Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Didn't That Used to be Mack's Place?

It's not at all uncommon to find sudden change along our highway.  One day a business is open and the next time you go by it has closed.  I ran across a new establishment the other day.

Since we moved here there has been a vacant service station.  It's near the Cedar Mountain post office and has been abandoned for years.

I was surprised to find that the building is now a church, The Well.  It is a Baptist church, which in North Carolina means very little except that it is protestant.  Only the Baptist churches belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention are remotely organized.  [There is another organized group of Baptist churches within the group called The American Baptist Church, but we don't have any of them in the mountains.]  Otherwise, one is free to found a church and call it a Baptist church.  I have no idea why the terms "Methodist" or "Presbyterian" are not so widely used.  The terms "freewill," "hard rock," "pentecostal," "hard shell" are sometimes used to identify the type of worship.  In many cases the pastor is a farmer who is called to preach.  Sometimes the entire membership is composed of family members.

Here is the new Well Baptist Church

At the corner of the lot, the old sign for "Mack's Place" still hangs.  It has been painted over an Exxon sign.

I hardly ever print a photograph without credit to the source, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how the following picture came to be my computer.  I am printing it for some of the people of Wisconsin (where we lived for 20 years).  Proof positive (as if you needed any) that enough money and enough lies will buy an election.  Senator Russ Feingold was defeated in yesterday's election.  It matters not what political party he belongs to...he is the most honest, conscientious, patriotic Senator in Congress.  Never willing to follow his party blindly, he often reached over the aisle when the other party was right.  He held listening sessions in every county in the State to hear what the citizens had to say.  He is a "Senator's Senator."  So why do I care what happened in WI?  Because senators represent the entire country, not  just their individual states.  Truly, one of the best will not be serving next term.  I hope the new senator-elect will lose some of his partisan stands and work with all the other senate members, not just the ones in his party.

Salute to many (not all) voters in Wisconsin


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Yes, we have tons of those little Baptist Churches around here.... I guess anyone can 'start' a church... The Methodist Church won't allow that... They have to have some training and credentials....


KGMom said...

Well, that uncredited photo sort of says it all, doesn't it.
Here in PA, we go from a Democratic governor to a Republican who has always been an attorney general type. Won't he be surprised when he finds out he can't bring charges against people just because he's governor.
Plus, a truly decent guy--Joe Sestak--lost to an unprincipled guy who start the Club for Growth (which really means--kill all government).
It's gonna be another long dry spell.

Anonymous said...

Add SC Rep. John Spratt as another election casualty for no discernible reason. Not sure what SC got in return for tossing out a very wise 25-year representative) but this is SC we're talking about. We know what the magic code words are. Logic or integrity not required. There always seems to be a mob mentality brewing, whether it's being led from a pulpit or beneath a Confederate flag. I don't get it.

Believe it or not, there is a branch of Baptists - American Baptist, perhaps?--in whose church I feel very comfortable.

Folkways Note Book said...

I did not vote. I always vote and have a good record for the past fifty years or so. Why didn't I vote? I have lost my faith in US politics. I am taking time off to figure out what all this political meanness, lies, and deceit is all about and where is it leading us. -- barbara

Barb said...

I'm completely in the dark about these terms: "freewill," "hard rock," "pentecostal," "hard shell." Someone had a good sense of humor when making the scarecrow pumpkin!

Karin said...

Wiping away the tears of laughter - have never seen that kind of a salute before!!!

I'd heard about there being 'tons of little Baptist Churches' as Betsy says. I'd even heard of Primitive Baptist and have really no clue as to what all those other designations are. Haven't heard of that up here in Canada. Interesting!

Vicki Lane said...

When people can be persuaded by demagogues to vote against their own best interests, we see the downside of democracy.

SouthernSass said...

Love the photos, especially the "salute!" It is sad when a deserving party did not get reelected because of the "party lines."

How Sam Sees It said...

We get some of those little churches pop up too, but they never seem to be affiliated with anything and they never last long. It seems an empty building makes a great place to worship!


abb said...

I didn't know that about churches! We have lots of those here in the Northeast, but they're usually Pentecostal.
This election has been a...blow, shock whatever to a lot of people. I just hope whatever, America is on the right path.

Elora said...

That photo is priceless! Well said! I simply cannot believe that Russ Feingold wasn't re-elected! Wonder how much money it took...Like Barbara on Folkways Notebook, I kinda didn't vote, either...first time in my voter-eligible life. I pulled the lever for a "straight ticket" Mountain Party. There was only one candidate. Jessie Johnson was running to fill Robert Byrd's Senate seat. So it's as if I "didn't vote" Everyone says I "threw my vote away"...but look, folks, isn't it about time we DID start "throwing our vote away? How long will we keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result??? I've heard that women stayed away in droves.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very interesting about the churches popping up.
Yes, the photo speaks a thousand words!!! :0

Ruth said...

The current American political situation looks like total chaos from this side of the border. I wish you well but cannot see how the country can become more united. It is just like that little church...fragmented pieces of ideology all over the place.

KB said...

I felt the same way about WI. I loved the last photo - you gave me a good chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I heard the news about Russ Feingold's loss. Broke my heart too. He was an incredible voice of reason trying to rise above the din and pandemonium we call Congress. He will be missed.

Rudee said...

Michigan saw some swings of the political pendulum, too. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

What worries me most is the ability now of any corporation to donate to campaigns and the added influence they will now have upon our democracy if the money they throw at issues is enough.

How can The People (not to mention the Supreme Court) be so blind?

You can't say we don't live in interesting times.

Jill said...

Love the salute!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

That last photo is hilarious. We have a lot of businesses that close and all of a sudden something new is in its place. The downtown area in a small town near us the entire Main street businesses have closed and churches have taken their place. A sign of the times I guess for small town America.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone.

Donna - I don't think decency was a requirement for many of the voters. What a shame.

merrily - There is no way to figure out any reason in SC voting this year.

Barbara - I think many felt as you did. There were a couple of times when I had to swallow hard before making a selection.

Barb - I'm not sure the congregations themselves understand.

Karin - I totally forgot the primitive Baptists. They take the Bible in a totally literal sense. Women obey your husbands, no make-up and women never cut their hair.

Vicki - Well said.

Elora - You never throw your vote away if you vote.

Ruth - It IS total chaos right now. I bet my husband fifty dollars that before the end of 2011 someone will throw a punch in the hallowed walls of Congress.

KB, Robin - I've never been so disappointed with a single election in my life. And his defeats speaks loudly for what's wrong with this country.

Rudee - I totally agree. And I couldn't believe the SCOTUS ruling that made that possible.

Carolinakitchen - we see that here. And yet the people flock to Wallmart all the while lamenting the loss of our independent businesses.