Friday, May 4, 2012

Fridays are Golden

This has been a hot and steamy week.  Our temperatures have averaged thirteen degrees above our normals.  High humidity has made it even worse.  Needless to say, our Golden Girls do not do well in the heat so we haven't taken them on any trails this week.

Our Lucy has always had a "delicate" GI system.  Several times a year she will pick up "stuff" during her walks and will have urgency and diarrhea.  For quite a while the episodes would last several days.  Thanks to a recommendation from another doggie blogger (sorry I can't remember who), we now have a perfect system that resolves the symptoms much more quickly.  When Lucy has a loose stool, we omit her next meal.  Then we give her canned pumpkin for several meals rather than her usual food.  We also give her a probiotic every day.  Now the episodes resolve in less than twenty-four hours and we don't have the middle-of-the-night urgency to go outside.

Since the weather has been so hot and Lucy has not felt well, we have not gone further than our neighborhood walks and hanging around the yard.

Ellie sits as soon as I put the camera to my face.

You can see that Lucy is still not quite herself.

She starts to climb up on a rock but decides not to complete the climb.

This little rock is just the right size for Ellie.  She looks out in the waning sunlight.

 The girls are quite anxious to get back inside.  You's almost dinner time.  I'm glad to say that Lucy is back to her active little self again.

The quote for the week comes from French author and Nobel Prize winner Andre Gide as he wrote about respect:  (which seems more and more lost in our society)

"There are admirable potentials in every human being.  Believe in your strength and your truth.  Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself, 'It all depends on me.'"



Rudee said...

OK, I must know the science of the canned pumpkin cure. Maybe I could use it to balance my own delicate system. It's the reason I prefer to eat what I cook myself rather than go out to eat. I tend to "pick stuff up", too.

Poor Lucy. I totally get it.

Berts Blog said...

Sorry about the upset tummy incidents. That is very good advice from the other blogger. My vet tells ust the same thing.

The girls look beautiful as usual.

I love Golden Friday

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh that first photo of Lucy is so saddening...poor little girl.
I cracked up at Ellie with her camera posing; how smart is she??? Very.
I hope your weekend is nice and less steamy, I don't know about you, but it makes for less than stellar hair days!

Ms. A said...

I feel the same way when the humidity is high... and this is Texas, so humidity is a fact of life. Glad you have found something that helps Lucy's delicate GI system. Poor girl, I can relate.

Have a beautiful weekend!

My Mind's Eye said...

Lucy Madi's Mom here!!
You and I must be sisters I do not like the heat either and I'm a native. We've had 90s for the last few days...just miserable. Madi and I are glad to read your GI troubles are better and that you Mom has found the secret cure.

Hugs to you and Ellie from your BFFF,
Madi and Mom

Cicero Sings said...

Wow, golden Fridays have rolled around again. The dogs do look a little wilted in the pictures and poor Lucy. I have also heard about pumpkin though Mingus must have an iron clad tummy and I haven't had to resort to same.

There is a little squirrel in the neighbourhood who steels the kibble from the dog next door's dish and hides it in little pockets all over my yard and the bush in the back. Every now and again Mingus finds a pocket and gobbles, gobbles before I can catch him. Not like he is not well fed or anything!!! I really don't like him eating stuff out there as last year some twit put poisoned hamburger down by one area of the lake and one dog died ... poisoned with anti-freeze.

Arkansas Patti said...

Mighty gets a heaping spoon of "pure" canned pumpkin(not the spiced one) every morning in his food. He loves it and it has helped his once delicate stomach. It is good stuff and keeps his bowels happy.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

You're right. Lucy doesn't look quite like herself. I'm thinking she's missing her cool mountain air.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I've used canned pumpkin in the past too. I'm glad that you got this advice and hopefully Lucy will be over the upset tummy quickly. I'm going to have to log that into my memory bank for the future.
Happy Weekend.

The Bug said...

All this talk about canned pumpkin reminds me of one of my favorite recipes - one can of pure pumpkin, one box of spice cake mix, some chocolate chips & a little water - makes the moistest muffins EVER. Yum!

Ginnie said...

Lucy really does look like she's not feeling well. Their two expressions are so different.
It's been terribly hot here too but the rain just came in and we have a lovely breeze now.

Cheryl said...

Poor Lucy, she really does look unwell. Glad you have found a solution.

Your temperatures are way above average and ours are well below.......

Melissa Weisbard said...

It's been hot here too. I was outside most of the day yesterday and I was absolutely miserable. I hate summer, especially when it shows up in the spring.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.