Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Just Look at the Birds

For just a few minutes, let's pretend that Congress would set about to do the people's work.  That's supposedly why they were elected.  Then health care would not be a political issue but a people issue; women's rights would not be a political issue but a people issue, immigration would not be a political issue but a people issue, the rights of people of all sexual orientation would not be a political issue but a people issue.  [BTW: my conservative brother and I rarely talk politics for obvious reasons.  But one day I mentioned something about women's rights.  He exploded, "There is NO SUCH THING as women's rights, all of us have the same rights and should be treated equally!"  I calmly pointed out that when men have babies in equal numbers as women then I would agree with him.]

And now, for a few minutes, let's simply enjoy the world around us and watch the birds.

American Goldfinch, one of our most common birds.

An Eastern Towhee visits at dusk.

A hawk considers our birdfeeders the best source of fast food.

Warblers of all types are in our woods.

Tufted Titmouse builds in our gourd.

And the mountains, oh, the mountains in spring.

Unfortunately we can pretend only for a minute.  Our country is polarized and EVERYTHING becomes a political issue.  The SCOTUS has given its stamp of approval for the very wealthy to control the rest of us.  (Remember the history of the copper barons in Montana?)

Mother Nature herself is hitting our country hard.  The wildfires in the west are devastating and make us very afraid.  The rains in Florida have disrupted the lives of many.  And oppressive heat is covering the country.

From an old nursery rhyme:

"Oh, Lord help us and save us," cried Mrs. O'Davis.


Taradharma said...

beautiful birds...I prefer to gaze upon our fine feathered friends than to pull my hair out over the state of political affairs. I can't pretend for ever, but if I don't have respite on a regular basis, I might be advocating for armed struggle.

That sky and those mountains....ah!

George said...

I agree that watching the birds -- especially when they lead to such wonderful pictures as the ones you've shared here -- is much better than following the goings on in our crazy world.

kks said...

I hear ya girl! all i can say is WTF is going on!?

the images are lovely! Love the quote ....!


kks said...

(see my blog).......why i'm reading the book i'm reading....

The Bug said...

The problem is that a lot of people think that "people" only means them & not those OTHER people. Sigh.

Ms. A said...

LOVE the photos! Politics, not so much. It's just one more thing that makes me feel helpless and vulnerable.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Politics and nature are both becoming very volatile and hot topics with many people.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Women's issues ARE everyone's issues... I truly hope that the SCOTUS will be wise. They certainly weren't with the Montana case. I don't talk politics with any of my family outside of hubby and kids...completely different side of the fence.
We have some sweet little birds here too....have been seeing either a Blue Grosbeak or Indigo Bunting a lot lately.

Karin said...

Not to stick our head in the sand, but it is a good thing to look at the birds and let them lift our spirits! Otherwise we would be overcome and oppressed! May God continue to reveal His Mercy even in all those circumstances and tragedies!

Rudee said...

The inequities in our health care system are devastating. I see it every single day. My neighbor makes a choice of paying $7 a day for a life saving pill or making a trip to Florida to see her dying mother. She shouldn't have to choose.

On a happier note...I saw 4 enormous and robust crows yesterday. They were making such a racket in the trees. Their population had been decimated here by West Nile Virus. Good to see them back even if they are loud mouth birds.

Arkansas Patti said...

If I weren't gray all ready, the news would drive me there. A periodic ignoring of the current events is good for the mental health.
A little bird watching is great for the mind. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, SCOTUS did the right thing! I would have preferred single-payer to the individual mandate, but it's a step in the right direction. I don't understand why our country is so polarized. I often wonder who it benefits to have this ongoing polarization.

Maery Rose said...

It is so frustrating to not have representation in government. I've been assigned to contribute to a post on July 4th. It's hard to resist not recommending another revolt to get government back to being about the people. Noticing the beauty of nature is my way of coping too.

Janie said...

The birds are beautiful, but I, too, wish we had more people issues and fewer political issues.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ewww at all the politics lately. Well, lately for the last 15 years or so. :(
Love your birdies!!!! I will focus on them for a's much easier for me to sleep at night.
Take care,

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful birds -- especially the hawk!

Yes, the political arena is all too depressing -- I mostly save my rants for Facebook. But I try not to call names and have been heartened to find that those who disagree with my point of view do so politely.

I haven't read the Cash book yet but have certainly been hearing good things about it.

KB said...

I love the birds... but, under my deck where a pair of flycatchers are nesting, I'm afraid that global warming is catching up with them. Their eggs should have hatched by now but I'm afraid that they might have been destroyed by the heat. Now, even that's a political issue. After all, many people think that "global warming" is a grand conspiracy.

Is there any topic that is not polarizing?

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

kks - I already started the book and I really like it. Thanks

Vicki - I think you will definitely like the Cash book. I'm sorry I refuse to join Facebook. I would love to read your political pieces.

KB - So sad. I am so ashamed to say that our wonderful State government has issued a statement that we will not accept the concept of global warming and a recent study that the ocean levels are rising. They say it would be bad for the economic growth.

Wayfarin' Stranger said...

Everyone of all political persuasions seems to be unhappy with our government, schools, economy, you name it. Yet we all continue to elect politicians who posture in front of the cameras, expounding on issues that are totally unrelated to the real needs of the country and who put party and winning ahead of actually addressing problems. But as long as the electorate is too ignorant, too lazy, or both, to become informed, I can't see any hope.