Sunday, August 3, 2008

Objects D'Art

A great variety of "art" adorns the yards of many houses here in the rural south. Among the most common are the cement creations of a goose with goslings, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, two toads sitting under a toadstool umbrella, deer, squirrels, and all sorts of animals. While some people may view these works as tacky, they give joy to the owners. And, as far as I'm concerned, that makes them works of art.

We also have some "art" in our yards, although most are not in plain view. Our artwork is placed in the forest, by the path to the creek. And while others may view them as tacky, they do give us joy as we walk through the woods.

When you take the path, you might encounter trees that seem to talk with you. This one is sticking out his tongue at you.

Buoy bells are scattered throughout the woods. Because they are so far below the canopy, they seldom ring. Only when the trees are swaying do they give their resonant tones.

All the buoy bells are esthetically rusted, except for this one. It was "guaranteed" to rust and we have been waiting for 8 years for that to happen.
You might come across a yard bird or two. This one looks up at you with his stogie in his mouth.
Our most recent acquisition is a turkey, made from an old tank, metal bars, and an old metal rake. This turkey will be going into the woods as well, but when we brought it home yesterday, we put it in the front yard temporarily. Lucy noticed it through the dining room window. Her tail went straight up and she did a muffled "woof" at this new thing in the yard.
When my husband took the golden girls for a walk, Lucy focused on the turkey and went right up to investigate.
Ellie, always a bit more cautious, stands back at first.
Then she approached the turkey as well, and the two of them gave the smell test. The turkey passed the test.

We love the natural beauty of our backyard and we appreciate all of it. But we also like our whimsical artwork scattered throughout. Walking down the stone path to the creek, we enjoy seeing our objects d'art as well as nature's scenery.
Art and life ought to be hurriedly remarried and brought to live together.
Hugh Walpole


Jayne said...

Love your "yard art" and think it is placed just perfectly! Glad the golden girls approved of the turkey. :c)

Lynne said...

Your garden art made me smile.

Shellmo said...

I loved the yard art - had to laugh at your dogs checking out your turkey!

The Birdlady said...

Oh my gosh! What fun! Boy, you have adapted to appalachia! lol

Kerri said...

OH, I LOVE your art!

Mary said...

I laughed out loud at the bird with the stogie! Awesome!

Carolyn, I say the same thing. What I think is tacky makes someone's heart swell with pride. So I enjoy what they offer, no matter what it might be.

I remember passing shacks everywhere I lived and never saw life in or around them. When Christmas came, those little shacks were lit up in the tackiest way, but I knew the joy is put in the hearts of those who lived there.

Your Golden Girls are calm ones, considering what they found outside. I once had a Cocker Spaniel who nearly had heart failure if I put a rug in new place or a new lawn chair on the patio.... LOL


KGMom said...

How great to have a woodsy backyard. And the items you have picked up here and there add a special touch.
Love your golden girls inspecting the new turkey. It is quite amusing how dogs react to stationary objects in the yard, convinced it's alive.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks, all. Yes, I've become a real mountain woman. Of course I grew up in the mountains, so I was a mountain girl before I became a sophisticated city woman. It's an easy transition back to my roots.

Mary - We have the same houses. One woman puts up huge displays for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. It's a treat to drive by and see what else she can possibly display. Somehow she manages to add something every season.