Friday, March 18, 2016

We Love Lucy

We are almost there.  After what was a relatively mild winter, we shouldn't be quite so anxious for Spring.  But we are nonetheless.  And it's officially coming this weekend.  Yes, we will have more chilly weather.  In fact, after a week of significantly warmer temperatures we are expecting some freezing weather to welcome Spring.  But it won't last long for us.

A lot of gardeners got so carried away with the warm weather they did more than they knew was prudent.  And they will suffer a bit for that.  But as with all gardeners they will move forward when the real Spring weather is here for good.

Lucy really enjoys the cool mornings, but the sun during the day is already too warm for her liking.  Thank goodness for the NCAA Tournament.  It keeps my husband in the den with the wide-screen.  Her bed and Ellie's bed are side by side in the den and she enjoys both of them.  She can sleep in either one, or sometimes in both at once.

The blue tug is never far away

Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour made a special comment about the family shown on my last post.  She said the producers had not noticed the significance of the two tattoos on the hands of the woman in the interview.  One of them is a neo-Nazi symbol and the other is a white supremacy logo.  Ms. Woodruff said they contacted the woman after receiving a lot of comments from viewers.  The woman said they were "Christian symbols" and she had no knowledge of any other message.  On a personal note, I think it a bit unusual that someone could get not one, but two such hate-filled and inflamatory tattoos and not know their meaning.  But that's her story and she's sticking with it.

For many Christians, the Lenten season is drawing to a close with Palm Sunday this Sunday and Holy Week beginning.

And for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Sunday marks the first day of Spring.  For us in the Eastern Time Zone of the US, the vernal equinox will occur at 12:30 AM.  For others to our west, the equinox will occur late on Saturday.  But the first full day of Spring will be on Sunday for everyone in the United States.

This unseasonably warm weather has made me think of Mark Twain's quote:

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is.
And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!




Barbara Rogers said...

I like the quotes, and especially the blossoms. I think I crave color these days, and just soak myself in sunshine whenever I can.

Arkansas Patti said...

Lucy is the queen of the nap. She makes it look easy.
I have finally learned and only plant my hanging baskets before our last freeze--hopefully it will be this weekend. Those I can put under the porch against the house at night and they do fine. My raised beds can wait.
Christian symbols?? Mercy!

robin andrea said...

I'm with Lucy, I like cool mornings and mild afternoons. I'm so looking forward to spring really beginning. I think people who wear hateful symbols should know their meaning. Are there really Christian symbols that look like neo-nazi symbol and white supremacist logos? Judy Woodruff is a news reporter, that should have been investigated and answered. I find it hard to believe myself.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree with you about the tattoos, and with the quote too -- They're saying snow for us on Sunday, welcome spring! :-) I know how some gardeners really get itchy this time of year to get their hands dirty. But for me, I think my years in Wisconsin, and in Alaska have always kept me from doing any planting etc., until May!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Ms. A said...

Spring is coming, regardless of the temperatures. It has already been quite warm here, but is supposed to be in the 60s this weekend. I'm going to enjoy the mildness while we have it, but I hope the rains will be kind.

Carolina Linthead said...

BS on not knowing what the tats mean. They know. We're talking about my people here, sadly. Can't even go there re: how frustrated I am with certain friends and family in NC. Guess I got "reconstructed" along the way, became a Scalawag. Maybe I'll get that tattooed on my hand! More to the point, Lucy <3 I love, and I know you've written about it, that Ellie's stuff is still there. I cannot help but believe that it has been no small comfort to Lucy as she has had to adjust...and to you <3 (I know the hearts won't pop up like they do on Facebook, but do know that you and yours have a place in ours.)

Tara Crowley said...

I've been taking a bit of a news break, but yes, the Newshour is my trusted source. I missed the story you're referring to, so I'll ck it out.

How is it that there are such nitwits in this world, along with the writers of the beautiful quotes above? Along with the sweet warm softness of Lucy lolling on the pillows? Of March Madness?

oh, those premature gardeners! I know the pull. I bought a bunch of six packs for my porch pots and they are loving the rain we've been having. Luckily, here, we are not in danger of frost. Well, not until global warming smacks us upside our heads.

Nance said...

Spring is coming to NEO with snow. SIGH. My discontent is more Terrible this year, I think. It is hard to be patient. Like Lucy, I will seek the sunshine whenever and wherever I can find it.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like your quotes and isn't the blossom wonderful.

Even just going to my local store recently the blossom trees were flowering and it looked so welcoming. Spring, I think is my most favourite season.

Lovely picture of Lucy again.

All the best Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Barbara - me too. I chase the sun all over the different rooms.

Patti - Yes, only the portable plants should be outside this early

Robin - The only "Christian" symbol that looks similar is the Celtic Cross. It has been modified for the white supremacy movement.

Kim - Wise indeed. I had no idea you had lived in Alaska. You should blog about it sometime.

Ms. A - That's my attitude as well. Just enjoy what it is rather than worry about what's to come.

Linthead - Thanks. Yes, many members of my own extended family are gun-totin' white supremacists. So glad both of us rose above that.

Tara - I do understand the itch when we have such nice weather. It's getting harder and harder to believe the happenings, isn't it?

Nance - I've heard the same from many others even though this was a mild winter. Not sure why it's been such a difficult one for so many.

Jan - Thanks. I think spring is my favorite season, too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy spring! I'm going backwards on catching up on blogs, so I'm not familiar with the hate tattoos. (but, seriously? how could you NOT know??!!)