Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I turned on the television this morning to get some details on the Oregon shootout.  Should have known better.  Last night DJT said he won't participate in the next GOP debate.  So once again the man has totally dominated the media.  (I use his initials because I refuse to write his name.)

[NOTE:  If you are supporting this candidate, best you not read further.]

Veteran newsman Bob Shieffer has temporarily returned from retirement to cover the election this year.  He told a story that so well describes the GOP lead candidate.  He relates what he calls "the dead cat" maneuver.  That in a meeting, no matter what is being discussed and no matter how important it is, if someone throws a dead cat onto the table, that is where the conversation will focus. And so we have seen this process dozens of times during this Presidential campaign process, especially from DJT.  When the news dares to focus on anyone else, he throws a figurative dead cat onto the table to once again turn attention to him.  Such was his most recent decision not to participate in the next debate.  We've seen it so often.  And we will see it so many times again.  And yet the "media" cannot ignore the dead cat, no matter what else needs to be said.

So I have an idea.  How about we designate or form a television network specifically for this candidate?  That network could take over the 24/7 trash information about his campaign and his latest disgusting outrageous politically incorrect remarks.  That way, the other networks could try to regain some footing and report what is going on in our world.  Anyone who really wishes to hear this man can turn to the channel and watch.  The rest of us can be free from his rhetoric and posturing.

In fact, if he is really so rich, why not have him start the network?  If he believes we honestly care about one word he says, then he would have our undivided attention.

On a side note:  A GOP super PAC is spending massive amounts of money for ads in Iowa.  They supposedly "attack" Bernie Sanders as being "too liberal for Iowa"  because he wants health care for all, access to better education, closing tax loopholes enjoyed by Wall Street.  They have spent half a million dollars so far blasting the airwaves in Iowa as the countdown to caucus is in full swing.  (And so we give one more raspberry to SCOTUS for their Citizens United decision.)  Why, you might ask, is a GOP super PAC trying to convince Iowans of this candidate's liberal leaning?  Doesn't everyone already know that his stance is quite liberal?  Could it be that the GOP super PAC would prefer Sanders as the Democrat Candidate?  More importantly, should a super PAC from one party be allowed to air any kind of ads in the other party's primary?

I urge Iowans and all Americans to support the candidate of your choosing.  Just make certain you are choosing wisely.  Look beyond the promises and rhetoric.  Look at past behavior and actions.  Look for some substantive methods of financing the changes all of us want.  Yes, we want all of those things.  We even want world peace.  But these things are not easy and we need to elect the person most likely to be able to bring us toward meaningful change.  Not the person best able to stir up a crowd.

A line from an old poem keeps ringing in my mind.
"Oh Lord, help us and save us."


KB Bear said...

I'm afraid that I couldn't agree with you more whole-heartedly. I've stopped watching GOP debates because of the dead cat. I am embarrassed and humiliated that anyone could support him. I like the idea of his own news channel - then we could get away from him.

On the other side, I am still swinging back and forth as to who to vote for in our caucus, weighing principles vs electability. Usually, I am firmly in a camp by now. I wonder what my mother would make of our politics these days. Today, she's been gone for 28 years. The world has completely changed in those years, leading us to where we are today. I think she'd be saying very similar things as you're saying, if she were here.

NPR did cover the Oregon shootout and barely mentioned the dead cat this evening. They're still usually pretty good.

Nance said...

Apologies to any Iowans:

I am resentful of the ridiculous amount of importance given to the Iowa caucuses, which is such an antiquated ritual whose impact is grossly overinflated. The media go absolutely berserk, acting as if any candidate who does not win there cannot possibly go on IN THE REMAINING 49 STATES, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, AND US TERRITORIES, to have a chance to win his/her party's nomination. Oh, forget Super Tuesday, Super Delegates, the fact that Iowa has picked losers more times than any other state (except LA). But I am repeating myself. This is a more current, better article, and it's still from 2012.

Point is, the media is being irresponsible and acting like the election is over, crowning Front Runners and Presidents not only before a real primary and real votes, but simply to gain ratings and sell advertising. And the current Front Runner knows it. And it is human nature to want to back and root for a winner, no matter how obnoxious (see The New York Yankees/New England Patriots for reference).

The difference is, the stakes are much higher than a trophy.

robin andrea said...

I am utterly appalled by the attention given to DJT. It's amazing what money can buy these days. I like the idea of him having his own network where he can perform his daily shenanigans 24/7. The fact that he has garnered such a spotlight worries me mightily. What does it say about our fellow citizens? I shudder to think.

NCmountainwoman said...

KB - Such anniversaries are still painful. I know that you still think of your mother when interesting things happen. I do the same and I wonder what my own mother would have thought. She was always very active in her party. Yes, thank goodness for NPR and PBS. Incidentally, they are teaming up together to cover the campaigns and primaries.

Nance - I went back to read your post. And it still rings clear today. I totally agree about the disproportionate attention given to Iowa and New Hampshire. I knew early on that the media would make DJT important. Initial "news" about the candidates consisted of what he said or, if they talked with other candidates, with what they thought of what he said. And yes, the stakes are so much higher than a trophy or bragging rights.

Robin - I also shudder to think that so many people are liking DJT. They are fully aware that he is telling lies, bullying, and posturing and totally lacking in foreign policy knowledge, but a few otherwise reasonable friends actually support him. They don't seem to realize that being "mad as hell" doesn't mean they would be better off with someone like that having even more power and influence.

And yes, it is indeed all about the money, especially after the Citizens United decision.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sure is hard listening to the news these days. You are right about the dead cat. He manages each day to do something to make the networks drool. Their coverage is seldom favorable but it is still there. I am just stunned that he has so many followers and even more so that one of my family members is one of them. At least I can cancel her vote.

Linda Ault said...

All I can say is we must continue to pray that the USA does the right thing with this election!It is totally crazy. And the outcome is so critical!