Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not a Hummingbird

Every now and then a bird sits on one of the hummingbird feeders. More often than not, the bird quickly investigates and moves on. Occasionally the fledglings will spend more time, just making sure there is nothing there for them.

The other day, an American Goldfinch took quite an interest in the feeder and spent quite a bit of non-productive time there.

Hey, that's for the hummingbirds. I know hummingbirds and you, my friend, are no hummingbird.
Your point being???

As if to prove me wrong, the goldfinch tried to drink. I knew that beak wasn't going to fit.

I've always wondered what it feels like to be a hummingbird.
The bird moved to the opposite side of the feeder.

The luck was no better there.

Well, it was worth a try anyhow.
One of the great things about living in the mountains is watching the evening sun. As the sun slips behind the mountains, certain areas become shaded and others continue to be bathed in the golden sun.
This is a shot from my driveway yesterday afternoon. We're getting some autumn color, and today we are actually getting some rain. Now, if would could get a normal gasoline supply...

Can you believe it's the middle of the week again? Hope the rest of yours goes well.


Lynne said...

Love the goldfinch comments! Evening sun in the fall is pure gold. Hope your week goes well too.

Dog_geek said...

That goldfinch is too funny! "Helloooo...? I think this thing is broken!"

fishing guy said...

Carolyn: What a neat story you told as the bird tried to figure out this food supply, neat photos. The sunset is simply beautiful.

Shellmo said...

How cute! He must've been thirsty!

Tina said...

I love pictures that tell a story. He certainly was interested in getting a drink. Because I saw a chickadee attempting to get a drink from our hummer feeder I took off the bee guards and was so surprised to see not only the chickadees but the
goldfinches land for a sip of nectar!
Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

So Cute! Right after I hung the hummer feeders last March, I heard pecking - an unusual sound. Turned to see a Chickadee working on the same feeder you have - the red one. That little bird did not give up for at least five minutes.

You were quick enough to get that Goldfinch. Adorable!

I wanna move to the mountains.

Our soft, gentle, soaking rains started today at noon! I hope your rain will last quite a while - I think you are drier up there.

Our gas supply is almost back to normal - no lines and the prices are back down to 3.80 something. You'll be Ok soon.

pat said...

10 days and counting til i hit the mountains....Hope you get rain, hope there is gas by then, and hope to see some color!!!!

Toni said...

You have some great posts here Carolyn. Love these Goldfinch photos on the feeder. They sure are something else.

Jayne said...

I used to have house finches on my oriole feeder all the time and it was a hoot watching them try to figure it out! I am sure you all are starting to get some colorful changes in scenery up there Carolyn. Love your last photo. Have a beautiful day. :c)

The Birdlady said...

Aw, that little goldfinch is so cute - and your mountin sky is beautiful.

troutbirder said...

He was no JFK either. Just a young goldfinch with an open mind!

Cheryl said...

Such a cute goldfinch.....your comments fitted beautifully with his expressions.......

Beautiful scene......I just love sunsets.......

NCmountainwoman said...

Lynne - I agree...evening sun in the fall is gold.

Dog geek - Definitely a silly bird.

Fishing guy - Thanks.

Shelley - There is a bird bath not three feet from the feeder, so he probably wasn't thirsty.

Tina - That would have made a great picture.

Mary - We got one and one-fourth inches of rain. Finally, almost a third of the gas stations have gasoline, so that is getting better as well.

Pat - We should have peak color at 4,000 feet when you arrive and at least some color all the way down.

Toni - Thanks

Jayne - We are definitely seeing color, mostly the reds and some yellows. Next week will be peak at higher elevations and we hope to drive up early next week.

Helen - The sky always seems more beautiful in the fall.

Troutbirder - I think you are right.

NCmountainwoman said...

Cheryl - Thanks. I make conversations for and with the birds all the time.