Friday, July 29, 2011

Fridays are Golden

Our Ellie loves tennis balls.  She carries at least one in her mouth most of the time.  She guards the tennis balls like a mother hen sitting on her eggs.  Generally we allow dog toys only in the den.  But tennis balls are an exception as Ellie carries them around the house.

Maybe if I don't look at her she won't know I brought two tennis balls with me.

Still not looking directly at you, Mom.

Meanwhile Lucy stares out the window.  She watches the birds come to the feeders on the deck.  And she is always on the lookout for squirrels.  Several times every day Lucy walks around the house, checking all the windows she can.  When she sees someone walking on "her" street, she gives a little muffled bark and stands at attention until they are out of sight.

I do love watching those birds come and go.

And when she is tired from all those "watch dog" duties, she settles in for some rest.  Preferably using Ellie for a pillow.

David Hume, a philosopher and skeptic who lived more than two centuries ago wrote some observations that definitely apply to our current Congress.

"When men are most sure and arrogant they are commonly most mistaken, giving views to passion without that proper deliberation which alone can secure them from the grossest absurdities."

If you have not contacted your Senators and expressed your feelings about the current quagmire, please contact them and make your voice be heard.  You can find your Senators here.  Your Congressional Representative can be found here.

And for this weekend, try to forget our arrogant leaders.  Focus on your family and loved ones.

And Have a Wonderful Weekend, everyone!


Rae said...

I never get tired if seeing your "girls". They make me smile each and every time you post their pictures.

I have written my congressmen, the president, and Speaker Boehner too. Watching D.C. politics is like watching a bunch of toddlers fighting. I would like to spank them all and put them in a corner.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love the tennis balls. Our Aussie used to play with tennis balls and he would chew them as he retrieved....wore his teeth down. Had to change to a racket ball that didn't have the fuzzy coating.
Listening to the President now...hope this is resolved.

Karin said...

Quagmire! Good word! Sure love your great looking dogs. Enjoy your week-end! We have what we call Heritage Week-end. All our multi-cultures have displays/foods/dances on for everyone to enjoy. Entrance is free - just bring food for the Food Bank! Hopefully we're blessed with a perfect long week-end weatherwise!

Anonymous said...

I have indeed written them. Didn't I read that Boehner's server had crashed from all the c-mails? We not be able to take to the streets with pots and pans as Molly Ivins used to suggest, but at the very least we can phone, write, or e-mail. We have only to look at the Tea Party to see that it matters.

carolina nana said...

My little poodle Dolly loves tennis balls but if I let her carry them around she worries us to death to throw them for her so I only let her have them outside when we play.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Ms. A said...

Awwww, your dogs make me miss mine. Pets are such a pleasure and comfort, unlike our arrogant leaders... who sure seem to need a leash.

Janice K said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Your Goldens are beautiful. My daughter and her husband have two Golden mixes that they rescued. They are such wonderful pets. The youngest of the two contantly has a "gong" in her mouth....just like a dog sized "pacifier."

Ginnie said...

Just yesterday I visited a friend who has a HUGE German Shepherd and his favorite thing is a tennis ball. The only problem, according to my friend, is that the minute he gets the "bounce" out of them he demands a new one !!
I've been calling Washington daily. Thanks for reminding us. I actually went out of my comfort zone and blogged about my feelings. Couldn't help it.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

We called Washington but they probably didn't like what we said. The first ones not to get paid is the Congress and the Senate!! They are not doing their job so they should not get paid!!!!
Bruce my GSD use to carry a tennis ball a lot too.
XX, Fern

troutbirder said...

Two balls in the mouth at once is a real talent. My chessapeake (Muffy) used to spend hours working at that trick and averaged a success ratio of about 1/10 tries.
60 House freshmen ideologues are holding the nation hostage to disaster. My father, the banker, used to explain to me decades ago that the North Dakota school boards did not understand that if they defaulted, their credit rating would collapse. Hmmmmm.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I have more trust in your dog with a double whammy of tennis balls than I do of a single one of our representatives lately.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your dogs are so sweet and funny!!!!
I hope your weekend is going beautifully!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your girls really are lovely!! I enjoyed the picture of Ellie! Our boy Bubba also carries two balls, but does it 'front to back' which makes me a little nervous, unlike this 'issue in Washington' which is just plain irritating!

Vicki Lane said...

Such darling girls! And yes, those folks in DC need to get over themselves and think about our country.

Cheryl said...

Indeed good advice for us all.

I so love to see Ellie with the tennis balls, always brings a smile. How does she do that?

Lucy on guard is are so blessed to have them in your life.

Happy Sunday......

KB said...

I love the two tennis ball trick! Our Labs cannot do that one...

It's hard to forget those "leaders" who are taking us to the brink... There are some leaders in Washington but, unfortunately, they are being swamped by "others" right now.

Something weird is going on with your blog in Reader. I can't go to your blog from Reader... Perhaps it's just a one-time thing.

Rudee said...

There is no way I could miss 2 Friday posts, but apparently, I have. I love seeing what your girls are up to doing these dog days of summer.

As for your quote, you could not have picked a better one. Closed minds will get us nowhere.

D.K. Wall said...

My dogs don't really show any interest in tennis balls at all, but I am very amused at the double ball carry.

Janie said...

I've written to my congressmen, and I just hope they'll get their act together to do something.
The girls are so cute. Love the mouthful of 2 tennis balls.

Barb said...

Came by to get my Lucy and Ellie fix! They always look newly groomed and have beautiful coats.