Friday, August 29, 2008

Fridays are Golden

We don't buy a lot of dog toys. For one thing, the girls already have a basket full of toys. For another, they rarely play with anything except a blue tug toy and tennis balls.

There was a time when both girls had stuffed toys which they would carry around. One day Ellie found a seam and started to pull at it. She eviscerated the toy. So excited about her discovery, she systematically tore apart every single soft toy they owned. So we have learned that any toys (other than hard ones) will be destroyed within 15 minutes. Ellie has a real knack of finding the weakness in construction and tearing the toy to shreds.

On a recent visit to the pet supply store, I came across a Kong toy with a heavy fabric covering. Thinking it would take quite a while to destroy, I bought two of them. It appeared to have a regular Kong underneath so we could at least salvage that.

We gave the toys to the girls. They are intended to be "toss and retrieve" toys.

Ellie immediately grabbed one of the toys and went off to play. Forget about toss and retrieve. She was making this a chew toy.

Lucy sniffed at the remaining toy as if she wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Lucy walked over to the bed where Ellie was chewing the toy.

What are you supposed to do with this thing?
Lucy began to chew on her toy. She doesn't seem to like the texture (or taste).
I just don't get it. What's fun about this?
Meanwhile, Ellie is looking for a weak spot in her toy. She turns it over and tries chewing both ends.
Finally, Lucy gives up. This toy is not fun.
Well, I suppose I can use another pillow.

Ellie seems so happy. Look at her smile. Oh! I just LOVE new toys!

She loved it all right. Within 10 minutes, she had found the weakest spot and tore into it. To our surprise, the inside was not a Kong. It was two small balls which Ellie quickly started to tear into.

The adventure was over. Ellie grabbed a couple of tennis balls while I picked up the pieces of the new toys. Was it worth the money? Not really. But Ellie surely did have 10 minutes of fun. Poor Lucy never did understand the whole thing.
It's Friday again. And the end of another month. We're very happy here in the mountains. We got more than 10 inches of rain this week. It's bright and sunny today and we're expecting nice weather for Labor Day. Have a wonderful weekend, filled with fun and joy.


Dog_geek said...

Happy Friday! I'll admit to having way too many dog toys. Sometimes I feel as though I am wading through them as I walk around the house. But most of them, the dogs actually won as prizes at agility trials. And they do play with them a lot and don't often destroy them.

troutbirder said...

Yep I've got a toy demolisher too. But it still better than when Baron went through the "beaver stage" knawing on all my newly planted apple trees. Grrr. P.S. I absolutely loved the fishing story.

The Birdlady said...

I know that story! Emily does the same thing - but she mistook on of my cotton quilts for a stuffed toy, and ate a hole in it..."bad girl!"

LauraHinNJ said...

Yeah... I knew how this would end, too.


Funny... dogs are so particular about what they find to be 'fun' in toys. Our old dog loved soft, fur covered squeaky toys... Luka just destroys them and prefers to chew on rubber toys (and nails and rocks and....)

Jayne said...

How funny! They are just such a joy to see and I look forward to golden Fridays. :c) Have a great weekend Carolyn.

KatDoc said...

"Indestructible" toys rarely are, I know! My girls spent the first 7 years of their lives disemboweling stuffed animals to remove the squeakers, but in the last 2 years, they have gotten much better. We actually have several plush toys that still squeak.

Tennis balls are still the best. Have you seen a "Chuck-it?" It is a long plastic wand with a handle on one end and a cup to pick up and toss tennis balls on the other. Not only can I throw a ball 5 times as far with it as I can by hand, the best part is - No more picking up wet, slimy, spit-covered tennis balls!

~Kathi, who is glad you're back!

fishing guy said...

Carolyn: Your job: buy the toys, their job: destroy them. What a symbiotic relationship.