Large contributors have been given plum jobs and the voices of the people are being hushed.  More than 900 people have been arrested for peaceful and lawful protest in Raleigh and the good ol' boys are determined to control their "little ladies" health.

The next time you complain that your congress is doing nothing---take a look at what the NC General Assembly has  done this year.  Sometimes you get what you asked for and it is uglier than you imagined.


robin andrea said...

I hope people come to their senses there. What will it take to see that this path only leads to more death and destruction?

Rae said...

N.C. can't be much worse than Illinois politics. Our governors don't retire from office we send them to prison. This concealed carry thing is atrocious in my opinion. I disagree with it completely. It's a very touchy subject.

Arkansas Patti said...

In Arkansas you can add church to the list as a place to be packing. The gun lobby is scarily powerful.

Tara said...

I've been watching from afar. NC politics has run amok.

Regenia said...

Not only what laws have been passed, but how they have done it is such that my mind simply cannot grasp it. All of it was bad, but the one place they felt compelled to actually list as being an okay place to have a concealed weapon was a playground. They either have no children or grandchildren or no consciences whatsoever. Before long we will look like those countries where armed men ride around in trucks. We will be what we say we detest.

kks said...

yup, know it well! in wisconsin "Free Speech" will now cost you $200.50! people are being arrested by the boatloads every day from 12p-1p at our state capitol, our house! if they think their strong arm tactics will work, they have another thing coming! I have not been arrested yet....but i will continue to support the first amendment and exercise my right.....
are you on FB?? (i post a lot of wisconsin politics there)

The Bug said...

Did you see where the governor gave cookies to a group of women protestors? Pacifying the little women... I hope they rise up and kick him and all those other neanderthols to the curb!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - I fear it will take several episodes of anger turned to gunfire.

Rae - That would be funny except it seems to be true.

Patti - Oh, yes. Churches included. I saw that one of your school districts is spending precious education dollars for armed patrols in the schools.

Tara - Lots of columnists are lamenting NC gone insane.

Regenia - Well said.

kks - No, I'm one of the last holdouts and refuse to join FB

Dana - Yes and I thought it was terribly demeaning.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So darn scary. What's next?? I'm afraid to know.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Ugly and frightening.