Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Close off the Streets and Dance!

Many mountain towns have street dances primarily to entertain the tourists and encourage them to shop downtown in the evenings.  They are usually Fridays and Saturdays...a peak time for tourists.

Brevard has street dances and while tourists are certainly welcome, the participants are primarily year-round residents.  Some of the people are really dressed up while others are more casual.  Our street dancing is held on Tuesday evenings.  Many people come to dance and others bring their chairs to enjoy the music and watch.  Young and old, folks just grab a partner and wait for the music to begin.

The two people with the blue tee shirts at the center of the picture are volunteers who will teach the square dance steps to anyone who needs a little help.  You have to love the variation in age.  Folks in their "senior" years dancing right alongside much younger folks.

The children make their own little group.

The bluegrass band and square dance caller.  They have a jug for donations, the only pay they receive.

Winding up that ball of twine gets a little confusing, especially for the children.

This little sweetie saw my camera and yelled, "Me next.  Me next."  She was delighted to see herself in the digital display and and yelled to her Granpa to come and look.

Main street is blocked off at the Courthouse Square in the center of town.  No, the camera is not at an angle.  The streets are hilly in the mountains.

This little girl really put her heart and soul into the dancing.  And yes, all the children in the mountains are above average and have curly hair.

This old geezer  older gentleman was eating, drinking sweet tea, smoking cigarettes and occasionally watching the dancers.  He was short of breath so in between smokes, he put on his nasal canula for his oxygen.  He had a beautifully carved walking stick on the table.  I don't know if the man across the table from him is a relative or a caretaker.  I didn't dare try to get a better photograph.  Something about the older gentleman's behavior made me feel he wouldn't like it very much.

The street dancing will end all too soon as summer wanes.  Our public schools will start next Monday.  Who knows where the time goes?  In Brevard we have danced the summer away.


The Bug said...

Those little girls are TOO cute! Love the curly hair :)

I like the idea of closing off the streets for dancing - although I would be an onlooker instead of a participant - I am a total klutz when it comes to dancing!

Rudee said...

I love activities that bring a town together. The little girls are adorable.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Street dancing? Adorable kids with curly hair?
I am moving to the mountains!!!!!
Amazing how much those ciggies have that gentleman addicted...poor guy.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What fun. We have some great festivals in SC the dancing in the street.
Brevard is supposed to be a great town.

Taradharma said...

so uplifting to see dancing in the streets as opposed to rioting in the streets. Thanks for the treat!

George said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a summer's evening than at a small town street dance. I have been to Brevard many times, and it is a beautiful little city.

Vicki Lane said...

What a nice tradition! I love the mix of ages.

Cicero Sings said...

Street dancing-a great idea! Sounds fun and entertaining.

Love the curly haired little girls - I have straight, straight hair! The old geezer looks like a right old geezer - temperament and all.

Ms. A said...

Oh my gosh, your photos are excellent! (the old man and his walking stick and the gash on his arm...) I didn't see nary a relative, but must remember to check with them and see if they ever attend.

Very impressive!

Kay said...

Wow! This looks like so much fun. That old geezer feller should quit smoking. Tsk! What a lovely town.

Nance said...

Brevard is the dearest town and I love the trails and waterfalls nearby. We looked at condos there in '07 and I wish we'd jumped sooner; I'd be your neighbor today and able to enjoy the dancing.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What fun!! Our town does the same thing, and I've yet to attend, maybe this year!!

By the way, I wanted to thank-you for your very timely post about the smoke detector. As a crazy coincidence ours started going off periodically on Sunday--It stopped and went off again on Monday. We blew canned air through it on Tuesday and a dead stink bug was in it. No more noise--THANKS!!

My Mind's Eye said...

And that is exactly why I love the North Carolina Mountains!!! I'm sorry I missed that dance it looks like lots of fun and your header is beautiful.

Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to ask. . . did you put that camera down and dance?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like Brevard folks know how to have fun, and glad to know that the children there are like those in Lake Woebegone and above average...and the women strong and men good looking too?

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Bug - Glad to know you are doing so well.

Suz - You would be right at home. Much of Florida has moved here already.

Janet - We do think Brevard is a perfect little town.

Taradharma - Yes, dancing is ever so much better.

George - It is amazing that we have such a good turnout every Tuesday.

Vickie - I do love it when all ages are enjoying themselves.

Cicero - We always want straight hair if we have curls. And curls if our hair is straight.

Ms A - I wanted to go to the drugstore and buy some tegaderm to put on all those skin tears.

Kay - I'm sure the old geezer has been told time and time again to quit.

Nance - Oh, I wish you were my neighbor. We need a few more liberals in this area of conservatives.

Kim - What a coincidence. I'm glad you thought to blow out the detectors.

Madi - We do so love the mountains for so many reasons.

Merrily - Nope. I just walked around enjoying the festivities. There is always an opportunity for everyone to join in. If someone is out on the street without a partner, the caller will yell out that we need a partner and someone always steps up.

Beatrice - Oh, yes. The women are definitely strong and the men are as good looking as Lake Woebegone.

Tipper said...

What fun! I love it! The girls are so cute.