Friday, September 28, 2012

Fridays are Still Golden

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?  Actually, I had planned to take another week of blogging break since we were going on vacation next week.  Note that I used the past tense.

The problem started with a routine visit to the veterinarian.  Ellie and Lucy get physicals, including blood work and immunizations in September every year.  So we took them in and they were pronounced to be in excellent health.

A few days later Lucy started coughing and she didn't seem to feel well.  We didn't think too much of it since she is often a bit tired after her yearly immunizations.  The cough wasn't all THAT bad, but it was definitely very different.  We did a bit of research and found that every reference popped up "kennel cough."  We immediately dismissed that.  She gets an immunization yearly, and she has just gotten a new one.  Besides, kennel cough is so highly contagious Ellie would certainly get infected.  And Ellie was perfectly fine.  So we went with the notion that she had picked up a virus or something.

The cough decreased dramatically but she still coughed when she got excited.  So we decided to take her to the doctor just to make certain she was fine.  After all, we didn't want to leave her if she was getting sick.  She coughed only once at the doctor's office.  And that was enough.  Lucy was recovering from kennel cough.  The doctor said they had a patient who had infected several dogs, including his own.  (To his credit, he did not charge us for the visit.)  So a few lessons learned: 1) vaccinations are not 100%; 2) the efficacy of this vaccine wanes over nine months or so even if it is called a "yearly" vaccination; and 3) dogs and kids will get sick at the most inconvenient times.

Lucy was not in much danger of transmitting the cough but that could not be guaranteed until at least two weeks.  So to be 100% sure, she should not be around other dogs.

Great timing, Lucy.

But I don't feel too good.

I'll just lie here in the sun.

Or rest on the chair rung.

So we called our doggie camp to tell them and canceled our hotel reservations.  We could have delayed our trip for two weeks, but who wants to leave the mountains in the middle of October?  Certainly not us.  So we will take the vacation next spring.

We are among the five "battleground" states in this Presidential election.  We have a race for governor and a heated congressional race.  The television stations in our area have no air time available to sell.  None.  It's all been sold.  So one would think I would have had enough politics.  Nope.  Not me.  I get invigorated by it all because it is more important this year than ever for every single one of us to vote.  So my quotes for Friday will wax political though I will try not to insult anyone.

Today's quote is from the late Edward R. Murrow:

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

I hope all of you are well on this last weekend in September.  And I hope that you are looking at all the candidates for all elected offices.  If you are voting for judges, PLEASE take the time to find out more about each of them.  It amazes me that so few people actually research the candidates for courts of appeals and justices for the State Supreme Court.  These people make a huge difference in our lives.



Berts Blog said...

Boy that kennel cough. I hope you are feeling better and just wanted to say that we agree with staying home in the fall if you live in the mountains. What a beautiful thing you must see from dusk to dawn.

Have a nice Fall
Bert adn My Vickie

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see a post here! I'm delighted that you are back. Sorry to read about Lucy's cough, but glad she's recovering well.

This is definitely shaping up to be one crazy election season. We're paying attention, but California is not a battle ground state. The TV ads for congressional races in nearby districts are driving us crazy already.

Interesting that you mention judges, have you seen this great video?

The Bug said...

Oh you're back - yay! Sorry you missed out on your vacation, but now you have something to get you through winter.

We don't watch a lot of network tv - but the political ads have even shown up on our MLB.COM viewings of Braves games. Sigh.

Ginnie said...

Welcome back ... you and the 4-footers have been missed.
As a North Carolinian I can attest to the fact that there is not a smidgen of space left open for any more political ads. I think they are getting so redundant that most of us don't even listen anymore.
I make no secret of the fact that President Obama has my vote but I will follow your lead and research the local and statewide races and vote accordingly.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, So glad that Lucy is on the mend and that Ellie didn't get sick; good of the vet to not charge you. Enjoy the debates this week and enjoy the mountains in the fall. Have a great weekend.

Ms. A said...

Poor Lucy! I'm surprised Ellie hasn't gotten it.

Girl, you came this close (.) to getting an email from me, just last night. I held off so I wouldn't be a pest. I'm so glad to see you!

wildcatwoods said...

So glad you caught this in time! You are so right about people not researching who they vote for. We have consolidated our old Carolina Mts blog into a weekly post on our cat blog so do stop by! Sending lots of purrs for Lucy!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

kks said...

so relieved it is only kennel mind was going wild....glad you're back! Enjoy the beauty of the fall!

Peruby said...

Yep. All three of mine got it one right after the other after I picked them up from the kennel when we went on a small vacation.

They had their shot a year ago that week.

The vet said all were healthy and would get over it on their own, which they did. Sounded horrible around my house for a while.

So we got them shot and they are good for another year (or are they?)

Hope your pets breeze through it, also. Best of luck.

Carolina Linthead said...

As much as I love your dogs, I love you more! So very glad to see you back :-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

YOU have been missed! I do hope your summer has been good...and poor little Lucy. I hope she is back to her sweet and healthy self soon!

troutbirder said...

Hoping Lucy is much better. Have never had to deal with kennel cough here, he say, crossing his fingers.
And here hopeing the wolves
(Koch bros etc.) meet a pack of wolfhounds and no sheep....

Jayne said...

Glad to hear Lucy is on the mend. Scary stuff. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful mountains in all their glory!

Vicki Lane said...

A good reminder about kennel cough-- poor pup. And a most appropriate quote. Of course, I think the other side are sheep and they're convinced my side drank the Kool Aid...

Folkways Note Book said...

Great that you are again posting. Glad that Lucy is recovering from her bout with kennel cough.

Your Edward R. Murrow quote was so true. I am going to save that quote.

Your state is getting a lot of attention. I am following the national race although I always say I won't but as election time nears I can't get enough of it. So much is at stake.

-- barbara

How Sam Sees It said...

I shared your quote - how true is that!

We are glad Lucy is on the mend, but yes, that sneaky kennel cough seems to do what it wants to do.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I too am a news junkie, this is all so interesting. It frustrates me when people know nothing about any candidate, yet support them completely. Augh
So sorry Lucy got sick, I know it is hard to figure out when you think you have protected them. Mine are overdue (by a week or so) of getting a couple shots.
Welcome back!

Rudee said...

Poor Lucy!

I tried to stay away from politics this year, but it just was not possible. I'm way too interested in the outcome to stay away long. I always read up on judges, too. You're right, it is important. This year, Michigan has 5 ballot proposals, some of which are worded in such a tricky manner. Knowing how to vote on those issues is difficult because it's hard to find impartial information about them. One is a proposal on bridges. It was brought forth by a person who does not want the state to be able to build its own international border crossing in partnership with Canada because it would take business away from his bridge. Yes, one man and his company OWNS an international border crossing. It's insane! The ballot proposal itself is twisted in a tricky manner and the abundance of advertising is sure to appeal to people who don't look farther than a well worded ad.

Here is another sheepish quote attributed to the man of Hustler magazine fame, Larry Flynt: "Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights, because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper." Many may not like him because of what he does for a living, but you have to admit his words make a bit of sense.

Sue P said...

I hit your blog from the link on Vicki Lane's blog site. Love it! We also, have a Golden Retriever - Noelle - who is our sweet baby heart. She is our 3rd Golden. We lost our Julie and our Ceilidh (Kaylee) 8 and 4 years ago. Left a tremendous hole in our hearts. I gave Noelle to my husband for Christmas, 2010 and it's been the best gift ever. Goldens just are the best, aren't they? We are coming to NC in about 10 days and I can't wait. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains,so, like you, the mountains are in my SOUL. Live in Dallas right now. Love Dallas, love Texas, but there is NO scenery, to speak of. When I retire, I'll go home. Anyway, so pleased to fine your blog. I will follow it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - Thanks for the link. I used to love that show but didn't remember the spot-on episode.

Bug - Yep, not even baseball is sacred anymore.

Ginnie - I wish my husband could ignore them like you do. He is going to break a leg running for the remote to hit the "mute" button.

Noreen - thanks, we do love our time in the mountains.

Cheri - I will definitely stop by.

Ms. A - Sorry I had you worried.

kks - I do sympathize with you back in WI. Your senate race seems really ugly.

Peruby - thanks for dropping by.

Linthead - Thanks, it's good to be back as well.

Suz - she seems perfectly fine now. It could have been a lot worse.

troutbirder - Oh, I am with you on that one.

Jayne - Thanks. As usual we have different predictions on how intense the color will be this year.

Vicki - I'm sharing the Kool-Aid with you!!!

barbara - I think the quote rings true as well.

Sam - Congratulations are in order, I hear. Way to go.

Janet - Yes, they are like kids. You do all you can but they will still catch something once in a while.

Rudee - I don't like Flynt, but he is spot on with the quote.

Sue P - Glad to have you aboard. Hope you have a great trip to our fair state.

KB said...

Welcome back! I'm so sorry about the kennel cough. It actually sounds like the vaccine made it less bad than it could have been. We don't vaccinate for it, and we had both our dogs (K and S, at the time) both get it at almost the same time during a camping trip. They'd cough so hard that they'd vomit. It was horrible.

I'm so glad that Ellie didn't get it. That must have been the vaccine.

Sorry that you missed your trip but perhaps you can take some extra outings to see the leaves in your mountains!

We are in a battleground state too, and the President has been to our town a number of times. One of my husband's students met the President at a local restaurant. The student made such an impression that the President mentioned him in his nomination acceptance speech. Then, the President called the student to invite him to the White House! My husband laughingly said that he must need a professor as a chaperone :)