Monday, August 4, 2008

Hazy Daze of Summer

The "dog days" of summer are coming to a close as Sirius the Dog Star will no longer rise and set with the sun. This continues to be a very hot and dry summer in the NC mountains. We've had record-breaking heat for several weeks with no end in sight. The air is still, and we aren't getting our customary cool down during the night. In other words, it's pretty miserable.

The mountains are quite hazy from the heat. This is a shot from our community. With this haze, the Blue Ridge mountains are truly blue.

The katydid chorale starts at twilight and continues throughout the night. They are silent and seldom seen during the day. However, I did see one on the house. They are beautiful things.

The "fall" webworms are back, busily fashioning tents, especially in our sourwood trees. One more insult to the trees in this exceptional drought year.

Here's a close-up of the little buggers.
Birdwatching is pretty much limited to the deck. Deeper in the forest, the birds are more silent, less active, and difficult to see. We have a little water dish on the deck which we refill several times a day with cool water. The birds probably don't care if the water gets warm, but it makes me feel better giving them a cool refreshing drink of water.
This little goldfinch seems to appreciate our trouble.
Ooh, she changed the water again.

Gee Carolyn, thanks a lot.
In spite of my grumbling, there are a few advantages to this weather. My house is cleaner than usual. And I'm getting a lot of reading done. I just finished Joanne Harris's The Girl with no Shadow, a sequel to Chocolat. It's a nice summer read. And I'm getting more done on my knitting projects. Of course, I could do those very things on rainy days. And I am so desperately hoping for some of those...and SOON!


Ruth said...

The weather is one extreme or the other across the continent this summer. Our nights are starting to cool down, but the hot weather is not done yet. Your first picture is like a painting.

Cicero Sings said...

Very hot or very cold ... perfect for inside projects ... and a good thing too ... else when would we get anything done?

Jayne said...

I think August is probably my very least favorite month because of the blazing hot humid, murky days. Mornings, like you said, are even sticky in August. A great time indeed to catch up on reading. :c)

The Birdlady said...

I hope you get some rain soon - I can stand the heat OK, but droughts depress me. We seem to be doing OK this year so far.

Dog_geek said...

It has been terribly hot and humid here, also, only my house doesn't seem to be getting any cleaner, which is disappointing... Nice pictures (except for maybe the webworms - ugh!)

Anonymous said...

I never complain about the heat, because in a couple of months, I will be complaining about the cold.

dguzman said...

Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains! We're getting some heat, but thankfully nothing like you get farther south. And we're getting cool nights, as is usual for the Allegheny front. I wish, however, that I were getting more housework done!

Do you have a lot of goldfinches this year? It seems like we have more than usual, "potato-chip"ping their way overhead constantly.

Mary said...


A week of rain - the slow, constant shower will lighten us up. An occasional thunderstorm is welcome but ineffective when it's so hot. Let's do a rain dance, shall we?

You Katydid photo made me smile! And your little Goldie is truly thankful, you know.

Mary, suffering heat stroke in NC

NCmountainwoman said...

Ruth - Thanks

Cicero - You're right...seems extreme everywhere.

Jayne - This sticky weather is not at all normal for us. I hate it.

Helen - I'm glad your area is doing well. I'm very concerned about the stress the trees are under for the second year.

Dog Geek - My house is clean because I get so restless and it's too hot to be outside.

Science - You have a good attitude. We will likely complain about the cold this winter.

Delia - We do seem to have more goldfinches than usual. Normally we have cool nights as well. But it's after 9 o'clock, and it's still almost 80. Unheard of around here.

Mary - Let's just keep on dancing!

Kerri said...

Gosh, sorry you aren't getting much rain! We have had more this summer than last...but could still use some more.
Your mountains are beautiful!!

jozien said...

I love it! Beautiful words and photos.
I am fairly new to all this blogging, more of an outdoor person.
Reading your blog I feel I am among friends.
Thanks, Jozien