Friday, October 10, 2008

Fridays are Golden

What a strange world we are living in. Markets are crashing around the world and no one seems to know just what to do. Things are going very badly in Afghanistan. North Carolina has become a "swing" state and we are seeing some of the most horrible, nasty, mean-spirited political advertisements since Willie Horton. Western NC has the honor of having the highest gasoline prices in the country. Things are so bad, I have a glass of wine and watch old movies to try to turn off my mind before I go to bed.

All right...that's enough of that thread. On the positive side, we actually have an almost adequate supply of gasoline; certainly enough that we can drive up to see the colors at the higher elevations. Yesterday we got an inch and a half of much needed rain, the wonderful soaking kind rather than downpours.

Most positive of all? We have two absolutely wonderful dogs who love us unconditionally. What is better than having a tennis ball dropped in your lap so you will know it's time to get down on the floor and play?

Today's pictures show the girls in their most natural state. Ellie lies down somewhere and Lucy lies next to or on top of her.

Remember the photograph booths at the beach? You would sit there with a friend and have silly pictures made. They came out with four small pictures for you to share. Are those things still around? The other day, the girls were lying so close, it really looked as if they were posing in one of those booths. Of course it lacks the two fingers over each head.

I have some wishes for everyone on this Friday. I hope you don't need your investments for a while. I hope your children have not exceeded their buying power. I hope all of us can stay calm and realize that we will be able to get through these troubling times. I hope all of your jobs are safe. And I hope you have a dog or cat to take your mind off these worries. There is no greater comfort.
Have a safe and happy weekend. Try not to dwell on all the things that are problems in your life and look for the positives.


Jayne said...

We keep reminding ourselves of that Carolyn as we watch the DOW plummet each day... sigh. Thank goodness we do have the 20 years before we'll need it. I love seeing your beautiful girls together like that. It's almost zen-like the look in their eyes when they are next to each other. Have a wonderful weekend.

KGMom said...

Just to look in the faces of these golden girls is reason enough to be calm.
I am working on a post on the subject of how we react to these crazy times.

Cicero Sings said...

At least you have gold ... in your girls! Worth a lot in comfort they are. We don't have anything invested in iffy things but rising prices are a concern. Very thankfully, we have no debt.

KatDoc said...

Thank you so much for "Fridays are Golden." After an absolutely HORRIBLE day at work (two euthanasias, plus a third patient that died in the cage before the owners could come back to euthanize it) I need a couple of sweet faces like those.

~Kathi, with a glass a wine in her hand and two dear doggies at her feet

Dog_geek said...

I will definitely be taking comfort in my dogs and cats during these troubled times. They always remind me that I really need so little to be happy. Have a wonderful weekend with your golden girls!

The Birdlady said...

You are so right! It has been my experience that things seem to work out in time, but this is really scary! But in the meantime, we'll keep on keeping on, and Emily will love us, no matter what!

Tina said...

What pretty dogs! They look very contented and secure living only in the moment, which is what we all have to do. Taking one day at a time...I also find joy in having the leash being brought to me several times a day knowing walking is calming and healthy for both myself and my brittany and it gets me out and away from the computer and the latest "goings on" of the dow!
"just retired" :)

Kerri said...

Well said!!

Your girls are beautiful!

Ruth said...

Great advice from a wise woman!

NCmountainwoman said...

Jayne - I think the zen-like look was preceding sleep.

Donna - They are definitely a calming pair.

Cicero - You are fortunate indeed. Not only that, you grow your own veggies.

Kathi - Sometimes we forget about the difficult duties of a veterinarian. Especially when clustered into one day. Next week is certain to be better.

Dog geek - I think all of us get a lot of comfort from our dogs.

Helen - You are so right. Emily will love you no matter what.

Tina - No doubt a Brittany will keep you moving. We had Springers before, and they definitely keep you going.

Kerri - Thanks

Ruth - Not so sure about the wise woman, but I never let that stop me from giving an opinion.