Friday, March 4, 2016

We Love Lucy

Once again the weather has been front and center here.  No severe storms like we had last week, but unpredicted rain, welcome sunshine, and unpredicted and a most unwelcome snow storm.  The snow started to fall yesterday afternoon and fell in huge flakes, quickly covering the trees and the ground.  Bummer.  But typical for almost-spring in the mountains, this morning dawned bright and sunny with rapidly warming temperatures.  The snow fell off the trees in big clumps and by noon there was no evidence of any snow at all.  And that's a good thing.

Since Ellie died, Lucy follows my husband around a puppy.  No matter where he is in the house she is either by his side or waiting outside the door.  Often she will stand at the head of the stairs to determine whether or not he is going to stay downstairs or come right back up.  Usually she takes her cue from whether or not he takes his water mug, Big Bubba (here) along with him.  She especially loves to sit with him on the porch or the deck.  There are so many wonderful sights, sounds, and scents.  We have a patio heater on both the deck and the porch so they can sit even in chilly weather.  She's always a little disappointed if he is going on the deck only to come right back inside.

Are you going to stay out here?  Or are we going back inside already?

 Much as she loves her beds and pillows, Lucy often lies on the rug or even on the hardwood floor.  This time she is using my husband's shoes for a pillow while she snoozes.

I have a personal request.  That you buy as many Girl Scout cookies this year as you can.  Buy more than you can eat and give them to your local food pantry.  The great evangelist Billy Graham's son Franklin says he won't be buying any this year.  Why?  Because those Girl Scouts welcome and embrace all lifestyles, even (gasp) lesbians.  So a person loudly proclaiming his "Christianity" is boycotting little girls for being inclusive.  So buy the cookies.  Someone should tell Franklin that when Jesus himself was feeding the five thousand, he did not have the disciples ask for lifestyle preferences.  He welcomed ALL to the table.  Just sayin'.

[Late entry:  A valued reader pointed out her problem with Girl Scout cookies because of the use of African palm oil, the gathering of which threatens animal habitats and the animals themselves.  I admit that I thought the palm oil issue had been resolved after a couple of very courageous girls made the public aware of this problem several years ago.  I thought the use had been totally discontinued but I was wrong.  Apparently while they are using "sustainable" palm oil they are still using palm oil in the cookies.  So I suggest you do some research on the issue and make up your mind.  If you decided not to purchase cookies, then make a donation to the local troop.]

Today's quote comes from Albert Scweitzer and is a favorite of mine:

Seek always to do some good, somewhere.
Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth.
You must give some time to your fellow man.
Even if it's a little thing; do something for those who have need of help,
Something for which you get no pay but privilege of doing it.
For remember, you don't live in a world all your own.
Your brothers live here too.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too. Albert Schweitzer
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Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, yes, supporting scouts. Good idea. When I eat all those cookies, another good idea. Lucy is certainly a sweetie. I have one cat still, who acts in a similar fashion. When she has to have medicine she is no longer my friend for a few hours, until she really loves me again because it's mealtime.

robin andrea said...

I hope to see a Girl Scout selling cookies somewhere so I can buy some. Thank you for the suggestion. Spring is coming, and Lucy is going to love every warm, sunny minute of it!

KB Bear said...

We have bought a couple of boxes of Girl Scout cookies but we noticed that they have palm oil in them, and it's palm oil from a source that is committed to sustainability. So, we are stuck - we'd love to support the girl scouts but...

I love hearing about Lucy and your husband. What a wonderful bond! I can imagine though, that it might make you miss Ellie even more. (As a silly aside, a patio heater is a great idea - maybe we'll do that!).

I'm glad your snow is gone! Ours won't be gone until late May, and I have to admit that it's getting old.

Ms. A said...

Snow? Again? Isn't this more than usual for you guys?

Lowcarb team member said...

Glad the snow didn't last long ...
I think a patio heater is such a great idea, and they work so well don't they.

Lovely photo's of Lucy you've captured her well, and how sweet to use your husbands shoes for a pillow!

Hope the weather is kind to you this weekend - have a lovely one.

All the best Jan

Arkansas Patti said...

Love how "smart" dogs learn to read the signals we inadvertently give them.
I can't eat them anymore but I will buy some to give away. Can't believe Franklin Graham's thinking. I'll have to get anything but Thin Mints though. Might be tempted to pig out on them.

The Bug said...

Ha - I'm reading this while binging on shortbread cookies (trefoils). And on Thursday I ate an entire box of those chocolate covered peanut butter ones. I think I might be doing my part :)

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love girl scout cookies and sure will buy them. Great photo of Lucy. She's a lovely animal. Sorry that Ellie passed away. It's so sad to lose a pet.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy is a lot like our Cocoa; following her fearless leader everywhere.
I had no idea about this idiot trying to put a stop to the girl scouts....and I had no idea the cookies were baked with that darn palm oil. OH THE STRUGGLE!!
Have a great weekend.

Tara Crowley said...

oh, those naughty girl scouts. They'll even welcome TRANSGENER girls! The HORROR! I actually passed up a table in front of the grocery store today (don't need the calories) but your idea to donate the boxes to a food pantry is brilliant. Or just give directly to the girl scouts. I had a 2 year stint of being a scout leader when my daughter was young. It was a great experience and I loved the girls. The mothers were another issue. Sigh.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Barbara - thank goodness pets are forgiving. Even if they get mad at taking pills.

Robin - Yes, thank goodness spring is coming.

KB - Thanks. I made a note to that effect. Somehow I thought the use of palm oil in the cookies had been discontinued. They do say they use sustainable oil, but I believe that ALL use of palm oil should be discontinued. I'm not sure they can prove definitively that the oil is from a sustainable source.

Ms. A - Yes, the snow was supposed to hit only the higher elevations (higher than 4K feet)

Jan - We do love having the patio heaters. They are much like the ones used in restaurants to extend their patio serving time.

Patti - Sad to say Franklin Graham is not half the man his father is. He makes almost one million dollars a year to run a charity.

Bug - I love the cranberry ones and the lemonade but the short breads are also great.

Brenda Kay - Thanks. Not a day goes by that I don't miss Ellie

Suz - Yes, it's so hard to find the right thing to do sometimes.

Tara - I also was a girl scout leader. Cookie season was such a nightmare.