Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Too Informed

I get most of my news from Newshour and reliable Internet sources.  I find the PBS program usually represents both sides of an issue.  But last night's program gave a very false impression of voters in North Carolina.  They interviewed a family of devoted DJT supporters.  And while the people definitely represent the stereotypical DJT supporters in NC, they do not represent mainstream North Carolina.  And Newshour did not have anyone on the program who supported any other candidate in our primary.  To their credit, they did indicate the segment was intended to be a profile of Trump voters in NC.  But it did not focus on other Trump supporters, only this family.

The overwhelming theme of the three-generation family interviewed was this common one, "He tells it like it is."  The family Newshour focused on is barely making ends meet and they see DJT as their best hope of improving their lot in life because, as they said, "He has always been a good businessman."  It became rather clear that the family knew little about the man they so strongly support except that he is tired of political correctness.  The family is tired of having to make any accomodation to the language and ethnicity of "outsiders."  They should learn English and conform to the American way if they want to live here.  They are not concerned about the treatment of protesters at the DJT rallies.  They are tired of hearing "black lives matter."  The family prayed together, "Father God, we thank you that you are going to  use Donald Trump for your glory and your kingdom oh Father God.  Amen."  The patriarch of the family has never worked on a campaign before.  The thirty-three year old daughter-in-law has never voted before.  Her husband has always been a registered Democrat.  Yet all three and other members of the family are volunteering in the DJT office.  Even the 11-year-old grandson was kept out of school to make phone calls on behalf of the candidate.  If you missed the interview on Newshour, you can access it (HERE).
[LATE ENTRY:  Someone pointed out that the tattoos on the hands of the woman are in fact white supremacy and Nazi in nature.  I had not recognized them but I think their presence explains a lot about her and her beliefs.] 

I have no problem with supporters of any candidate as long as they are informed about who the candidate is and what positions the candidate takes.  And this should include some information about his or her plans for being President of the United States.  I support everyone's right to believe in different approaches to government's roles than I do.  But I do have a problem with voters who enjoy the rhetoric and drama.  Who enjoy the blunt, often rude words of a candidate and see that as the most important quality that draws them to the candidate.

So the primary votes here in NC are over and DJT overwhelmingly won the Republican Primary.  Perhaps the family can now go home until the process is complete and they have a candidate who is nominated.

All right.  I admit it.  My other two sources for news are from John Oliver and Samantha Bee.  But I do recognize that they generally focus on my own point of view.  And I know their "news" is one-sided.  But they do indeed "tell it like it is." Perhaps I'm not so different from the NC family interviewed on Newshour.  Just another side of the same coin.

Whether or not my views on politics are accurate, and whether or not they are in agreement with yours, I do make them based on finding as much information as I can.  And I do listen to opposing viewpoints even when it might be painful.  And I do try to understand the other points of view.  I'm rather like my little cartoon friend.  Whom I still miss very much.

Here in NC we can breathe a sigh of relief.  The phones will be more silent for a while.  We will no longer overhear political conversations in the grocery store.  At least for a while.  And life on the mountains will go on.  And we will enjoy it.


The Bug said...

Last night around 6:00 we got a robocall from some Ohio mayor about DJT - I said, "oh HELL no" & hung up the phone. It was really cathartic - ha! Of course he was a bit late - I had already felt the Bern at 8:00 a.m. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

I have tried to understand the reasoning behind the Trump supporters but even with my sister being one of them, I am still puzzled.

robin andrea said...

I cannot understand all the support Trump is getting. I am feeling a bit nervous about the future, and I worry that our country is heading in a direction I would have never guessed 20 or 30 years ago. So much has changed, and the blame tends to go where people feel most comfortable placing it. Truly a pity. We get our news from the same sources that you do. I do feel lucky that at least "our side" has some very funny people who take the edge off. Glad your primary is over. We have to wait until JUNE!

KB Bear said...

It sounds as if the NewsHour was trying to answer to people like me who don't know anyone who supports Trump and who wonders who the heck those people are! I agree with you across the board. I get most of my "news" from the NYTimes, and I watch similar shows as you do. However, our satellite company charges a lot of money to get John Oliver's channel (HBO) so we have stuck with the Daily Show. I miss Jon but it's still pretty good.

Trump brings out the worst in me. We cannot bear to have his speeches on TV. They are devoid of any policy details (or even big pictures, except that Mexico will pay for it), and he loves talking about the polls that he's on top of. I end up yelling at the TV, and then we turn it off...

Today, I wrote to our unfortunate Senator who is toeing the GOP line and refusing to meet with the eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee. I am in disbelief of the terrible state of our union.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I am also someone who totally agrees with you! I am an "MSNBC" watcher, and even though I'm not a member of "the other party" I found myself a few years ago sometimes tuning in to "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough. But I seriously don't understand how people can possibly support DJT - He keeps reminding us that he'll bring sound business principles to the federal government -- But he has failed so many times and every time he files for bankruptcy, which is frequently, he walks away with truckloads of cash while his debtors clean lint out of their pockets. However, he does have skill sets, which include offending friends and allies, and rank hypocrisy. But I think the bottom line is, is that he's running for President probably because he thinks he can make tons of money. It's going to be a long way to November ....sigh......

Nance said...

As a retired teacher, I am reminded of the many, many times we educators sat in staff meetings, listening to New Approaches for running the school/school district. Once, we embarked upon a Plan designed the way Businesses were managed. It was a swift and abject failure.

Schools do not deal in Product, but People. The Outcomes are much different and not as easily quantifiable. There is data, but it is so dependent upon a huge amount of uncontrollable variables and vagaries, that it becomes meaningless.

Saying that a businessman will be a good president is ridiculous. I know lots of teachers who are brilliant in their subject material, but who are lousy instructors. I know lots of mechanics who are terrible drivers. I know many doctors who have awful bedside manner and whose patients dislike them. We all know famous writers whose books are boring.

The rise of DJT has embarrassed me as an American profoundly. He is a caricature of our citizenry and its values. His candidacy diminishes us all.

Barbara Rogers said...

I am offended by DJT in so many ways. I know he is going for drama and entertainment to get votes, which has nothing to do with leadership. If he is elected (sigh, a possibility) President, there's likelihood of very poor leadership of our country, which invites other stronger forces to try to take over. It's frightening, but I know our government does need to have some major changes (a la Bernie).

Ginnie said...

The fact that Trump has generated so much support is very sad to me. It shows that there is great frustration in our country. It's almost a miracle that President Obama was elected (not once but twice) but the right wing Republicans have fought almost every move he's taken. I remember when the two parties actually debated issues and came to compromises. Those days seem to be gone and now the bigotry and hatred is rearing its ugly head. I am very fearful of what will happen in November and I pray that the majority of voters will rise up against Trump and his "army of voters"...the ones he insights and then denies that he does. I've watched politics for over 60 years and it's never been as bas as this.

Lowcarb team member said...

Come what may ...
Continue to enjoy your life in the mountains ...

and as it's Friday as I type this - Happy Friday - Happy Weekend Too

All the best Jan

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Bug - That was pretty late for someone to try to get a voter out. Glad you got some of your venom out!

Patti - I can understand some of the folk, but a lot of them are otherwise normal educated people. I don't get it either.

Robin - this election cycle has seen unprecedented and unbelievable things, hasn't it? I'm also very worried about our country.

KB - I have yelled the "F" word at our television more in the past two months than in the rest of my life. Alas, both our Senators are using the tired phrase, "Let the people decide." I write to both on a regular basis.

Kim - I used to watch Morning Joe but he has begun to rant far too much so I now watch CBS with Charlie Rose.

Nance - Well said! I am in total agreement with you. And I've seen similar "reorganizations" and approaches to care in the nursing profession much like the challenges in the teaching profession. And yes, a person like DJT even running for the highest and most important office in the land does diminish all of us as citizens.

Barbara - I saw an interesting panel of people who hate both Hillary and DJT. They feel as if their own vote has been taken away from them since they cannot vote for either of those candidates if it comes down to it. And it likely will.

Ginnie - I don't think anyone has ever seen anything this bad before.

Jan - Yes, I thank my lucky stars every single day when I can forget about all this and enjoy these mountains. Even if only for a while.

Vicki Lane said...

I am overwhelmed with sadness (and a touch of nausea) at thinking about people like these DJT supporters. Ignorance in action.

The turmoil that the GOP is in is interesting to say the least. How I'd love it if an old style fiscally conservative, socially compassionate wing of the Right emerged from this chaos.

KGMom said...

For those who remember a touch of history, we should not be surprised by the rise of a candidate who borders on ....make that engages fully in demagoguery. And we should never wonder how someone like Hitler could rise to power in Germany, or Mussolini in Italy. I have read so many analyses, and finally someone is pointing out the obvious--the rise of DJT (as you call him) is very much the product of a several decades long strategy--first there was Nixon with the southern strategy. No need to unroll an account of all the other efforts to keep the electorate unhappy, and to promise far more than can ever be delivered.
No wonder people think government doesn't work. Since the moment Obama was elected, Republicans in Congress announced their intention to block him at every turn. And they tried to make him a one-term president.
That callous attitude shows that those members of Congress don't believe in democracy.
How ironic that someone so capable of tyranny is now the beneficiary of a people's uprising.
Sorry for this somewhat scattered comment, but there are so many frustrating things in the current political scene.