Friday, March 11, 2016

We Love Lucy

Spring has come here in the mountains.  Yes, we know it is temporary.  And yes, we know there will be more chilly weather.  But I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.  And I won't lament the chilly weather too much because I know it will have a short life.  This time of year we focus a lot of discussion around the subject of open windows.  I love having the windows open.  Unfortunately both my husband and I have spring allergies so open windows mean increasing allergy meds (which we both hate) or dealing with runny noses and sneezes (which we both hate).  Or both (which we both hate even more).  So we will likely tolerate the pollen outdoors but keep it out of the house as much as possible.

Lucy loves being outdoors in all sorts of weather with the exception of rain.  But she also loves relaxing inside.  She is still loving her pillows and rearranges them all the time.  Thank goodness everything has removable washable covers.

Taking advantage of three pillows.  Another pillow is unseen at her rear.
Yes, she has pillows everywhere except under her head.
Her ear provides a great sleeping mask.

Daylight Savings Time arrives this weekend for most of our country and Spring officially arrives the following weekend.  My oldest surviving aunt hates daylight time and laments the fact that the number of DST days has substantially increased.  I suppress a laugh every time we talk about it because she invariably says, "I hate it!  I hate it!  I hate it!"  Always three times in a row.  And said with great disgust.  And when we switch back to standard time, she says, "I'm so glad to see that daylight time gone.  I hate it!  I hate it!  I hate it!"  Well, hate it thrice or not Aunt Ruby, it's coming this weekend.

Today's quote comes from British poet, essayist, and critic, Samuel Johnson.  He could be speaking of our current Presidential campaign.

"When once the forms of civility are violated, there remains little hope of return to kindness or decency."

I sincerely hope he is wrong and that we can indeed return to kindness and decency.





robin andrea said...

Always good to see Lucy resting so comfortably! It will be wonderful when spring arrives. We are so looking forward to it. Still having lots of winter rain here. I am also not a big fan of daylight savings time. I am surprised by how early it happens now. It's arriving even before equinox. It seems like such a funny thing to play with time that way.

Ginnie said...

What a sweet picture of Lucy and her pillows ! I'm disgusted with the politics too but will put my vote in on Tues. at the primaries. I feel pretty sure how NC will vote but can only hope I'm wrong.

KB Bear said...

I love Lucy, too, and all her soft pillows!

My husband hates DST too... and I love it. I just keep my mouth shut at this transition which is the one that makes him the maddest (because he can't go for his run as early in the morning).

Enjoy your start of spring. Ours is still far away, with our biggest snows probably still ahead of us. It did hit 55° today, and I opened all the windows briefly to air out the house. It feels so much fresher now!

R and I suffer from allergies but we both just suffer through them (and take meds). When full-time window opening season hits in mid-May, ours will be open!

Ms. A said...

Enjoy your Spring weather!!!

Arkansas Patti said...
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Arkansas Patti said...

Lucy really puts her all into sleeping. That dog knows how to catch her zzzs.
I enjoy both time changes. Keeps things from getting boring.

Vicki Lane said...

We had open windows yesterday but the cooler rainy weather this morning had me closing them. So much beauty all around -- I'm enjoying it, knowing that we could still have snow.

Lowcarb team member said...

Doesn't Lucy look so comfortable ... bless her!

We've had some lovely Spring-like days, which are a joy. Trouble is it's still only mid-March!

Hope the new week ahead is a good one for you.

All the best Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Robin - I so agree on the time thing. Truth is, more people live on golf courses now than live on farms. And the golfers want DST extended even more.

Ginnie - We voted early. I'm hoping all the stump speeches today are without ugly incidents.

KB - Easier for you to capture your gorgeous sunrises.

Ms. A - We know we are going to get more chilly weather. But we do enjoy the warmer days now.

Patti - I've never seen a dog get more comfortable than Lucy does.

Vicki - That's the right attitude. Enjoy it while we can.

Jan - Yes, we tend to forget it's mid-March when we have these nice days.