Friday, January 20, 2012

Fridays are Golden

January is flying past.  Life always seems to quiet down a little in January.  After the holiday rush we enjoy a slower pace.

The Golden Girls enjoy the crisp weather and especially seem to enjoy the high winds we have had this week.  They run and run and then they sleep and sleep.  When we are in the great room, the blue bed is favored by both dogs.  (You may recall that this bed is next to my husband's chair.  Thus there is often a hand reaching down to pet the dogs.)

Lucy settles in for a nap.

When Lucy is in the blue bed first she doesn't have to share.  But if Ellie is in the blue bed Lucy will plop down regardless of whether or not there is any room.

 Lucy, I think you are hogging the bed, pushing Ellie against the wall.
Your point being....?

Ellie was lying on the blue bed.  Lucy squeezed in and gradually took over, pushing Ellie under the chair.

 Lucy, you are taking all of the bed and Ellie is squished under the chair!
Your point being...?

Thank goodness the South Carolina primary will be over tomorrow night.  Perhaps that will give us a respite from the continuous political advertisements.  Our divisiveness is compounded by these ads most of which are erroneous and all of which are very negative.

We have a neighborhood knitting group that meets monthly.  We usually talk about neighborhood gossip, knitting, grandchildren, books, and food.  I was surprised when the conversations turned political.  And I was REALLY surprised at the positions some of my neighbors took.  For the first time some of the discussions were pretty heated.  I learned a lot about some of my neighbors that Monday.  I actually refrained from joining in for fear of what I might say.  After all, it wasn't as if anything I might say would change any minds.

One of my favorite essayists is John Muir and I thought of his words as I listened to the rhetoric.

We all flow from one fountain Soul.  All are expressions of one love.

I don't know if I will live to see the day that we can live as if we are from one fountain.  At times it seems impossible with all the differences among us.  All of us need to try to think of one eternal fountain.  We are all tributaries of that fountain.  And we must try to act like we are.  Whatever affects one of us affects all of us.  On that note:



NanaNor's said...

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm.
Hugs, Noreen

The Bug said...

I'm often amazed at some of the things my old high school classmates post on Facebook - I'm sure they're just as startled by the stuff I post too. It really is true that we get along as long as we don't talk about religion or politics :)

Ellie squished under the chair - too cute!

Taradharma said...

poor Ellie...what a gentle soul.

For purposes of maintaining a healthy blood pressure, I usually refrain from talking politics -- even with people I know share my point of view. I just get so angry. It is the only game in town in terms of our democracy, but the game is so flawed and there's no easy fix. See, now I'm getting riled.

Have a great weekend!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

It is suppose to be a little this week-end, sure hope they are right.
We need warmer!!!
One thing we don't need is the political adds!!!! I get so sick of them!! I don't like anyone running in the Republican party!!!
Thanks for your visit!!
xx, Zoie & Fern

Arkansas Patti said...

Discussing politics seems to bring out a person that normally remains hidden. One we barely recognize. Like you, I avoid it. I like to continue liking my friends.

Rudee said...

I'm avoiding political discourse, too. The negativity brings me down. I try to keep an open mind and try to learn, but I can't bear the hatred some seem to spew and it doesn't matter which camp their beliefs lie. Both sides are equally guilty of hysterics, poor fact checking, and distortion of truth.

I'd rather watch the dogs.

Ms. A said...

I rarely discuss politics for that very reason. Can't even discuss it with my kids, since we all have differing opinions, actually, on more than politics. My kids' opinions are obviously wrong.

Have a nice weekend!

Vicki Lane said...

The political thing is so puzzling -- it's like the Men are from Mars and Women from Venus thing -- I don't think one side can understand the other and the best we can hope for is a mutual tolerance. Or ignoring one another -- would that be ignorance?

KB said...

Today, our 85 mph gusts of wind finally quieted, and I made it out onto the trails on my snow bike. I met a cross-country skier with a wonderful Golden who played with me and let me give him lots of pats.

For the rest of my ride, I kept thinking that Fridays are Golden!!!!

On your last note, I have been blindsided a few times by the political views of people who I've spent a lot of time with and thought that I knew. We share so much but such different visions of how our country should be. On those few occasions, I have just shut my mouth so that I didn't ruin a perfectly good friendship!

I think that the fact that we were friends despite our political differences (before and after knowing about them) speaks to your final point. We really are all one...

Cheryl said...

Ellie is such a sweet soul. Nothing seems to bother wonderful to be that way. I have to say Ellie has my heart but Lucy makes me smile....such a lovely combination :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Lucy is our Cocoa! So funny.
Yes, politics are not a fun subject with a large group...or even a small group with un-like thoughts! I avoid that topic at all costs!
Love the fountain analogy.
Have a great weekend, Suz

Valerie Cummings said...

I try and stay out of political, religious and war conversations! Love your pictures of your golden babies!!! Always love your Golden fridays, Valerie

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I too will be glad when the today is over....then of course all the returns.
Sweet puppies.

troutbirder said...

Mmm. Maybe that's why I joined the club he founded. :)

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. I think we all agree that there are such huge differences in political views that tolerance is the best we can do.