Monday, September 1, 2014

We Need Power of the Paw

Our Lucy had a moderate-to-severe seizure this morning and is in the hospital for observation and diagnosis.  She recovered from the seizure and was her "normal" self when we left her at the hospital.  There are many things which could have caused the seizure, and most of them are not good.  She is 9 so it is unlikely that she has developed epilepsy (which is more likely to develop in a younger dog).

So we ask for the Power of the Paw from our readers.  Please petition the Deity of your choice on our Lucy's behalf.  I will update when we have some information.

Friday, August 29, 2014

We Love Lucy

Here we are the last weekend in August and we are definitely having some hot and humid August weather.  Lucy is spending more time in the shade than in the sun.  One of her favorite spots is behind the recliner.  Or worse, under the raised foot rest.  The problem is that my husband cannot reach her when he is sitting there so she begins to miss out on a lot of petting.  Sometimes she actually whines and thwacks her tail for attention.  Then she realizes she must get up in order to get some petting.

In a surprised moment she is actually looking at me with the camera

She loses interest quickly and begins to nod off

Our thoughts still go out to the people and animals who are suffering here and abroad.

[Note to "news" media:  Please pay more attention to what the President is saying than what he is wearing.  Honestly.]

Our quote is from Kahil Gibran and is food for thought:

"When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you will find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.  When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jay At The Feeder

Yesterday dawned with the sound of our lift pump alarming.  It is ever so much worse than the most annoying alarm clock you could imagine.  So we had the plumber here most of the day.  And for that privilege, we paid him dearly.  But we had little choice.  Want to use the bathrooms again?  Then pay the plumber to install a new pump.

The plumber spent a bit of time on the phone locating a pump.  (We do not get cell phone reception at our house.)  He was totally amazed at the variety of birds he saw coming to the feeders on our deck while he was inside.  I didn't tell him, but we never have Blue Jays at the feeders.  This sighting marked the second time in our eight years of living here.

He seemed quite at home

 Dipping right in

 Did he hear me?

 Grabbing a seed

There are lots of Blue Jays in our area, staying in the woods and meadows.  But I suppose even they want a little variety every now and then.

Friday, August 22, 2014

We Love Lucy

We shop at local businesses whenever we can.  It is in everyone's best interest to keep local shops operating.  We have a local pet shop and used them for quite some time.  Their prices were a little higher but fortunately we can afford that.  We became increasingly frustrated to find they did not have our dog food and probiotic on many occasions.  This despite the fact that we would call them well ahead of time and they would assure us of a delivery date.

I read about on several of your blogs and we decided to give them a try.  The products are far less expensive than at our local pet store.  But the selling point is their service.  In every case we have found delivery to be quick and accurate.  So we now use them for our food and treats.

Each delivery brings an excited Lucy, despite the fact that chewy does not include a cookie with the delivery.

Lucy checks out the box

 Something smells really good

 There it is

 She licks her lips just thinking of those delicious Zuke's mini treats

We are disappointed that we no longer shop at one of our local stores.  But we have found chewy to be an excellent resource for pet products.

[NOTE:  Chewy has no idea we have praised them in this blog and we received nothing for it except some cute photographs and a blog entry.]

Our nation mourns the death of a journalist and the brutal murders of hundreds of civilians at the hands of ISIS.  Here in our own country we have major uprisings in Missouri and other cities.  The Palestinian/Israeli conflict continues to take lives and the people in the middle east are suffering.  In such times we fervently hope for peace.  And our thoughts go out to the innocent people, especially the children who are suffering.  And when the people suffer, so do the animals so we send thoughts for them as well.

We find ourselves so very frustrated that we can do so little to bring about peace.  And so we must focus on our own inner peace as much as possible.

Saint Francis de Sales had this to say:

"Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset."


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scrap Metal Birds

Shears and gears.  Rakes and shovels and spades.  Motorcycle tanks and balers.  These are some of the scrap metal pieces that make the birds in our yard.  Because the yard is large and filled with trees and shrubs, the birds do not scream out but sit peacefully for us to enjoy.

This is the largest bird, almost six feet tall.

 This one is large as well and sits on a perch.  I love his blue beak.

 A smaller one, about four feet tall.

 And the smallest one, less than three feet tall.

 This one seems to be squawking all the time.

We do  enjoy our yard birds.  And are glad the metals were re-used in such a lovely fashion.  Friends who visit are surprised when they see one of them, often after a couple of visits.  They often ask, "Did you just get this?"  Then they look around for the others, amazed they hadn't noticed them before.  Large as they are, they seem to fit right in.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Craft Fair

The hills are alive with craft artisans.  And we attend a lot of the craft fairs here and in neighboring counties.  Not necessarily to buy, but always to look and to admire.  One crafter's guild held a fair last weekend.  And the variety of crafts was amazing, far too many to include in one post.

I love the wooden toys.  My favorites are the Noah's Arks with the animals two by two.  In earlier days children were not allowed to play with toys on the Sabbath.  So biblical characters were carved by creative parents and grandparents, the most popular being Noah's Ark.  Since these carvings represented stories from the Holy Bible, they were not considered true toys.

[NOTE:  You should click to enlarge the following photographs.]

There were arks of various sizes.
There was a huge one but I couldn't grab a picture without so many admiring people around it.

 One craftsman makes animals and flowers from ordinary metal objects that might otherwise have been discarded.  It is interesting to try to identify the various tools and metals comprising each piece.

 Who knew rebar could be twisted and welded into a piece of art?  (Did you know that "rebar" is short for "reinforcing bar"?

 Dave's stained glass is always popular.  He makes a variety of smaller sun catchers and ornaments.

 And some very large and lovely glass pieces as well.

It's always a fun time to see all the wonderful and clever crafts.  And we do often buy pieces for ourselves or for gifts from the mountains.  We have purchased several yard birds that are scattered throughout out yard.

Friday, August 15, 2014

We love Lucy

Want to see yet another photograph of Lucy determined not to look at me and the camera?

In spite of her love for pillows (shoes, chair rungs, hearth) Lucy often sleeps with her head lower than her body.  You figure.

We are having  such wonderful weather, especially for August.  Cool nights and crisp mornings.  Lots of rain early in the week.  And the leaf color predictions are already being printed.  I have no idea why they do that since there are such differing opinions.  All we know is that life has become more quiet around here and will get even better after Labor Day.  And for a few weeks we will have our mountains to ourselves before the leaf peepers come to town.

Today's quote is from Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund:

"We are not going to deal with the violence in our communities or homes, and our nation, until we learn to deal with the basic ethic of how we resolve our disputes.  And to place an emphasis on peace in the way we relate to one another."

We wish for peace for those who are troubled in our country and all over our planet.