Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forceful Falls

You saw this waterfall if you watched the movie "Hunger Games."  But you likely did not see this much water running down the rocks.  Our county is about sixteen inches above average for rainfall so far this year and the rivers are running high.
High Falls

High Falls is one of the many waterfalls in DuPont State Forest where most of the action scenes in "Hunger Games" were filmed.  The village scenes were also filmed in North Carolina, in Burke County at an abandoned textile mill town of Henry River Mill Village.  Needless to say, both towns have profited by the movie's popularity.

Triple Falls

Triple Falls is a short hike below High Falls.  The heavy rains have made it even stronger.

By contrast, this a photgraph of Triple Falls in its more normal or slightly reduced flow.

You can pay a hefty fee to an entrepreneurial company whose guides will take you through the otherwise free State Forest trails.  They will point out places where major scenes were filmed.  Those of us who live here try to act like tourists to avoid the inevitable questions the tourists ask about the movie.  Heck, I haven't even seen the movie.

I read the first book in the trilogy and I really enjoyed it, reading it almost straight through with few stops.  But I have little interest in reading the other books in the trilogy.  I thought the premise was fascinating with a gripping story.  But beyond the novelty of that, I have no interest in the other stories.  I might actually be missing some good reads.  Let me know if you read all three.


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Such beautiful scenery!!!
I saw the Hunger Games and the scenery was great. Didn't read the books though-sorry.
Have a great week.
hugs, Noreen

The Bug said...

I read all three & the first one was by far the best in my opinion. The second was just ok & the whole premise of the third book made me want to blow a gasket! But I think I might be in the minority :)

My aunt likes to take people to see Henry River Mill Village - it's not too far from where she lives. In fact it might be on my list of things to do before I turn 50. I guess I should check that out!

Carolina Linthead said...

Dear Bug, why has your aunt not taken me to see this mill village? We should plan to do this sometime :-) Speaking of movies, years ago The Bug and I went scrambling all over Chimney Rock Park looking at Last of the Mohicans film sites. Thanks for the reminders of how beautiful our mountains are. Haven't read the books, though many of my students have. Now if I could only get them to read the books I assign :-)

Arkansas Patti said...

I saw the movie but can't remember the falls.
That reminds me of my child hood when we lived on a lower lake directly across the falls from the upper lake. Spring time it put on quite a show.

Janie said...

I didn't know the movie was filmed in North Caroline.
I read all 3 books. The first was the best, but all were riveting. I really thought the movie did a good job of being true to the book. I liked it, and even my husband, who rarely likes a movie, enjoyed seeing it.

Ms. A said...

Far more water in those photos than I'm used to seeing in "before the rains" photos. You guys have been getting hammered!

Taradharma said...

gorgeous place. I saw the movie and liked it, but haven't read any of the books. I have no idea if you are short-changing yourself or not. But looking at those beautiful photos, I'd say you're doing just fine.

KB said...

Beautiful waterfalls! I loved the contrast to a drier year.

I try to act like a tourist around here too. It works great!!!!!

Berts Blog said...

I havn't read or seen the book or movie, I think I will have to check it out now though because I love your pictures and would like to see more.
I'm gonna check out what your readers say so I can know if i need to read all the books.

Anonymous said...

Never saw the movie or read any of the the books. But sure do like this spectacular waterfall!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What an interesting piece of history for your area. I did not read the books, but did watch the movie. I have to say it was pretty good from what I could see through my clenched fingers. {I'm a sissy!}

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Bug and Linthead - Yes, you definitely should go see the Henry River Mill Village. It has probably changed a bit since I was there because of the film but it is very interesting.

Janie - Perhaps I will go ahead and read the other two.

KB - With your gear and dog it's probably harder to act like a tourist than it is here. But if you don't, people seem to think you are their own personal guide to places to see.

Rudee said...

The falls are beautiful and looks so powerful.

Can't help you with the books, though maybe I should give them a go. I've not seen the movie, either.