Monday, June 10, 2013

And So It Pours

Our part of NC did not see any effect from Andrea, but another front has decided to linger and pelt us with more rain that we need.  I wouldn't mind so much, but the last of our strawberries are lying in fields too wet to harvest.  Bummer!
It rained on and off all weekend and this morning is damp and foggy.  The sun came out for a few minutes yesterday and I ran out to take a picture of some Mountain Laurel.  We have it all over our woods and it is spectacular this year.  Alas, I took only two pictures and the sun disappeared and the rain started again.  Fortunately we have a screened porch and we can look out into the woods to see the laurel even in the rain.
This tall, skinny Mountain Laurel is in the front yard.

Here's a closer look at the bird sitting beneath the laurel.

We continue to have flash flood warnings with occasional rockslides and fallen trees.  We have a 60% chance of more rain today, then the odds drop to 30% for the rest of the week.

On a positive note; everything is lush and green and we definitely don't have to water anything, not even the herbs on the deck.


Busy Bee Suz said...

So much rain and yet there are fires on the west coast. I sure wish we could even it all out. We finally saw the sun on Sunday. :)
Enjoy your laurel!

Ms. A said...

Hope you get a respite, I'm sure the girls are getting stir crazy.

The Bug said...

For once we seem to be getting the right amount of rain - which will hopefully make up for a dry summer (unless it's a wet summer - who knows in the midwest!).

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a bit of your rain here on the west coast. We had record-breaking temps on Saturday topping out at 102! Sure would be nice if there were some kind of balance somewhere.

Taradharma said...

for all those praying for 'balance' in the weather: it aint gonna happen. Never does. We are just visitors on this planet riding the waves of the air and all that it brings. Lovely pictures.

KB said...

I sure hope that you get some sun soon! The mountain laurel is gorgeous - a nice side effect of your weather. I guess that the fire danger is low too. But sun is nice!

Arkansas Patti said...

I love rain and think your area is really looking lush. Sorry about the strawberries however. We had a nice rainy spring but the summer heat is here. Yesterday high nineties, next 4 days in the hundreds. I'll take rain any day.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lots of rain for us as well as we are traveling to visit family all along the east coast, Thankfully, it has only been rain and nothing more. We do think of everyone affected by too much rain and other disasters. Our lawn will surely be growing too well when we return home.