Friday, October 3, 2014

We Love Lucy

Our Lucy loves to have a pillow.  A shoe on the floor will do.  And if there is nothing on the floor, she often uses a chair rung.  Or even the hearth.  It looks quite uncomfortable, but she seems to like it.

Is your head really resting on the hearth, Lucy?

 That is silly, even for you.

 Your point being???

Today is a very blustery day.  Weather predictions for this evening were so dire that many high schools held their Friday night games last night.  We shall see what Nature has in store for us.  As  Winnie-the-Pooh warns, we'll have to watch out for heffalumps and woozles and beware.

Our world is still fraught with evil and so many are suffering at the hands of terrorists.  Please join me in positive thoughts for peace.

 Eleanor Roosevelt said:
"It isn't enough to talk about peace, one must believe it.
And it isn't enough to believe it, one must work for it."




Carolina Linthead said...

The looks she gives you! So funny. Thanks for the smiles. It's a blustery day up here, for sure! I'll keep an eye out...and pray and work for peace.

Ms. A said...

Sweet Lucy. I'm glad our weather wasn't as bad as expected in the wee hours this morning! 60 mph winds would not be good.

Vicki Lane said...

And as someone else said: There is no way to Peace; Peace is the way.

May your weekend be peaceful...

robin andrea said...

Lucy sure is cute wherever she's resting her head.

Arkansas Patti said...

Lucy's idea of comfort is all her own.
You are getting the storm we just had. Lots of wind but it traveled so fast it only left a half inch of water.
Hope we wore the storm out a bit for you.
Stay safe.

The Bug said...

Love that Lucy - ha!

NanaNor's said...

Your Lucy girl is such a wonderful furbaby! Hunter often lays his head on the wrung of a chair. We had some heavy rains earlier this week, but today was cold and felt like fall. Next week is supposed to be warm. I love fall, but not really ready for it to be really cold.
Hugs, Noreen

KB Bear said...

What a cutie. She keeps us all smiling with her choices of chin rests. I love your Lucy, too!

Cheryl said...

Dear Lucy is everything that is right with the world.

There is much sadness in my heart this morning.....we lost another UK citizen to the hands of terrorists. A gentle soul who went out to help those in need.
God rest his soul............

Each night I pray for peace....I will always live with hope in my heart.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lucy has her own thoughts on comfort and that's ok.
Wishing you a weekend minus heffalumps.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Linthead - Yes, Lucy can be quite expressive.

Vickie - Well said. Peace is the way

Cheryl - we mourn with you

How Sam Sees It said...

We are having a bit of a rainy day here today!

Harlow will do that too - the closer she is to me the better, and if it involves draping herself over something she is fine with it.

Monty and Harlow