Sunday, February 8, 2009

Icy Waterfall

Last week brought us much colder than normal temperatures. For four days and five nights, we were sub-freezing with daytime highs not getting out of the 20s. My camellias were loaded with huge and beautiful buds. The freeze turned them brown and they are beginning to drop. Bummer.

On the other hand, sustained freezing temperatures, just like heavy rains, signal the need to visit waterfalls.

Looking Glass Falls is a very popular waterfall in our county. I was surprised to see the amount of ice on the top and sides of the falls. (You can click to enlarge any of the photographs.)

The plunge pool at the foot of the 60-foot drop was frozen over.

It was REALLY cold at the foot of the falls. The normal mist was not water vapor but ice.

Along the sides of the falls, the brush was heavily coated with ice from the cold mist. It was absolutely beautiful.

The pool is not white is ice.

We felt as if we were standing in a fairy land, the sound of the waterfall somewhat muted by the ice. Tiny crystal ice palaces were everywhere.
We could have stayed there forever, if not for the cold. My fingers were numb before I finished taking pictures and put on my gloves.

I would love to be there as the ice breaks up. Can you imagine the cracking and sound of the ice falling into the pool?

These photographs were taken Thursday monring. As further proof that there is no such thing as "normal" weather, our high today will be in the upper 60s and might even reach 70!


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Carolyn, I wish we lived where you live. We have seen Looking Glass Falls (in Summer) and it is gorgeous. I'd love to see it icy like this. Amazing pictures!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Cedar ... said...

I'm so sorry about your flower buds getting frozen. Will they bud again this spring? Do you think the ice is breaking up at the falls now with your high temps? Is it time to re-visit again?

George said...

I can only imagine how beautiful Looking Glass Falls is with ice coating the rocks. As Betsy said, we've been there in summer, but I would love to see it like this.

Beth said...

What a beautiful sight. I tried to hike to a frozen waterfall near me yesterday but didn't make it--hopefully I will be able to try again before Spring. I'm so glad you put up these pictures, it's truly a beautiful place.

Kim said...

Absolutely breathtaking photos!! I have never seen waterfalls like that.

The Birdlady said...

Beautiful blue ice!

Unknown said...

The ice is so beautiful and amazing. Your pictures are great.

mon@rch said...

Waterfalls in the winter are very special in every way!

Cicero Sings said...

What a temperature swing! I love the icicle falls.

Jayne said...

My camellias also were "bit" Carolyn. And, like your area, the temp extreme time has begun here as well. It was 71 here yesterday!

Your frozen waterfall is amazing!

Shelley said...

Beautiful icy coldness!!

Carol Murdock said...

Carolyn, those pictures are AWESOME!

Dog_geek said...

Beautiful pictures! Too bad that ice is so cold and slippery - otherwise I would love it! We've got a big long warm spell coming our way - no ice pictures here for a while. Yay!

Tina said...

Beautiful shots! This wonderful place must be quite amazing in nicer weather as well! Sorry to hear about your flower buds! That's always a heart break for me..some times ma nature is able to bring miracles..hope this is one!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Carolyn: Those are beautiful captures of the falls.