Friday, June 11, 2010

Fridays are Golden

We needed a new vacuum cleaner for the doggie room, so we picked up an inexpensive one to replace the old one which wasn't well-designed for dog hair.

Ellie and Lucy love packages in spite of the fact that the contents rarely have anything to do with them. Whenever something new arrives, Lucy heads straight for it while Ellie stands back thinking it over.

Lucy dives right in to see if anything is missing.

Ellie continues to observe.

Finally she approaches the parts of the vacuum.

She looks up as if to say, What's so special about this? I don't get it.

Is that it? Is that all there is?

Disappointed, they show no further interest in watching the assembly of the new vacuum. Lucy plops in a bed.

Ellie lies on the floor.

Both dogs are doing quite well following their treatment and are perfectly normal. Well, as normal as a long-haired dog can be in hot humid weather. They still come into the kitchen every evening looking for more of those marvelous bits of bread slathered with Laughing Cow cheese. I'm sure that will continue for a while until they realize that the "special" treats are gone.

As you enjoy this weekend, remember all those in pain for whatever reason. Reach out to them in whatever way you can. One of our fellow bloggers is grieving the sudden death of her husband. Drop by "Cicero Sings" and offer some words of comfort and support.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Live the old adage and don't postpone the joy.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how curious!!!! Dogs and cats are always very curious about things around them, especially new things, aren't they... Bet once you turned that vacuum on, both dogs LEfT the room... ha....

Yes---I am heart-broken about Eileen's husband's death. That IS the way to die (and the way I want to die--rather to linger)--but it's very hard on the loved ones left.


kks said...

such beautiful goldens!
i visited Eileen's sad to lose someone so unexpectedly....a reminder to live life to it's fullest...

Cheryl said...

Such a curious pair.....they work as a cute.
Nella does not like the vacuum cleaner and leaves the room as soon as she sees it.

So sad to lose one's husband so suddenly.....the blogging world seem to be supporting Eileen and that is wonderful.......

Rudee said...

I love Ellie's eyelashes in that last photo.

I take it they didn't help vacuum.

Shelley said...

Your golden girls are beautiful as ever! I love seeing Lucy investigate the package. When our phone rings, Scout is the 1st one to run to it and investigate. I think she wants to answer! Have a good weekend!!

Barb said...

It's always so fascinating to see the differing personalities of Lucy and Ellie. Enjoy your humidity - snow is in the forecast for me!

George said...

The girls obviously need a package of their own that they can open and enjoy the contents.

The Thundering Herd said...

Yes, we have our own customs crew here, too, who must inspect every package that comes in the house.

Vicki Lane said...

If only you could teach them to vacuum!

KB said...

Great photos of the girls with the package. Our dogs love packages too but I think that it's because all of our delivery guys leave them milk bones on top of the packages!

That happened yesterday when we received a package and then a bear ambled down the driveway. I stuck my hand out the door to grab the package so the bear wouldn't smell those milkbones!

I'm glad that the girls have recovered from their digestive issues with no hitches.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm just catching up on my blog visits as I am ending a visit with a friend here in Pennsylvania--Your post has given me a grin because it reminds me that one of our pups Rudi is always so curious about things like this and will always watch us intently as we put things together--I really do think that if she were a person she would speak 6 languages and be able to put a vacuum cleaner together--Just as a caveat I'll add that she's originally from North Carolina and had 4 homes by the time she was a year old...Must be something in the water down there!! ;-))) I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend!!! (I will pay a visit to Eileen's blog...)

Sam said...

We went through several vacuums before discovering the purple Dyson - designed for pet hair. So far this is the only one that works without dying without a couple of months! The pictures are really cute!


JeanMac said...

Your dogs are so expressive.

scienceguy288 said...

Are the Golden Girls rooting for the Golden Coast (Ghana) in the World Cup. They did win 1-0.

NCmountainwoman said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone.

Betsy - Ellie runs to her crate as soon as the vacuum is turned on. Lucy tries to lie in the most inconvenient space. And yes, if I'm given a choice, I want to go being active at something I love, hiking stick or camera in my hand.

Rudee - LOL. I don't think either of them recognized that as a vacuum until we assembled and used it.

Barb - I read your post about the snow. It's unseasonably hot here and it's difficult to imagine that there is snow there.

Kim - Lucy watches everything so intently I am certain she is thinking to herself, "I'll bet I could do that."

Sam - We have a Dyson for upstairs, but this one is only used for the dog's room which is tile. Didn't want to spend quite that much money on a vacuum for only one room.

scienceguy - Golden or not, the girls are pulling for the US team.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm sure they were hoping there would be something for them in that box. And were dissapointed when they realized it was just a noisemaker. tee hee