Monday, February 20, 2012

Hosting Knit-Wits

The knitting group was organized long before we moved into our neighborhood.  The month after we moved in, one of my neighbors told me about the group and invited me to join.  I told her I didn't know how to knit.  She laughed and said there was way more to the group than knitting.  "We don't call ourselves Knit-wits for nothing," she laughed.

I decided then and there that just as I would never attend a book club meeting without reading the book, I wasn't joining a knitting group unless I learned to knit.  So...I went down to our local knit shop and bought some inexpensive yarn, a pair of knitting needles and a book about knitting.  I found some really good Web videos of various stitches and before the next meeting I was knitting a scarf, albeit a very simple one.

The knitting bug bit me and I began more complex patterns and different types of yarns and needles.  And so I became a knitter.  I especially enjoy when I am hosting the group.

Today was my turn to host the group.  I made a buttermilk pound cake.  I served it with lemon curd, fresh blueberries, and whipped cream.  For the chocolate lovers I made a dozen chocolate cupcakes.  For the light eaters I made sugar cookies.

The cake has already been cut!
(Thanks to my husband for making certain it tastes good enough to serve.)

Our group spends far more time chatting than knitting.  There were thirteen of us this afternoon so you can imagine there were several simultaneous conversations.  The conversations turn to a single focus only when we are showing our current work.  One woman is making an adorable baby sweater with little teddy-bear buttons.  Another is doing an applique.  I just love seeing what everyone is doing.

Unfortunately I cannot show you my current work-in-progress.  I'm knitting it for someone else and the recipient often reads my blog.  I will simply say the yarn is 100% silk and it feels wonderful in my fingers as I knit.  So I will show you one of the few things I have knitted for myself.

It's an alpaca shawl,  This photograph shows only one of the six diamonds that make the scarf.  The scalloped ends were very interesting, added when the body of the scarf is completed.  The wool is soft and very warm.

The best things about the Knit-wit group are that we socialize and enjoy each other's company.  We all join in to bless the prayer shawls, we discuss books, movies and television, children and grandchildren.  The more experienced help the novices.  We have a couple of knitters who love the challenge of a tangle of yarn and might spend most of the meeting working on a tangle someone brought.  It is quite fine to come to the group with no project in process.  We have only one rule.  WE WILL NOT DISCUSS  POLITICS.  We choose to remain good friends so we have politics-free gatherings..


Ms. A said...

I tried knitting when I was young, but it took too much time and concentration for me. I did learn to crochet, from my grandmother, who was unable to teach my Mother. I was able to teach my Mom, who took to it with a vengeance and I promptly forgot how to do it!

kks said...

yes, politics can be a deal breaker......always good to have a few guidelines when it comes to politics...especially these days!
what did hubby and the dogs do? :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

How nice to have such a group! We are toying with the idea of joining a neighborhood bridge group. (We don't know how to play!)

Carolina Linthead said...

Oh! You are awesome. I love knitting and textiles...from afar, but I love them (hello, sheep-lover here). I also love pound cake! I bake a mean buttermilk pound cake, and an equally awesome peanut butter pound cake with chocolate chips. Love the name Knit-wits...there is a time for politics, and there is a time when friendship must be put first. Wonderful post!

KGMom said...

I just couldn't resist your blog title.
I love Knit Wits--and wish I were closer to join.
The pattern displayed is lovely. I tend to give up on very complex patterns. But I can admire them.
As for not discussing politics--I think I would have to drain all my blood out; politics seems to run in my veins.

Folkways Note Book said...

I would call you an accomplished knitter based on the alpaca shawl. It's terrific -- barbara

Peruby said...

Smart move - not discussing politics. Would be a gathering wet blanket for sure.

I do not knit, never liked the idea of it. I do like to see other's work, though. Yours looks lovely.

Wouldn't mind a recipe of your delicious goodies. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it when you talk knitting! I thought you'd pretty much given it up.

The shawl is really lovely!

I'm meeting with my knitting/e-mail friends this weekend.

Arkansas Patti said...

I keep thinking I will try that some day, just never taken the plunge. Maybe someday??
Smart group to avoid politics. All politial discussions do is raise blood pressure, changes no ones minds and solves nothing. Well done.

The Bug said...

Our church has a Knit-Wits group - & they're a hoot. I'd love to listen in to one of their gatherings :)

I've been thinking about taking up crocheting. I used to know how. My big problem is that I don't really have time for another hobby. If I were a TV watcher then this would be perfect, but I hardly every JUST watch TV. Hmm - I'm thinking a lifestyle change might be in order!

George said...

I was impressed with the group even before I read about your only rule. Now I feel your group is not only congenial, but wise. I think it was very nice of your husband to test the cake before the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful. Very delicate, and the detail is lovely.

My Mind's Eye said...

I see your hubby is also very good at making you don't cook something that isn't perfect. Sometimes mine has to go back for another piece just to be sure!!

Red is my favorite color your shawl is absolutely beautiful. I crochet but never learned to knit. So you taught yourself? Interesting.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Rudee said...

I'm a self taught knitter, too.

I miss going to Saturday spinning circles. When I stop my full time job, I'm going to resume attendance. It's like therapy. We don't have rules, but we don't talk about politics there, either. It's a good unspoken policy.

Busy Bee Suz said...

How I enjoy your ONE RULE!!!
I think you are a natural at anything you'd like to learn....the scarf is gorgeous! the group name!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

mamatha said...

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Cicero Sings said...

I LOVE your red scarf ... very lovely.

It IS nice to host a group of ladies. Ladies do so enjoy and truly benefit from a get together such as this!