Friday, June 28, 2013

Fridays Are Golden

I'm always surprised to find another month almost gone.  I'm retired and have no idea where my time goes.  OK, it goes to reading, knitting, and playing with dogs.  And a bit of house cleaning, cooking, and laundry.  Regardless, 2013 is simply flying by.
You know that Lucy almost always "shares" a bed with Ellie.
Sometimes she uses Ellie for a body pillow

Other times for her head

But I really don't understand why she does the same thing on the floor.
We have LOTS of floor space in the great room and the dogs tend to lie on the hardwood in warm weather.  You would think they would not want to lie together, but Lucy invariably finds Ellie.

Here in NC, people are still gathering at the General Assembly to protest the terrible legislation that our Congress is enacting.  All of it seems designed to take power away from the cities or to disenfranchise women and the poor.

So every week, Mondays are declared "Moral Monday" and people gather to peacefully and legally protest.  Hundreds of them have been arrested by Raleigh's finest.  Members of the clergy, business leaders, local commissioners, school board members and concerned citizens are arrested.  Last Monday a 79-year-old Asheville man and his 77-year-old wife had plastic handcuffs snapped on their wrists and they were hauled to the police station with others.  And what is their crime?  Simply that they refuse to disperse when the police order them to do so.  They are doing nothing illegal.  They are in a public place and have every right to be there.  (Reminds one of Madison, WI, doesn't it?)  I applaud these people.  I hope the gatherings increase in number every week and especially I hope their message is heard.  I thank them for what they are doing.  I might even take the journey myself.

There are so many people still suffering on our planet.  It is our duty to help them as much as we can.  So give of your time or your money.  Do whatever you can to help your neighbors.

As Kahil Gibran said,

"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward."

So give whatever you can and give it with joy.



Barbara Rogers said...


Rae said...

My daughter's dogs are inseparable too. It is fun to watch their behavior. Always entertaining.

troutbirder said...

Thanks for the reminders, Carolyn...

Taradharma said...

I share your astonishment about how fast this year is going -- we seem to be going warp speed! Your girls lying together reminds me of the essential nature of us all: to be connected. Ever time I see them I want to get down on the floor and snuggle!

If you do go out and protest, please report from the front lines. It takes a lot of work and bodies to move democracy along.

The Bug said...

I would love to hear a report from you from the front line too. I'm amazed (and yet not) at how crazy my old home state is :(

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your golden girls curled up with each other. Always so sweet.

Not sure what to make of the insane politics going on lately. Perhaps just the recklessness of knowing that their days are numbered. The arc of time moves towards justice.

Anonymous said...

If you ever want to go across the state for a Monday protest, I'll join you. I am so disgusted with our legislators and I'm admiring of the protestors. They have behaved with much more dignity than the lawmakers. And how 'bout Texas!?! Woot! Woot!

Ms. A said...

I'm still trying to figure out where the first 6 months of this year went! The time is flying with warp speed.

It wouldn't matter if it was 115 degrees, my daughter's little dog would be either on top of, or touching the big dog, in some way. Silly dogs!

Janie said...

Your girls sure look cozy lying down together. They must enjoy the company and closeness.
I'm glad to hear some people are protesting the craziness of some of our lawmakers. I've never been involved in a peaceful protest, but I hate to see that right infringed upon anywhere.
Good luck if you decide to participate.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is a lover; she wants to be around those she loves!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I always love seeing the connection and bond your girls share with one another.

I also admire those who put themselves onto the front line and get involved in a good cause--I wish I had more time for it, and I hope that someday I will!

kks said...

reminds me of wisconsin too....
the dogs are too cute!
progress is slow on the house...we've had a lot of rain....but, it is all good, gives me more time to make decisions...(i've looked at so many faucets...eventually they all start looking like the male anatomy....ugh) :)

Cicero Sings said...

I don't know how the days slip by so fast either!
I saw a cartoon the other day:
First pic- a lady in a single bed, dog curled up close
Second pic - a lady in a double bed, dog curled up same place (close)
Third pic - lady in queen size bed - same scenario

I laughed because it reminded me of Mingus. The pack is a tight group - they have your back covered! Lol

wildcatwoods said...

I too applaud those who are out protesting what is going on in our state of NC. I hope it makes a difference. I have been going to your town a lot recently - getting to know it quite well - Dr visits.

Carolina Mts

Dawn Fine said...

Sweet pups! i know what you mean about retirement and the time passing really seems to go quick these days.
Have a super weekend.

Barb said...

I always enjoy the Goldens! They seem to need that proximity. - or at least Lucy does.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.