Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enough Already

We won't get up to 70 degrees today.  The wind is beating the rain on the windows.  We really have appreciated the rain last week.  We even appreciated the rain over the weekend.  But we've had enough, thank you.  Folks can't pick blackberries in the rain.  And if they can't pick them, I can't buy them.  They won't be ripe forever, you know.

Looking up and out at the rain
(Click to enlarge)

 Looking out onto the deck

It's mid-July and I'm ready for a bit more sun than we've seen so far this month.  My little herb garden doesn't like this much rain, either.


Arkansas Patti said...

But shouldn't it make the berries even juicier--if they can ever be picked.
The ones by my gate are really ripe.

robin andrea said...

I wish you could send that rain to us. I hope you get some sunshine soon, and the berries will be perfectly ripe for the picking.

The Bug said...

Rain rain go away... Go down the mountain to the Hickory area & water my dad's garden!

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

I just yanked out the tomato plant that was starting to grow white fuzz in places...thank heaven I'd already had a couple of salads from it (since it was an early blooming cherry tomato plant.)

KB Bear said...

I'm going outside right now to tell the sun to shine on you more than it has!!!

Betsy Adams said...

Well---guess I'd better quit complaining of NOT having enough rain here. Again today, it went all around us... BUT--getting too much is as bad as not getting enough.. We people are sometimes hard to please, aren't we???? ha ha


Cheryl said...

I understand, the weather last winter was hard to endure.
Weeks and weeks of rain caused catastrophic problems.

I do hope the weather improves soon and you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

How are the birds coping in such weather???

Ginnie said...

We got a deluge last night and it's still very "wet".
I thought you'd have a picture of Lucy watching the rain. I'm sure she reflects how you feel.

Mary Lee said...

We're going to get more rain here, too. I'd like some of your cool temps to go with it--I'm tired of waking to steamy windows every morning. We have to swim through the humid air outside. . . !

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh no----you need your berries!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone. We're still getting afternoon showers but the sun is shining most of the day.